Australian entrepreneur Sarah Liu Daowei, who is the founder of LGBD. Think of yourself as a brand-growing business, so that the road to change the world begins with itself.

"When you believe in yourself, you don't need people to believe in you." When you are not enough to believe in yourself, no matter how capable is futile. 」

On Friday morning, across Sydney and Taipei, Sarah Liu Daowei's words passed through video conferencing, clear, simple and profound, whatever you want to do, you must start by believing in yourself. No matter how many obstacles are in front of you, you are the starting point of changing the world.

Sarah, Liu Daowei, may be our unfamiliar name in Taiwan, but Taiwanese-born New Zealand has been an entrepreneur for nearly four years in Australia. In 2011, she took out the only 3000 pieces of Australian coins in her pocket (NT $780,000), founded Little Girl Big Dream, and asked the society with action, why can't the little girl have great dreams?

Within four years of entrepreneurship, LGBD career territory across Sydney, Melbourne, boss, from a solo expansion to a team of eight people, helped nearly thousands of women toward career goals, through lectures and workshops of intensive training, people and people closely together, so that you know in the workplace on this road, you are not alone.

523 I love my free festival activities, women fans invited Sarah to Taiwan to share the "Workplace brand building workshop", to talk about how to make their own brand awareness of the operation of cultivation, to share the experience of multinational work, the new leadership, the determination to struggle for women,5/23 at W Hotel meet before , Let Sarah's story go online to give you more motivation to move forward in the workplace.

Underestimate the strength of women! Do we believe that investing in ourselves is valuable?

"The establishment of LGBD, because I have personally experienced the workplace setbacks, I do not think this is the workplace should look like." 」

Former Revlon cosmetics Oceania brand manager and corporate strategy management related positions, many people easily put Sarah on the "Life of Victory Group" label, she wry smile that modern people too easy only to see the results, but forget to see the process of others climbing, it is dangerous, easy to 10 years, the blame to a sentence in short she was successful.

"No one's success is overnight success, and before they succeed, they may spend more time trying than the average person." 」

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Sarah believes that the workplace does not give women the same opportunities as men, in addition to the development of professional opportunities, there are at least 30% of the difference in wages, but also in the workplace, women's understanding of the characteristics of the people are often abused, the workload is often more than the same position of men, a " By the way, help him. "Women take responsibility for the workplace. (same field Gayon:"Stop interrupting Me" when a woman is on stage, respect her home rule )

These differential treatment and potential sex discrimination, Sarah personally pain, when we talk about frustration, Sarah smiled at the other end of course, from entering the workplace to start again, whether it is outside the mistrust or from their own internal questioning voice, almost never stopped. "Frustration is there, but she thinks that in the face of unfair treatment in the workplace and in society, it is better to act than complain, and the concept of LGBD is sprouting in the heart." Through Lgbd,sarah want to cause a wave of career trend revolution. Start with your own investment, then take the initiative to fight for positions and promotions, and plan to operate as a professional and brand.

"We are willing to spend money on clothes and shoes, but we seldom invest in ourselves," he said. "When it comes to the challenges of LGBD's initial venture, Sarah throws up the question, do we believe that investing in ourselves is valuable?"

"Everyone is around the average of five people, in addition to through seminars, lectures, courses to equip women, LGBD more important is to the career has a common concern of women together." "From the beginning, LGBD provides a thread-line platform to fight helplessness together and envision the future together." "Our mission is to build a new workplace and nurture the next generation of women leaders." "LGBD's official online, there is such a word, consistent. (Recommended reading: Merkel's female leadership style from the world's Feet )

"I always believe that I know the situation before I can change the status quo." A good society doesn't come out of nowhere, but we can start by investing in ourselves. "I am in the picture this endpoint head, especially appreciate Sarah to look at things positive vision, when we always hold" the world everyone negative me "mood to live, have you ever thought that they can actually do more than imagined? Sarah smiled and said that she had also suspected that she had spent so much time and energy on the society. It was the satisfying smile that met at that time in a workshop, and after a sincere conversation with myself, I became more convinced that I was right.

"When you believe in yourself, you don't need people to believe in you." And when you are not enough to believe in yourself, no matter how capable is futile. "sarah said, in the eyes of his firmness.

Why do people believe you when you are not firm?

