" Writing is a kind of love behavior, and if it's not that writing, it's just writing.— French poet, Kaukdo, — a French poet.

[ Large Woman's Wordwriting ] Writing multiple, running at the scene of women's obsession.Choose one of your favorite quotes, write down to encourage yourself, or Tag your friend, to remember it in your heart.The writing is to memorify the current smells of time and space. The writing is to create a well-behaved character, which is to simplify all the complex thinking and simplify it to be purely based on belief.Next, we will acknowledge the story of the following good book, the stories that famous people have said, and write it down to mark our existence!

Now, women are obsessed with "writing and writing and getting your life back." Leave your handwriting!

A world where only one standard answer is accepted, too boring, gender is the case, and life should be the same.They rammed into the world's single imagination, and led us to see more of the world.

"There is no need to be hasty and don't need to shine, you don't need to be a person, just do yourself."— — Ng

" The only style I have to share with the public is my own nature." — — Diana Vreeland

"I know that Rob no longer loves me in love, but I will do my best to love him as I can."" — — Patti Smith < is simply a child >

"A woman who really has a style can lift his head off any environment."— — Wang Dhye

" Your flaws, make me think you're beautiful.— — Ai Yiliang (recommended for you: Be gentle, a child!)Interview with Yi Yiliang: Accept it is not perfect, you will be incomplete

" This night, you, me, I am here, the mob that we are willing to make love here tonight." — — Hong Hung

" You have never seen a comrade in your life, so I'm going to put it on my own." — — Co-Chief Executive Hsu Hsiu-wen.

" I am I am a firework sky across the sky with a different color. I want to make the strongest bubble. I like the naked desert in which I let the rosebush out of a lonely desert.— — Linday

is not perfect, but madness is a kind of madness and is in a absurdity, and it's always better to die than boring."— — Marilyn Monroe

"I'm proud of our love, as we often talk about, inclusion and love will make the world a better place."' — — Zheng Yinong

" If the pace of a person is different from his companions, it's because he heard different drums. And let him follow the music he hears!— — Thoreau

" There are a couple of things that people are happier, and that means you have some love and you have a choice.— — Chiang Xun

[Large woman writing] Writing multiple, each and every one is worth commemorating.

To practice words, do good people, and embrace the spirit of each other with words!

Hey, after you finish the sentence, write down and welcome you to write your creation and mood with the theme of "Embrace diversity," and upload it to a large woman's writing activity page!Your word is the mark of the times, and we will share your work in the great times of women's fascinals, to allow more people to swap the temperature of the text.

If you expect us to live in more dynamic worlds, come to the women's page, look at our "Embrace the Plural" speaker.

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