Daipeni along the way, with her refusal to please others the world's voice, like how justly told, "if you are worthy of their own, you will naturally be free." 」

"If there's a few musicians in this industry I've been watching silently, Penny should be number one," he said. Strictly speaking, I think she is not so so red, is a good thing. Because the industry is a monster, any person who has the gift of the dry, and then kicked away! I think she is a musician, a True musician, not just a performer. 」

Jonathan recorded a 10-minute VCR for her, and thanked this voice for not being seduced by the industry and not rushing to be heard, and I recalled that it was 16 years ago. 11 pieces of heavy weight, 12 Golden Melody Award finalists, 5 Golden Melody Award Certainly, we only have 1 Daipeni.

These years, she walked very light, did not deliberately want to contend for anything, but to be honest to express themselves; she walked unhurriedly, to boil out a durable album, we feel Very "Daipeni", she has been living in her songs, she continued to walk, into the small giant eggs in August this year to sing, called the Thief, we are thieves, we have to return to the time what.

I see Daipeni, her people and music overlap, 贴己 freedom, can not be expected. She said, forgive me is such a very thief of girls, those times suddenly were stolen back. (same field Gayon: She is the right person!) Dailing talk about singing this way: "Stick to it, otherwise?" ")

Maybe I'm a very selfish musician, and I have to be worthy of myself.

When "1999 was graduating that year, I made a decision to take my guitar to a far away place. 」

1999, Daipeni in Malaysia met Chen Zihong teacher and Huangyi teacher, Chen Zihong sent a guitar to her, her creative world suddenly opened, inspired by the language of communication, thought grew into shape, her luggage alone to Taiwan, became like music the first artist.

Born in the culture of the intersection of Malaysia, she and the Indians next to each other, and the Malays pass by, across a Filipino, the high-profile is a pluralistic environment, but also profoundly affected her music creation. Daipeni make music so very thief, must be arbitrary, reject single typical.

"I think the best thing about life is that you don't have to have a role." I think it is very open, I do not have to write what kind of music, I do not even have to do music. "Daipeni blink eyes stopped," I think I am a very selfish musician, the most important thing is that I play music to be happy, I want to be worthy of their own. 」

She insists on narrative and experience creation, if you want to write, you must write the real section, the creation of albums are Daipeni repeated an outlaw, my creation is honest expression of life? "If I only do what the audience is accustomed to, maybe they will be happy, but I will be empty, I will not be happy." My every album is Me, with 1 albums not enough, so I wrote 11, now still feel enough. 」

Daipeni smiled, she thought little of music, but for happiness, so wide. The upcoming release of the new album, Daipeni Records 16 years to come, how the environment molded her, how she talks with the environment. In 16, Daipeni said that he had picked up some sharp, took some tolerance, "I think of this passage, if there are any difficulties, I seriously think all is the only way, is the achievement of my present." 」

She from "I want the love, will spoil Me" to sing "I am a flower for love, never bow the Rose"; she sang the Madness of Love, singing the Lost of friendship, singing life difficult, around a circle, she returned to herself, more wide. "I'm no longer the girl who locked himself in my room and complained and just wanted to drown in my own world." "(same field recommendation: to love!) 24 Valentine's Day confessions to take you further

Listen to her song, Hear the Shadow of Time, in her song, identify herself.

Music must be more honest! I'm not a machine, I can't repeat myself

Daipeni's album was slow, and she would announce that she had to rest for a while, and that her fans were crying and looking forward to the next album as soon as possible.

"I changed my mind about the creation and the film," he said. I'm not not out of the album, but I really have to be very sure of what I want to say. I can not repeat the same thing more than 10 years, listen to the people will be tired, I will be tired, that kind of music, no vitality. "Her rebellion grew in her music, and over the years she became more aware of what she wanted."

Daipeni looked at me and smiled, "I am very fond of chatting with people, chatting and writing songs are because there is something must be said, rather than repeat the same thing." 」

So someone asked her, can you write another one is imperative? Can you write the old classics again? She would shake her head and refuse, "I'm sorry I can't go crazy again, and I can't get another corner blessing, I'm not a machine, I can't repeat myself, I don't want to copy myself." She provoked her eyebrows and said that if everyone liked it, she would listen to the previous album, but she had to go forward.

The refusal to repeat, perhaps the extremely precious place of Daipeni music, she stared at herself more harshly than any music critic. She works from a full range, to a group of the Buddha jumps the jumping band, the second album won the best Music Orchestra; she set up a personal musical brand, Nicole Buddha, when her own boss, she gambled for herself, begged for more honest music to express herself, she said these years herself more complete. (same field Gayon: Seven years of dormant music power!) Orange Grass Orchestra: Creation, is the process of self-dissection

So I asked her to hear Jonathan eldest brother's praise, what does she think? She said to meet Jonathan Eldest brother, two people really did not seriously talk about music, see 10 minutes of video flattered, originally he saw himself these years.