LGBD was established in 2011 to invite all women to make a dream without limits, and the 2013 edition of "Words of wisdom" assembled the experience of successful women in Australia, with 2015 "Unlimited Dreams" invited 20 Taiwanese female entrepreneurs, From the media godmother Yu Yu again to Phoenix satellite TV chief anchor Wu Xiaoli and other people stand up. from Australia to Taiwan, Sarah does the same core proposition: helping women grow in the workplace. (same field Gayon: Abe's woman economics: The Japanese woman goes to the world, what is Taiwan waiting for?) )

The dream does not set limits the new book sharing scene, the century Austrian and American public Relations founder Ding also arrives

When it comes to the workplace, Sarah has a lot of feelings. "When I first entered the workplace, I was thinking of doing my job well and one day someone else would see it," he said. A long time more and more found that if you do not dare to fight for themselves, others why see you? "sarah words without helplessness, but hear more about their own expectations. Believe in your professional ability, why fear to say export?

"Women often underestimate themselves in the workplace," she said. "sarah earnestness, many times we underestimate their ability to work on the road on behalf of their own painting lower layer restrictions, and then yell unfair. In the book "Lean in" by Shirley Sandberg, the figures suggest that women will fight for positions only when they are 100% sure, while men are willing to fight for 60%. Women often use relatively uncertain words to negotiate when they are also fighting for positions or raises. "I wish I had 80,000 dollars for my annual salary, but if it's inconvenient, 70,000 is acceptable," he said. "We are not strangers to such dialogues.

Sarah shares the experience that many lgbd have had, "I'm always confident when negotiating for clients, but I'm not afraid to speak up when I'm defending myself." "Firmness does not mean offense," Your language deeply affects your workplace status your language will affect your reality."when your chosen vocabulary reflects that you do not believe in yourself, you are not firm, how can you expect others to believe you? I listen, think sarah"amending" spirit is what we need this year, when the glass ceiling in the workplace does exist, we have to ask ourselves, is not also allowed to walk in the ceiling? (same field Gayon: These authoress stand up to break the gender ceiling of writing )

"In this era, salary positions and promotions need to be created by themselves." "sarah gently said work hard not enough, work smart is necessary, consciously accumulate their own, generous and frank introduction even marketing themselves, is all modern professionals, especially women must have the ability.

Liberate your gentle perseverance, respect your accumulated professional, once into the workplace, that is the neutral workers, do not let sex become obstacles to your progress. " Let the sex be your asset, not your debt ." "sarah, chief anchor of Phoenix Satellite TV, Wu Xiaoli once shared the words that women are the only ones with gentle perseverance, good communication and empathy, and are good workplace traits.

When the opportunity comes, let everyone do the one who moves the glass ceiling away.

What you want in the workplace, determine your career direction

If the job is not to wait for the carnival after work, not to get a salary to support themselves, not to fill the void of life, then, have you ever asked yourself, what do you work for? (Recommended to you: people, why must work )

"Everyone should ask themselves:" What do you want in the workplace? ""sarah gently ask, what you want, decide your career direction, not only standing in the center of the eye is called success. " Good workplace environment is that everyone can have a comfortable position, the material to do their best, people do their best. The achievements in the workplace should not only have an imagination, we do not need to aspire to the same success, we can go the way we think valuable and can grow.

"I always feel that you have to know what your dream is, what your definition of success is, before you can go the way that will be a happy one." "To go his own way" profound practice, not only to pick sweet fruit to eat, only willing to take the scenic beauty of the road, but know where they will eventually go, so on the road of all bumps and bumpy can be treated with a generous heart.

"Your own career path, you have to come out on your own, no one should help you, and no one needs to help you." "sarah said, I heard her rare harsh," you can complain about the work of the workplace has a lot of inequality, but you should know that no one has the obligation to help you go to your success. " 」

Sarah specifically shares the advertisement godmother Yu Yu told her that "want to succeed, not afraid of success first", and then said, "To succeed, you have to understand what you want to be" success. "(Recommended reading: go Your own way of life, so that work with you )

Unable to understand the first voluntary, have the choice to be brave "to be himself"

When the good and bad is labeled, when each child is given the first wish vision, the dream becomes more and more narrow, the road of life is only a "successful" imagination, we are expected to become the same "Life Victory Group", this is the current situation in Taiwan.

We go our own way and talk about the status of education in Taiwan. Sarah said that when she first heard of "First Choice", she was silly and asked Taiwanese friends, "what does it mean to be a first-time volunteer?" How can everyone's "first volunteer" be the same? "Friend is also a leng." In the first voluntary roll, if not squeezed into the narrow door, people can easily feel that they are inferior to people.

But the problem is that people shouldn't be classified like this.

