Xie Jinyan told the media about why he had not been reconciled with his father for a long time.What we look forward to is not the father's apology, but in the so-called imperfect family , single mothers, single fathers, of a single family, who can live without shame.(Recommended reading: This is not your inspiration story, single parenthood: "Incomplete family, complete my own" )

Yesterday, Xie Jinyan was able to bring 22 flower baskets forward without a response. He took a sentence and left the scene: " Her body was built to borrow money. I had nothing to do with it. I was very happy. I was a failure, and I did it again.".

media reported that Xie Jin Yan cold-blooded his father, and then the plot suddenly deteriorated. When she performed the song she gave to her mother, she published a reason why her father was missing.Xie Jinyin and her mother and sister were "caught" by netizens with one voice, and she grew up as a brave woman from her unfilial daughter.

The media reported that "Xie Jinyan had shed her scars at the concert," and they said that the elder sister was crying over the tearful of small balls.In this news, I would like to discuss the following three issues: the family in Taiwan, be it the father, the mother, or the daughter, can live less than that, and society can give them single parents, single parents, and strong reasons for their own reasons.

When the father turns back?"I love you" is violent

Chang says, " The news of the parents of the pig and Xie Jinyan shows that the family in Taiwan is too much of a family to be overly aggressive and unwise, so as to worry that it is concerned, and that it is so depressing and so on.Everyone just cares about what they want to give. They don't think that love without empathy is a kind of violence."

Many people were exposed to the media, and Cognitive Pig Liang was a good star, but not a good father. He grew up in the media and reported that he saw the pig's "sacking".The media often gives pig-goin the right to speak and listen to what he says about his family and misses his daughter.Pig Goliang must have been so upset that she would say, "She has a figure that I have built for her." I don't feel angry. I feel sad. Even if he wants to be a new man, I am afraid that he will not give him a chance in our society.In the world we live in, we rarely let a father be a father.

Because I don't know how to be a father, you think, "I give you the love that I give you, you deserve to repay," and that even if my past is dirtier, you are my daughter, and you have to accept the call of family.

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Piggus is so obsessed with looking forward to her daughter's eyes, like many of her father's.When they were thirty-forty, they were busy competing, and the children seemed to be a potted plant in the family, so long as I had time to irrigate you, they would grow up.The absence of the father, in addition to his father's own choice, may be more of a social norm.As a man, he doesn't want to cry, and he doesn't approve of it, and she doesn't want to eat with his wife.

more often than not, fathers are the defectors of the child's growth. Only the father himself felt that he was carrying the economy on his own, and then paid for his wife, child's mother's emotional labor and economic labor.Is there really any freedom in this relationship?I love you, I love you, it's violence.I love you, so you have to accept my apologies; I love you, so you're going to grow up in the shape I want.As a result, the father had to live like a father, and the mother would have to live like a "mother."(Sibling: Letter to Mommy: Dear mother, you can be less strong )

The crowd seemed to be looking forward to the hope of a "family reunion" when he was still distant from his blessing, and he did take the initiative to turn into a good father who had returned to the prodigs.It's just that this kind of turning back is too late for Xie Jinyan too late.Who is to be pinned to an inaction family location by the so-called "filial and morality"?The most embarrassing is not his father who abandoned his family, he said, " and he doesn't know how to love this family, but to think that he can use his father's right to make his daughter closer to the past.

You can't be hideous?Is there really a perfect family in the

Maybe you are also curious, what is the so-called shame, why is it that men are always in a tricky position and that women always bow to their apologies?

" When we entered into an in-depth settlement of the culture of men's rights, we discovered that men's culture only used women as a tool of communication and disclosure, and that they always emphasized the mother's role in suppressing women's self-diversity.In the cultural context of men's rights, women tend to be more female than female, and may in turn negate the life of women, so that women are reprimanated as female slaves in the patriarchate culture.Li —'s Gender Awareness of Chinese Modern Literature >

Yan said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Dad, I'm sorry, but I can't say I'm sorry."She feels sorry for her daughter who grew up under "shaman".Whether it is the elder sister himself or the media, there is no way to look at this incident from the end of the user's ugly faceBecause the family was ugly, the elder sister was very brave, because the victim admitted to being hurt, so he was sympathetic.

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Everyone thinks that she says the inside story of the family, such as saying that a very dirty word is a very dirty word. What's more, it is worth encouraging! Dad's domestic violence, running out of the run, and her mother and people working together, and her sister being treated as head and signing debt, these fathers made mistakes, and Hsieh Chin-yen said she was sorry.

façade refers to the imagination of the "perfect family", and once a woman "does not live in" a man, she is definitely out of her personality. Once her daughter does not think of her father, she must be a little filial.

When you look at the movie , the main character has to leave this false marriage.He could not be bound by a contract, and he could not play.But the wife, Emione, said, playing, is the nature of marriage, isn't it?Because marriage must be done in the United States, women have to make every effort to write all kinds of .(Sibling: Matrimonial crises in film : closest, most dangerous? )

But who is the perfect family?It's being defaulted to everyone's yearning and pursuit, with a virtuus wife, a capable husband, a daughter of a student, is the perfect family?

This is a shameful, unclean shame from a woman who is not clean in the "imperfect family", from the history of the invisibility and the invisibility of women and the value of the family.If everyone is born defective, why do we just blow up the beauty of the family and the close relationship, and do not face up to its flaws?

What I hope is that she didn't need to feel ashamed when she said that her father once had a family behind her. She said something about what had happened in her home, just as if she were to say that she was physically present in her personal life.

