TFT's third year, Liu Anting said that he and the team are still in earnest to learn, entrepreneurship is no great, entrepreneurial team is a group of people will want to give up the only difference is, finally they choose to go down, so know more.

9:55 A.M., I was in an ordinary apartment, pick up the terrace, walk to the third floor, the left side of the iron door affixed a small sign, writing teach for Taiwan to teach for Taiwan. Here is teach for Taiwan office, less than 15 ping space, there is strong enough ability to extend the dream of a very long way forward, holding the child's hand, said to him you deserve.

This is the third year of TFT, three of the cumulative they sent out 60 teachers, footprints in 19 townships, more than 30 schools, with children as the core, TFT sincerely for the children to send to the most needed education, they look forward to, eventually a day, the future of the child is no longer limited to his origin.

I pushed open the door, the office has a small sofa, the opening office space, TFT on the conference room to believe that the value of "integrity and goodness", "admit and respect", "to the end of the beginning", "for their own and team responsible for", "towards excellence", this is a full of smell office, there is a feeling of home.

Liu Anting already arrived, she smiled shallow, said you come to welcome, we walked into the "admission and respect" between the meeting, Liu Anting said a lot of particularly honest stories.

If you stand on the TED stage again, I'm going to say the story of the team's frontline

"I'm a cookie freak, I love cookies, I eat cookies ... But the most satisfying cookie was a broken biscuit. 」

Three years ago, Liu Anting stood on the TED stage to share, we remember vividly. Her knee blue dress, short curly hair, calm attitude, very generous, almost "First World War fame" TED speech, but to Liu Anting brought a lot of trouble. Expected outside the spotlight and media coverage, scrambling to portray the TFT as the top Liu Anting give up the blood story of a high salary, flat writing, ignoring the TFT as a team effort, but also strengthen the "Life of the Victory group to build a dream price" of the media narrative.

"I left Taiwan for so long that I didn't realize that standing on the stage would affect a lot of people," he said. This sharing produces a side effect, my personal color is too strong, masking the TFT want to pass the message. Media put me into the same shape, for the attention of the spotlight, I am grateful but do not enjoy, because this is not just my stage, TFT is not just Liu Anting a person's dream. 」

Liu Anting talk about the past one night burst red, still be bewildered. Few people have ever noticed that TED speech. Finally, Liu Anting asked TFT the entire team to stage thanks. It was six green faces, Liu Anting with a particularly strong bow, and she stood with the team, shoulder to shoulder.

"If you give me one more chance to stand on the TED stage, I'm not going to tell my own story," said the team's first-line story. I want to say the stories that are happening and that are happening. 」

Mention herself, she modestly polite, mention team, her eyes bright light, 10 in the morning Liu Anting, in front of me, the spirit of hearty, throw off others forcibly affixed to the top, give up the high salary, is the sister, blood pioneering volume, three-dimensional fresh up.

"I just have to wait until everyone is tired of watching my story." "Liu Anting a bit naughty smile, she don't create aura of God, she lowered herself, take a back line, then talk about a team on the frontline of the story." (same field Gayon: Australian entrepreneur Liu Daowei sarah:"Beautiful World will not appear in a vacuum, but we can start by changing ourselves)

The front-line seven shares of salt: I am your teacher, I want to stand with you

"Rural children lack, not only resources, but also look forward to." Liu Anting said, many people think of rural children, look forward to automatic reduction, people will say, rural children can not read it does not matter ah, they can sing, sports good that is enough. But how can a child who has been declared a waiver at the outset have confidence? TFT efforts, not only to cultivate teachers, but also to make each child convinced of their value.

"We have a teacher, after seven shares of salt, the class, students have a lot of conditions, he answered the six grade, before many teachers are gas away, no one can teach." Many children actually because of poor grades or poor people are labeled labels, he will feel that no one expects me anyway, I can give up their own. 」

"This teacher spent a lot of time, a family of visits, to go to the child's life, let the child know, I care about you, I would like to recognize your home." He said to the child, you know, your father is a Yantian worker, it is a great job, the child almost silly to live, the first time he heard someone affirmed his family. 」

"There is another child, the Vietnamese mother is not around, father is also a number of posts, one day home on the road of heavy coma." The family lost the only economic pillar, the child truancy, for several days did not appear. The teacher ran around in Yanshan, finally found the child, he lowered his head, said, teacher I am not not class, is I want to help my father, I want to make money, I want to help my father to send drinks. The teacher hugged him and said, if you really want to help, you must come back to study, the other I find ways to look for resources. 」

Education is me and you stand together, to feel the pain of your life, I would like to give you more time and effort, patiently than others more convinced that you deserve to be seen, you deserve more confidence in life. Liu Anting said, such a lot of stories, there is another teacher, in Pingdong Mountain Gate, already can use the whole English teaching, students enjoy learning English, very not afraid of openings, this is the time for, no shortcuts.

"I often ask myself, if I were the parents of these children, what would I want to do?" I think, I will not only want to send his computer, not just want to send his second-hand socks, I want to have a good teacher to see her, want a he likes to study the environment, this is the way I want to treat my children, but also TFT insist on the way to treat children. "It's not you or me, it's" we "question, how are we going to solve it together so that Taiwan can have a better future? (Recommended to you: alternative education, so that German children are not the same )

I don't want to forget who I'm fighting with

"I've always felt weird about this word." Taiwan is such a small piece of land, can be biased to where? I don't like to talk about the urban-rural disparity, because what we should see is not the gap, but the difference. "There should not be a piece of land education was banished, there should not be a district children's life is reduced, we are different, but why do we have the same?"