"Growing up abroad gives me a lot of stimulation, and nobody tells me" I can "or" I can't ". My other CEO friend, from an early age to encourage her daughter to do anything in the future, Saturday cookies, Sunday car repair, let her have a variety of contacts, just know what choice they have. "sarah told me that she had previously studied in Japan, the social atmosphere does not encourage people to stand out, do all the strength to tell you" hey, don't be different from others ", compared to the growth of the New Zealand and Macao" is to be different from other people ", but also to develop a diverse personality of workers.

Each country has its own problems, but "you have to know more, the choice will be more, choose more, the method of success will be more." 」

This is a worthwhile way to go! Start a business, never be ready.

Women fans and LGBD are also based on their own experience, to imagine a more gender-better world. Walking on the road of new creation, I am too aware of what kind of vision entrepreneurs always look at themselves; I understand that this road accompanies you not only with passion and faith, but also with deep loneliness. (Recommended reading: A successful entrepreneur is not what you think it is)

When I asked Sarah what she thought of entrepreneurship, she said she particularly liked Art Williams: "I never said it was easy, but it was definitely worth it." I 'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I ' m telling you it's going to be worth it."a word condensed entrepreneurial toil and sweetness, choose this one from not simple road, is because of heart There is an absolute worth of faith.

"I will encourage entrepreneurs to prepare themselves first." This is ready, spiritual, ready to face setbacks and tribulations, ready to accept that you are always deficient, and ready to accept that you will never be ready. "Mentally you are ready to have an irresistible belief that you will never be ready for your skills, you have to tell yourself that you will always be better."

"For me, entrepreneurship is a lot of impossible to convert to possible, and again and again to testify impossible is actually i m possible this matter." "Like when holding 3000 pieces of Australian currency to insist on entrepreneurship, facing the world of doubt and self-doubt," Sarah said she is with a gas, know that she is not only for their own efforts, but with a group of women dreaming.

You are the starting point of change! Advice to women in the workplace

The most touching part of the conversation with Sarah is that she always starts from reviewing and strengthening herself, so the way to get to know the world is beautiful, simpler and easier to practice. Finally, I also asked her to give a point to women in the workplace at any time.

1."don't just see the outside limits and see what you can do.

When chatting with Sarah, she felt that she was particularly realistic in her problems and that inequality in the workplace and society existed. But the real limit to us, or only ourselves. The ability to find problems, to confront problems, to solve problems, is what we now lack. Sarah gently reminds us "to think about what you can change, not to be always complaining." 」

To enhance competitiveness, there is not only one way, we can invest in different ways, two of their own ability to change the world's strength is big. (Recommended reading: change the Big World from a small place!) Three women entrepreneurs on the list of the rich world

2."A professional career person, always have a curiosity.

I asked Sarah what kind of qualities she thought a modern workplace worker should have. "Curiosity, the ability to absorb much." "sarah almost without any hesitation to answer me.

"A good career person, the duration of their own progress, curiosity is a mentality, but also a behavior." "In the age of rapid information explosion, no one has an excuse to say that there is not enough learning resources, I have no place to learn." Think you can not find a place to learn, it is that you care about the world is not enough, you do not know the depth of their own.

3. PIE, to fight for his own righteous

Perfromance, image, exposure, by Sarah is referred to as PIE's self brand management, in fact, is to turn the performance into image, and then the image into influence. The worker has to know how to fight for himself in addition to investing in himself consciously.

"For example, I think it can be more transparent," he said. You sell your major, how much should others spend to buy it? "When the salary is frustrated, first to understand the average wages of the industry, and then to measure their performance, do not always want to bide their time and confidently fight for their own." (Recommended reading: You deserve a better salary!) Loudly refusing to pay for a different equal

4. Worst case, not as bad as you think.

"We often think about the worst, but we do it before we find out that it's not so bad." 」

Don't let your thoughts limit the way forward, don't let you become the biggest resistance in your life, don't let yourself live in the sum of fear, don't let the things that might not happen scare you away. When you are hesitant, when you lack the courage to ask yourself "what is the worst", and then more afraid of the courage to let go.

In Sarah's mouth, all things are the same truth, starting from their own sincerity, accumulation and equipping themselves, not afraid to fight for their own, do not resist believing in themselves, finally dare to say to change this road.

More than one hours of cross-sea visit, I in the video screen on the other end, heard not only the sincere work of the workplace, but also an entrepreneur to their own and the community's deepest expectations, from their own start of the revolutionary path, will have unprecedented strength. Let us complain about the strength of the world, to invest in ourselves, the world is fresh, we are young, what reason not to insist once?

The immediate practice for yourself: 5/23 I love my free day to listen to Sarah's live lectures and workshops!