Who says mom can't have a dream? She wanted to tell everyone "be a mom, and also be yourself!", so that they could be good to their children.

A sultry afternoon, I was carrying a camera and computer, alone came to the mummy love office. After taking the elevator upstairs, I suddenly felt like I was alone in a smoke-selling battlefield, a small white rabbit who strayed into the jungle. Before the cargo piled up, people busy out, small running back and forth sorting, finishing products.

Only, just when I think so, turn a body, see is full of lovely bubble space, to the baby's toys, holding the baby's mother, and the window of the sun down to form a warm scenery. And after I Hysan chatted, only then discovered that I such observation, actually is and the mummy love image coincides with.

There is warmth and softness, perseverance and strong, in my heart, mother, is such a Neiro existence.

She will give you endless love and tolerance, hug and touch your wounds, but if someone dares to bully you, mother absolutely show you unimaginable strong, protect you. The establishment of Mummy love, for Zhang Yushan, is from the gentle and love, and after several years of growth, the company has grown into a very strong, very strong appearance.

Mummy love: "Do just" mummy, with love entrepreneurial

Talking about the motives for the establishment of mummy's love, Yu said, because he is an engineer, she does everything in detail. "I am a very" just "Mother! "She describes herself so. After her daughter was born and wanted to help her buy insurance, she found that she was ignorant of these things and began to study the information on neonatal insurance. Later, Yu Shan found, in fact, not only her, many people in the insurance, will face the "information is not right," the trouble, so she was tempted to read, want to use their experience to help others, set up "my83 insurance Network", to teach you how to buy insurance correctly. "

Half an hour ago when I stepped into my mother's love, I sat down at a light wooden table, waiting for the hand of the yoga to come to an end. And I later learned that the table is not ordinary, because that is the starting point of the yoga. "Overseas may be in the garage to start a business, but Taiwan does not have a garage, so we are living room business." Yu Shan smiled and said, have children's mother, can only wait for children to sleep, nest in the living room table, for entrepreneurial efforts.

"Remember, a Friday night, a mother to My83, said there is a question to ask." I helped him to the fan group, the results of a short 15 minutes, there are controlled mother reply. "Yu Shan said, this is the opportunity that mummy loves to create, because this thing, she continues to receive many mother to leave a message, hope can ask a question, even buy a commodity." (Same Gayon: Women's entrepreneurship, the delicate balance between the workplace and the family )

Yu Shan found the mother's needs, then set up the idea of the establishment of MOM and dad counseling platform. "Mommy loves you so much," I said to my daughter most often. She said, because of this sentence, she uses "Mummy love" These three words to start a business, and mummy Love has become Taiwan's most loving novice mom and dad counseling platform, to provide group buying, childcare columns, childcare questions and answers service.

When too many people are short-sighted and close to profit: The importance of managing brands and trusting

With regard to group purchase, Yu insists on offering only "you will use" products. "Many people do group buying, in fact, are shipped by the manufacturer, will not handle the goods." But our side is our own collection, shipping, because, if even they have not seen the product, how to guest clothing? We do not love to do this thing, but the long-term vision, to long run the company, we must first manage the texture and trust. "Yu-shan's" the first, in such a small place revealed no doubt.

"To develop into a shop street model is actually very easy, manufacturers come, we put on the shelves Ah, casually advertised that we have tens of thousands of kinds, broken plate, down to kill." It's just that there are shop streets now and we don't have to do that. "For the quality of Mummy's love, yoga is very demanding." She said that the baby's toys, for example, the toy itself will not tell the story, only the parents and the baby play, the toy has a story, only meaningful, so, through the trial and open the text, can let parents really understand the product.

"In Taiwan, too many people are short-sighted and close to profits. 」
"In fact, selling products, not just selling products themselves, but also in the sale of the child behind the parenting message." 」

"People often ask me where is the entry barrier in this field?" But in fact, I rarely go to see the competitor's things, because now on the market, there is no I like. I can only say, do not compare with me the degree of "." "Must the goods be written in a box?" Must the logistics be done by yourself? Does APP have to develop more than 50 versions before it shelves? The answers to all these questions are yes to Yu. Because to do, is to be different from others.

Do not go to the Red Sea drill, Mummy love only want to swim into their own blue ocean. She did not pick a good way to go, in the short-sighted society, she chose to go out of the long road, and this "love to pick the road" personality, in fact, from her past experience, can be a glimpse. (Recommended reading: She went to India to start a business, let life from scratch )

Escape from the Dream Enterprise google:"I'm afraid not to go quickly, only this lifetime.

A woman graduated from the north, after entering the Taiwan University for two years, she chose to complete her studies in the United States, and obtained a double master's degree in finance and management at Stanford. In the new company honed for a while, Yu Shan into many people dream of the star Enterprise Google, as partner technology manager. Such a life seemed smooth, but she was afraid of Google's stability and goodness.

In Taiwan, the first university, read half but go abroad, into the dream Enterprise Google, and choose to flee. Perhaps in the eyes of others, it is like a girl who doesn't play cards. I asked yoga to share with us, how does she think of her time in Google?