"But the first is a bit scary, I did not think of rankings, do not know where the standard, you said there is pressure, of course, but fortunately I have finished the new album, so you can breathe a sigh of relief." "She smiled very loudly," I am not for what title do music, I think I was too playful, now not fun things, I really do not do. 」

Probably few people can just because care about fun, the music play so vividly.

Total freedom is to give up flattery and be responsible for yourself.

"I was born in spring, I like freedom, I like running, I like being free." Perhaps with the intangible pressure I have felt about, my father is the headmaster, many people expect me to have a more able to account for the work, I therefore very resistant. But my dad never told me what to write, in fact, I don't think anyone can stop me from writing anything. 」

Freedom is to feel enough material enough to take on real emotions, freedom is to give up to others, to choose to be responsible for themselves. Penny said, "If you listen to my music and you feel free, then we have to raise our glasses to celebrate."

She in 2014 1111 Singles Day announced wedding invitations, and her husband, Flash, she confessed at the wedding banquet, "You have a lot of shortcomings, every boy has, but your advantages and your good, only you." "Such a rebellious girl, love is very soft, like she sang in the light of my feet," I do not bother, even if more than a trip, because you give very calm, never worry, I want how to return. "(Recommended reading: a slow-burning relationship psychology: Love is not just the luck of meeting, but also the effort of caring relationship )

She said that after the marriage of life is not too big difference, two people after two weeks of cohabitation, to live together already familiar with, after marriage except husband wife's name, almost unchanged. "I was the only girl in my family who got married, and I felt like I had a concert on my wedding day, and we were all tired." 」

Marriage is form, love is more important. The new album she doesn't write about married life, she said her days are still rich, others think she must write after marriage happiness, she does not write, happy early wrote, can write a lot of, rebellious in her veins, with a soft voice sang out.

Big woman, big man's little boldness.

This big women's time project, is the female fan and Daipeni's first encounter. Women are obsessed with curators, for Daipeni design "woman's Room", to the Concert "thief" as the concept, four main space, steal the Thief of tears, hide the frame of the thief, steal the confidence of the thief, hiding the lucky thief, listen to her song, when the Thief of time, looking for their own.

Daipeni a promise to cooperate, talk about the big woman, the idea is very interesting. "Since call big woman rather than big woman, should be to have big character's small boldness." Big woman to listen to strong, but I believe that the achievement of her is a lot of small boldness, set all the small boldness, will become a lot of people comfortable big boldness. "Big and small is no longer a relative concept," we can have a big figure of the small boldness, can also have small characters of the great boldness, you make a success, you can roll up the sleeves, more identity theory of things lightly down. 」

She repeated in the mind of the database search, for the big woman chose the 〈sing it out〉 this song, she gently sang, sing it out, sing it out if your love me, loved and hurt loudly sing out, some people still listen. The big woman is not afraid of injury, not fear, but know that tears can grow courage.

Daipeni sincerely to the big woman Confession, "Life is nothing good big bad, whether you are a big woman or a little woman, all want us like water, along the time flow, free forward, do not need to have too much emotion, because all emotions are pass, you have to do is to express yourself truly. Even if one day, you are no longer a big woman, that also don't forget, little woman is not bad ah. (same field Gayon:"Human figure weather Report" Don't attack yourself, don't despise yourself )

When you can accept the best and the worst, you will become particularly courageous

"Daipeni Penny Tai. Material: Unable to resolve the super composite media. Size: Variable size. Year produced: 1999. "Daipeni's face book introduction on this writing, I asked, she naughty shook," Ah, that should be propaganda written, I do not know le. 」

And she suddenly perceptual, "but quite like me, may be the environment I grew up, I am very acceptable to anything." I don't have any great ambitions for music, I can always go back to the bus stop and sing a guitar for everyone to hear. Music is the gift of God to me, I do not know how long this gift can be used, can write I wrote, to death I also wrote, and even if one day, I can not create, I could accept. 」

"I am easily contented, I did not expect music to give me so much, and it now give me too much too much, I came to Taiwan because of music, the reason someone began to know me, but also because of music." 」

She thought for a minute, and finally said slowly, "You know what?" When you can accept the best and the worst, you will become particularly courageous. 」

Daipeni is such a girl, will be in the middle of the interview shouting really hungry; talk about music creation she has a claim, insist on being honest with yourself; she tells Life, expects to live like water, let the mood come and go; After the interview, she looked at me intently and said, hey, you know, your ears are very special. She said at last that she hoped the great woman would soon enter Google Encyclopedia, women fans can have their own code.

Writing an interview, I repeatedly listen to Daipeni song, from 1999 to hear 2016, because she is Daipeni, we do not have to forgive her is such a girl, not to forgive themselves is such a girl. We are ourselves, refuse to meet the expectations of others, we can finally live enough freedom.