Constantly updated the first line of the story, the children of the eyes of the desire for knowledge, support TFT to go forward far-reaching, every step is a solid. "So, even if TFT is the third year, I still want to spend a lot of time on the front lines." Because I do not want to forget, we are with the group of people to fight together. 」

TFT in the third year, Liu Anting frankly learn a lot. The team is expanding, the front line with the following lines of communication fault, easy to forgive each other, but a team to grow up, must have an administrative office, but also have the front-line teachers, everyone practice standing on their own most suitable station position, can not be without each other.

Outside the team, currently TFT has reached 3, 40 remote schools, but compared with the whole Taiwan 1000 ratio, is still far from enough. Nevertheless, TFT to the teacher's core characteristics are still strict, the annual teacher acceptance rate only 7-9%, not easy, the challenge is clear and cruel, TFT will always need more ready to join the people.

"Many people ask me, the village is not very short of teachers, why not find more people?" "Liu Anting Tilt Head," the need for school so much, the child's learning and growth only once every year, when the screening is very heartache. However, I still feel that this mission must be seen as sacred, not with blood to serve. We are looking for someone who is ready, he must be a sound state, or he may hurt his child. "She stopped," We often say leadership, a good teacher and a good leader. 」

A good leader, squatting lower than the public, more humble to the ground, face the problem profoundly, create change in the place. Teachers are like this, in unfamiliar places to establish relationships, find resources, see needs, convey a clear vision, correcting errors, contributing to change occurs, each TFT teacher, practice to be a leader. (Recommended to you: "female Leadership column" in this era, we have been "enthusiastic" kidnapped )

"I've been trying to learn, and I've often felt like I'm not fit to be a leader," he said. Liu Anting smiled.

Redefining leaders: I'm going to cry, to be honest about my shortcomings.

I shook my head and couldn't believe it. "Really, when I was a student, I never elected a monitor, and I didn't feel like I had any leadership." I like to do things behind the scenes, I can help to give advice, help plan, help out the head, the best people do not see me. So the team will say, Liu Anting actually has 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 version, many times, I was very forceful character a ㄥ out. 」

I never thought that it was quite different from the Liu Anting I knew in the media. She is in fact the lamp adapt to the bad people, she kept practicing to make decisions, to take responsibility for the leader, to do those obviously afraid of things, she stood up, because feel must stand up, for the team, for TFT Vision.

"I am very ordinary." So when someone labels a label, I don't like it because it's unnecessary and completely irrelevant. Even if I had a high salary, even if I had been out of the country, even if I was a college graduate of the middle class, my choice is really not better than others, I am just looking for the best place for me. 」

Three years ago, the Liu Anting media perspective, the specific administrative difficulties, not to conceal that they really want to give up the moment. "Later I told myself that if it was easy, it wouldn't be necessary for us to do it." We like the people who walk the tightrope, look forward, think about the place to reach, will forget how terrible it fell. 」

Liu Anting said that his original understanding of the leader is to be courageous and resolute, must not shed tears. In the days of TFT, with the partner of coexistence, but also let her use their own way to practice the word "leader". "After a meeting accidentally cried, I found I could be vulnerable." I realized that to be in this position for a long time, I had to be honest with myself about my shortcomings, and I had to admit I would be afraid too. 」

The leader is also flesh and blood, also can make mistakes, also will weep, the entrepreneurial team is also. "Many people hear the story of entrepreneurship, feel shiny, but I think we have to realize that there is no great business," Liu Anting eyes very carefully, "we are a group of mortals who would like to give up, the only difference is, finally we choose to go down." The only thing I know better is that I have made mistakes, I have experienced them, so I know more about them. 」

No leader is a Superman, but a group of people together, can do more than Superman things.

Find the intersection point of Mission: What are you so lucky to do with this fortune?

"The most difficult to donate, not money but themselves, is their own time and youth." 」

In Anting, I see a sense of mission. What is mission, she was very vivid with her fingers, three circles, "You Can Do", "you want to Do", "others also need" in the middle of that little intersection, that is a sense of mission, "I believe this matter oh", Liu Anting nodded, self-determination.

"I think we all have to ask ourselves, where is the best place in the world for you?" Are we already in this position, or are we on the way closer? The closer you get to the intersection, the more you feel. She spoke slowly, with a strong tone and a sincere eye. (Recommended to you: to do a good job, "mission" is more important than "passion" )

It's so precious that we have time to decide where to spend our time. And many people choose to waste their most precious time on things they don't believe in, why?

Liu Anting said that when he first returned to Taiwan, he was bewildered, because the unknown was too great to take a safer road. Then the boss said to her, "You are so young, you spend time to create value for the world, to prove what you can do, to try to bear what responsibility, how can you waste?" She woke up, followed the TFT all the way to the present, and then to the future. (Recommended reading: In fact, you need not a job, but to create value )

"Security is often a sham, I'm not advocating reckless risk-taking, but if you're the one who can take risks, you're lucky." You're so lucky to ask yourself, what do you do with this fortune? 」

It's a good question what you do with your luck. Liu Anting thought for a long time, and more and more people followed her to think about the problem. My luck is to make me a more desirable person, to achieve a world that I am more eager to live in.

"Once you start walking, you know more about yourself than just staying at the point of origin." 」

At the end of the interview, I took the whole TFT team to take pictures, I think of Anting in the interview that, in fact, as a teacher, is always her favorite thing. And she is now willing to put herself smaller, with the team nest, to achieve more children's dreams, to achieve more teachers dream.

TFT is to do the rural education, and I always feel that they are helping Taiwan find the value of the important, whether you are children, or adults.