"At that time, it was probably a crisis before the age of 30. Suddenly feel that retirement there is a very scary thing, see a lot of colleagues, married and have children, and then have a mortgage, car loans, just stay there for a lifetime, because it is really a good welfare, very comfortable environment. 」

"As soon as I quit the news, Facebook, Dropbox, and a couple of big companies invited the interview message, and I thought to myself, it's over, I'm afraid I can't go." 」

At the time, Yu was afraid to indulge in ease, and wanted to flee the comfort zone and travel around the world when there was still money left. "Before that trip, I had no hiking, camping experience, no Spanish words, I only spent a week, I moved my things to storage, and then I got a visa for Chile, Argentina to Chile, and so on to save time." 」

At that time, Yu Shan also had hesitation: " my life has been very fast forward, the people around me are also growing rapidly." Everybody is moving forward, is it really ok for me to go out like this? "But she said, her personality is that since the decision, will be a broken wrist, packaging set out." (Share with you: life is to make choices, the opportunity cost of choice is regret )

"A lot of people say to me," Wow, your decision is so cool, it's like a novel. "But I just feel that what you want to do with your life, the difference is that you have no way to be responsible for your choices ." I have work my ass off (with all my might), it's easy to give up, but that only makes me regret choosing this path. "

"Today's society, many people like over Simplifiy (oversimplified) the results of others." But I think a lot of things are not so simple, leave to do the best, do not look back. Because once you've made a decision, you can only master the present and the future. 」

Listening to the idea of yoga reminds me of a crazy picture on the Internet. Two miners struggled to dig the diamond, one of which was still a little distance from the diamond, sweat forward with a hoe, and another worker, who was dejected as he turned away from the last mile of the diamond. If you make a decision, do not adhere to the moment of success, then back to wait for us, only regret and frustration, only efforts to last to see the beautiful diamond.

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Mother's mood, only mother understand

Because has an enviable good experience, friend Lee Kai-Fu has suggested that she, the establishment of mummy love, can be the title of their own education card, but did not choose to do this, she thought the mother's mood, only mother understand.

Incarnation mummy's mouth of the "cat Mother", the choice of yoga to give Mummy love more motherly tenderness.

"Our customer service sometimes receives some unreasonable requests from mom, but I will say to them:" You imagine, you have just had a child, the wound is still very painful, and then, milk and squeeze not out, the child and drink not enough to cry, you have to hold the child holding hands can not lift up, next to her mother-in-law also said you will not take care of children! You just care about it! "There is almost no pause in the reading of this large string, drank a mouthful of water, the face is full of smiles."

"On the way to parenting, regardless of your education, experience, everything starts from scratch." 」

Every four hour will get up and nurse, midnight child suddenly fever, this kind of thing, all novice mother is the first time face, in front of the child, mother can only return to zero, learn again. Speaking of the daughter, the eyes of Yu Shan is very gentle, she said, every time she heard her daughter say "Mummy, I Love you", they feel that everything is well worth it.

After mom, I found myself feeling good about sex. "Sleeping India Night Train, running in the snow in the school, yoga alone in foreign life, travel experience, creating her independent and strong personality, she said, very few things can make her cry, but the role of mother, but provoked her heart soft."

"Life is suddenly ending at any time, and I have no regrets."

When he left Taiwan at the age of 19 and traveled around the world at 29, he went round and back to Taiwan to get married and have children. I asked what was the opportunity to let the independent of her into marriage? In fact, she said, she never thought about going back to Taiwan or marrying a man who had never been to the United States.

"I think I've been in America for so long that I'm afraid there will be a big difference in thinking," he said. But my husband and I think there are many similar places, because of his working relationship, often Taiwan, Shanghai on both sides of the run, once he and I said "if the plane accident today, I have no regrets." The idea is exactly the same as mine. 」

"I think that marriage is not necessarily a knot, as long as you meet the right person and feel ready," said Yu. If not met, also do not have to reluctantly, marriage is more frightening than not married, no standard answer. "(Extended reading: marriage, not a woman's life must be selected )

Living in Silicon Valley for many years, Yu said that she did not like the standard answer, her philosophy of life is that no matter what to do, in the present efforts, as long as to ensure that they do their best, of course, there is no regret.

To have a good self is to reduce the tangible and intangible expectations of your family.

I think that the idea of the marriage is very natural, she said, marriage is not because of the 30 alarm, but blindly to pursue things. Talking about married life, she recalls the days when she was a full-time mother.

"That period of time, my world is very small, the focus of life on children and husbands, every day in the expectation of husband home." If he had to come home late today, he would be very frustrated. 」

As she found herself in such a dilemma, she began to devote her attention to something else and to the entrepreneurial path. "Let yourself have a focus on life, is to reduce the tangible intangible expectations of others, to reduce the pressure on each other." She said, the child will grow up one day, if you do not live well, until then there will be a deep sense of loss.

"being A mom, and also being yourself. (Be a mother and be yourself.) This is what yoga wants to share with all her moms.

