In 1978, they were probably not strangers to these cartoons.Your sense of justice, originally, was not from history books, but was the things that animations teach you.The Age of Women, the ideal of our childhood, to find our own Large Women definition!(Recommended reading: At the bottom of a good time, 14 large women speakers on your portfolio )

Daring to Fight: Female Rabbit Warrior in the Battle of the

I will protect you."I
punish you instead of the moon.""

A young girl may have lived in her heart for a month. Rabbit was originally a regular junior high school, and she did not have the best grades, cries and cries, and she seemed to have nothing to do with it.Until the Rabbit met with Luna (Little Cat), knowing that her blood was flowing in the blood of a young warrior in the United States.Protect the planet, fight for the future, and become her mission.

The Rabbit is a big woman, she has a great ambition, and she can be in love, and she's like, " I'm going to marry him.She can send out the call of a young girl, and she says, "I will protect you" when her lover is suffering.Before she had to fight, there was always a bit of hesitation, which was reserved for the bad of the villain, and the rabbit believed that eliminating the bad guys was not the truth of world peace. The most important thing was empathy and understanding.(You would like: maturity is not a world, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in kindness )

The big woman, vows to defend their nature:

Hedge of Dog > Yard

" I am I, not anyone!"
sit down at the night of the dog!"

love of the sea is soft, so it must be like the strength of the mountains. When he falls down, he will stand up to defend himself.

She is such a big woman who wants to love all of him, his pitchy and grumpy, and predecessors.The hedge says, " I'm not a balloon, my heart is mine." In the midst of their love, love has never been spoken. It's just that it's quiet and accompanied by each other. After a world of chaos, I die once and for all.If we can meet in time and place, why don't we just have to live in this life and love it in a worthy and undeserved manner?

Large woman, Lu Zu: < Cherry small balls > Small meatballs

The most important thing in life is Relax!"
are things that I don't care about, but what I care about.""I
as dumb as Big Hung, why don't Tinker Bell help me?""

Xiao Maruzi said that although the children are very strong, they always have to give adults a little face.How can life be simple?One of the students who let the four classes at the elementary school level tell you.When you are too much, you can be confused. When you want to win, you will be lazy. If you care too much about others' opinions, then you will be a little bit floating!

Why should a child be reasonable?Like a tiny meatball, it often doesn't matter if it's a matter of trouble. It can take the value of a small animal to become a good person. It doesn't matter if you don't work well, she says, " 's not exhausting to eat, it's perfect for me.(You would like: The Pooh Pooh philosophy: You don't need to piece together, just feel it )

The big woman, how do you know?< doll games > Yarn

" I don't think I'm wrong, so I'm going to do it."
" Because I am not strong enough, I have to work harder."We
are working hard to survive, so you adults also have to cheer up!""

smiling face of the southern part of Kurata is like the sun, and no matter what difficulties it encounters, it always melts with the most optimistic and positive attitude.As a child, she walked to the adult world, and she was a funny boy. She had no fear of setbacks.Love has shed tears, but it also teaches her to be soft.

Yarn is a woman's character, a sense of justice, and not afraid of the wounds caused by the collision.After 17 years, Kurata Yanyang and Yu Shan Autumn have returned, and our lives are moving in different directions. The sequel of the old age of thermonuclear blood is still being written, reminding us not to forget the way that it comes.

The big woman, you have a light in the dark:

Little Cherry and Cherokee

" Forcing each other to become your friend cannot be considered a friend."
the way things are small, no matter how slow it is, everything must be connected to the future.""
" The key to hiding dark forces, shows true strength in front of me, the little cherry that you have executed, now commands you, seal off!

Every bad card used to be a bad card was once a good card.In order to stop the card game, the cherry was a disaster for the world, and, under the consignor of Guardians Rubelos, he recovered the four scattered cards to the seal.In addition to the not-so-good nostalofing of the first thing, the most important thing is the heart of the cherry cherry, which treats each of the "bad cards."

What she wanted to do was not to destroy, not to take the clothes, but to see the nature of the bad cards, see their body consciousness, and see the deep light in the dark.Every smear comes from a clean and white; every ugly one has been kept in captivity.Women like Little Cherry, what we want to see is not pretend, not boasting, but "real power," and we don't have to beat anyone, so long as they make them look like they were.(Siemap: Use the most humility to make a movie!Li An: sincerely facing his tenuous and delicate work )

Women, anger can make the world more gentle!< Doraemon > Jingxiang

"The real strongman will not bully the weak.""I
a cat-like robot in the 21st century, and he's omnipotent."I was afraid that one day he wasn't there, and what I would do.But Jingxiang says to me, you can do all things if you are alone."

In your memory, Jingxiang is the future wife of a big male, always being peddleed in the shower, always being chased by a boy, and she is a goddess in primary school.However, Jingxiang is a clown in the eye of an audience, and she's pulling the violin hard to hear, and occasionally confused or liars, and angry.Also, Jingxiang has a sense of justice that is not afraid of the earth, just like elementary school, we are in awe of the best of the students who have the best results.She saw someone being bullied and she would come forth and write with a classmate who had no good homework.

world needs more women, fearless, fearless, bloodless and righteous.

A big woman, the best is to wait!< named Detective Conan > Xiao Lan

" Faced with destiny, we cannot escape."
it takes, the longer it will be, it will be happier.""
" courage " should be used as a reason for justice, and not to be used as a justification for killing."

This is the most abusive cartoon in memory.The new first character's identity is close to the crowd, and when he bleeds, we know that when he hides behind his back, we know.We were all at the worst of his life.There is only one person who loves him like a love of love.For Xiao Lan, the new one is not a hero, but a man who once grew up with a young man who has been so mundane.

She's not afraid of making good or bad luck, she has a hand channel and a strong heart.She was courageous and persevering, and she also occasionally showed loneliness and weakness.Women, such as Mau Lilan, have a quiet life in the most distant and most recent places.(Recommended reading: We are not brave, but not brave, love is more true )

The seven women, who lived through our childhood, youth, and youth, are going to take us all the way.A great time for women, inviting you to live with ideals, bravery, defend your nature, come to the scene, and look at the simplest idea of cartoons with — as a child. — me make it a better person in the world.