Brave Women: The Social System should see the existence of single mothers

Xie Jinyan cried when the mother was scorched by the accident, and many of them shed tears.As a single mother, she bites teeth and does not shout, strong, and she has white hair overnight.I always feel that these perseverance mothers are forced by society and the country.The society forced her to be weak and forced her to become a wife, at least to be a mother, and the country forced her to become economically or socially difficult as a single mother.

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So Xie Jinyan 's mother, who was so low-headed, bit her teeth, and spent most of his life.She doesn't want to be a woman, but she doesn't want to hang out with pain and endurance. She's a woman's best character.Culture, the environment, the image of a majority of mothers cannot be called to be tolerated.(Recommended reading: Reasons for single-parent mothers support multiple family members: Don't bear to see how much of a family is demonized )

In 2010, the ratio of single-parent households in the Ministry of the Interior, the number of single parents divorced and widowed over the age of 15 in the new Taipei City, grew at a high rate of 5 % per year, single-parent households accounting for 9.82 %.Most of them face economic deprivation, child burdens, parent-child relationships, social change, social discrimination and biases, lack of security, physical and mental suffering, limited residential choice, and so on.Many women, after being single mothers, are not only unable to support their native families, but the status of "single parent families" will also be seen in the workplace and schools.Many single fathers are afraid to "show weakness" to economic needs and upbringing.

Whether male or female, we should support and bless the family with a single parent, with both legal and inner education at the same time giving a choice to the family.We can say to my father that she is happy and happy, saying that you don't have to blame yourself.

In the release of Xie Jinyan , once the husband is the mother's day ", it has broken the sky and the family has opened the skylight. Who says that this is still unfortunate for the mother and daughter?Who says that the days after their "family reunion" will be happier?A rigid family model, a good mother, a good father, no doubt it was the one that covered the sky, covered up the body, and made a difference between the people and the people, and was able to make the most of the beauty they wanted to make.

Bless the sisters and the family, whether they fly, or become a family, our social media and welfare systems can make them blessed.(Recommended to you: Emanate the definition of Love: Love the way you want it )

Xie Jinyan's Full Text

Every single person, one of the most important women in my life, the most important woman in my life, is my mother.

The family business in the family smells, constantly, repeatedly, and repeatedly reported.Self-protection can protect family members, but they can still not be changed. These stories that make you sick are always there. I'm sorry to let everyone see the joke.

Some things say I'm sorry, Dad, so I don't want to say anything, I never want to hurt my father, because I love Dad.However, I am sorry to say that I am sorry, but my mother has always felt that she did not have to fight for and complain about her own life.

mother was a traditional woman, and her husband was her mother, and her parents gave birth to her sister and me at the bedside of the troupe after the show, and all the unfairness in the marriage demanded that the mother compromise.She lived in the daily life of speech violence; she was able to live with physical violence in her daily life. She only asked the child to have a complete family.

most embarrassing part of her life is that after her father started performing a show, she agreed to a husband's request to accept her husband's request, and agreed to serve a husband with the woman who had accepted her husband's husband.

father's promise to his mother was long, and her mother's world collapsed, and her mother and daughter were left behind, thinking that careful and guarded families were broken.

mother used to complain because she struggled for many years of hard work, and her mother used up her strength to resist, because she had nothing to do with her leaving her.The only remaining safe havens are also for fathers, and the credit crunch has collapsed.She has two pairs of small hands, and she's got a little hand,

The aggrieved mother of the marriage can swallow it, " she said. Her sister and I were all mother's, and she said she was struggling to earn a bite to eat her sister and I would never starve to death.

I can't wait to make money for my mother, just for the first prize — the locomotive, and I signed up for the Happy Weekend.Perhaps this is the test chain of life. Perhaps it is also the test of Heaven. Soon after, I was in a serious car accident with my sister and my sister.Her mother was helpless, and her feet ran on the streets of the night before the ambulance shrugs, and anxiously guarded her sickbed before she left her bed. She had white hair all night long.

percent of her sister's entire body burned and scalded without immediate danger, and I was a pelvic cavity, a lung seeper, a severe fractured leg, a critically ill life, and a coma for three days and three nights.This car accident took us a long time to see our famous and famous father.

I woke up, I was sentenced to half life by a doctor, and even fate forced my mother to head down. She also bitten her teeth and didn't shout. As long as her daughter was alive, her life was hard, and she was able to make a lot of time for her.The promise of a long-lost father's promise to make up for the loss of family affection and bring her sister back to look after her. The daughters have grown up for years, and their mother agrees that we have a father's love.

In a few months' time, my sister and I were happy and had a father's love!My father wanted me and my sister to be the maid of honor, and my mother encouraged us to support our father more.However, the father's promise was as long as it was. Her sister was so scared in the gunfire that the people in the empty house ran away, and only one of her was

At this point, only the mother then took the sister back, the days after that, the money checks, the borrowing, and ...The elder sister, in the course of briefly having a father's love, had all the tickets checked out by her sister's name. Then, the three of us had only a court, a summons, a creditor.

did not want to rebut her mother's life and her life, and she did not want to rebut her life. She was not a good woman.Take care of my sister and me on my own, and I don't want to talk about it again and again.

For so many years, my mother did not speak and did not exaggerate things in any way. Many times, it was not right for the speaker to be wrong, and the speaker did not do the right thing.

life she wants is simple. She doesn't want to be disturbed anymore. She doesn't want her daughter to get hurt because she is soft. She doesn't care about her heartless nature. She still wants to lead two small hands and a simple life.

mother opposed her daughter's steadfast belief in her father's steadfast belief that she had no choice but to be calm, uncritical, not to cry, not to complain, not to hurt the other side, and that was her greatest tolerance.

I have a woman who loves me more than I love my own life, and this woman is my mother.

Changing gender rules to create times, to listen to women's lectures!Be gentle in May as well as the big women