"Mothers cannot suppress themselves too much, because they are good, and can encourage their children to be themselves." We're all going to want to talk to the kids. "You can is whoever you want to be." But if it's not what kids see in us, it's hard to encourage them. In addition, I think the most terrible is that many mothers because they can not complete certain dreams, and will pass on to the child, hoping to be replaced by their children to complete, their own expectations on the children, will also create pressure. 」

Yu Shan smiled and said, probably is the mother to eat the concept of honest bean bag! Listen to the voice of your heart and express it in time. (same field Gayon: To Mother's confession Letter: May you bravely turn around, meets you to be worth the good )

Mother's Day just passed, ruminating on the words of Yu Shan, my own heart also have a lot of feelings. Mother's Day, the whole family ordered a restaurant to sit around, but my mother still help grandpa clip vegetables, still help everyone tea, hope she less do a little, she smiled and said it doesn't matter. Bought a cake to celebrate, she said don't put in the top "Happy Mother's Day" small sign, also don't light candles, cut all the points to eat. Shame to become the focus of attention, to suppress their own needs, many times it really is Taiwan's mother group Elephants.

May all the mothers, can keep their dreams, like the same as the courage of yoga, big mouth bite The honest bean sandbags, brave dream large.

Four tips for fresh people in the workplace

With the adventures of a new venture and valuable study at a big company, I hope that at the end of the last, I want her to give advice to all the young people who are coming or just entering the workplace.

01. When confused, first take the first step

Many young people, always have a huge confusion on the eve of graduation, whether to start a business, or to work in the company, or, there is no other choice? On this issue, Yu said that starting a business and working in the company is not a black or white choice, not to go first one can not choose another. If you really do not know what you want, first take the first step to try, only really into that environment, to confirm whether they like.

"I think of my experience when I interviewed Google, when I was a lot of competitors, why did they choose me?" My English is definitely not the best, the age is light, I later analyzed the reason, should be my experience in the new company internship helped me, when I was an engineer, PA, also familiar with data analysis. In a very meticulous division of the large companies, each of their respective roles, it is impossible to do so much alone. I was sharing at the interview, even the interviewer listened with relish. 」

Each process is cumulative, rather than hesitate in fear of fear, it is better to take the first step, even if the wrong, at least delete the law. And the roads that have gone by will never be wasted.

02. Is Taiwan's workplace environment really that bad?

After years of working abroad, Yu-Shan returned to Taiwan to start his own business, and therefore did not really soak in Taiwan's workplace culture, she said, but she did listen to a friend said some complaints about the workplace.

"if don ' t like it, just create one! (if you don't, create one yourself!) )」

Instead of complaining about the status quo, the idea of yoga is a way to create a better environment. Mummy love this is full of fighting power without losing love and warmth of the team, is the first step in the creation of yoga, their ideal working environment. If you are tired of Taiwan's workplace culture, try to turn the status quo around with creativity. (Woman fan CEO share: use corporate culture empower team!) )

03. Female Entrepreneurship? Women are just one of our many labels.

Talking about the identity of a woman, Yu said she did not want to deliberately emphasize the label. "Women are just one of the many labels on our body, and we don't have to say that women start a business and have a good experience to convince others." Work is like playing basketball, it's right to play where you are. 」

She said, whether in foreign countries or Taiwan, in fact, there are many female entrepreneurs, their learning experience, ability in fact do not lose men, since it is the ratio of live ammunition, there is no need to emphasize the gender of this matter.

Yes, many times, trapped in the fact that we are themselves, believe their own strength, you can get rid of sex labels.

04. Learning is far more important than work skills

I was curious to ask, "What kind of workplace attitude do you think Taiwan's new workplace people have?" "In fact, it is more important to learn and to be positive than what you would otherwise have been." I used to not do logistics, do not buy AH. "The whole team is really afraid of a lot of negative emotions, very low EQ, and positive optimism, identity and enthusiasm are great workplace attitudes," says Yu.

"After I returned to Taiwan, I was not comfortable with it. I often ask the girls in the company (new recruits), do they have any problems at work? They are usually shy to say no, but in fact they have a problem. I always wondered if they were afraid to say something, or if they didn't know there was a problem. 」

"I will encourage young people to see the " eight barrels of cold water for young people whoare working for blood, "I think, is true. Proactive, risk-defying, confident that you can speak up, rather than meet the difficulties of shrinking, such people are popular everywhere. 」

So, we're going to pull the subject back to Yu Shan. I asked Yu Shan Hui how to describe himself? She thought to think, shallow to say: "Very follow my heart person!" can also be responsible for their own decisions, more like to help others. She mentions that many things have shifted from passion to responsibility since the founding of My83 and Mummy love. And this one-hour conversation, I found that yoga is not afraid to bear the responsibility of the people, from helping others to obtain the joy, but also can always support her to do things like the motivation.

It is mom, also the founder of the two start-ups, who said that she was lucky, but I understand that this is definitely not the lucky two words can be easily brought. The road to entrepreneurship difficult, Yu Shan said she did not like to take the frustration and bottlenecks out and others cry, she told the new people in the practice of passion on the road to positive, is not casually said just, but she did it first. Looking forward to the story of Yu Shan, can lead you to meet a better self in the workplace.