Orange Grass Again released the new album "Crow", listen to the lead singer Clark, bass player Little blue to share what happened in this time, as well as their music stories.

Music is flowing, grass, is the wind 飘曳, although bright orange, but not as dazzling as red, in a strong visual temporary stay in a trace of warmth. This is the image of orange grass (Orangegrass), and the person who is trying to express this abstract concept in my eyes is the lead singer Clark of the Orange Grass Orchestra.

Orange Grass is currently composed of lead singer and guitarist Clark (right), bass player Blue (left), drummer Bird Man

Founded in 2004, Orange Grass, is a three-person "power trio" Orchestra, purely pure, only by the guitar, bass, drums, the combination of the three instruments. Seven years ago, when Orange Grass released its first album, "Cumulonimbus," The Music Man commented:

"This is a rare production mature, but so sincere and moving album ..., Orange Grass today released album Let Me Feel this year Taiwan's most gentle song of youth." The remix makes the "Cumulonimbus" album Sound and emotional, but it's full of the orange grass scene's electric guitar-tone walls that cover the listener's tension, a new beat of the drums, and a steady, comfortable bass. This trio makes me feel at ease, I can travel through the music rather than be overwhelmed by the overwhelming arrangement. 」

This is the orange grass music often give people the feeling, not gorgeous extravagant, but kind of can break through the clouds like Clear, lead singer Clark's voice will not let people feel a bit of oppression, and power trio of the establishment also let the music full and not excessive publicity. The appearance of orange grass at that time, like a stone in the pool of Independent orchestra, ready to stir up a new ripple, but did not think the continuation of this ripple, even let people first is seven years.

Seven years of waiting from "cumulonimbus" to "Crow"

From the first album "Cumulonimbus" to now, seven years, orange Grass finally launched the second work "Crow", and members of the orchestra in addition to the lead singer Clark, bass player, the drummer have changed people. During this period, in fact, there will be a succession of orange grass to send a new album news, but always went nowhere, I asked Clark, what exactly is waiting for seven years?

"In fact, after the first album, I began to write a new song, but with the members of the run-in between a little problem, because the bass player is not very good state." "Music creation and performance, in fact, are often related to the personal status of musicians, Clark said, the state is not very difficult to stimulate the creation of the process, and then the bass player and the drummer left the regiment, also spent some time to find new members."

Each time the new league members, they will be running with each other for more than a year, and time is in this one to be spent away. I think, so many years of waiting, even the fans are looking forward to the feeling of the difficult, for Clark, such a process to bring him setbacks?

"It must be a setback now, because it was interrupted by half a sudden." Just find the musicians, we adjust to a good state, can continue to move forward, it will feel that those setbacks in fact nothing. Sometimes, frustration is a driving force. But before you can change your mind, you may want to play with the cat first. Clark's voice was so light that when it came to the cat, he suddenly got excited. (Recommended you see: give you the meaning of frustration!) Joanna Wang: "I am a stubborn king eight eggs!" ")

Wrap up the music with bass bass

A bass player with a short haircut, little blue, is not much to say, and many times just quietly listening to Clark. I asked them, how did the little blue join the orange grass?

"I've seen him perform in another regiment before, and I was very impressed by the girl's bass player, and I thought he was playing something I liked," HiJack. When you change the league, he will naturally appear in my options, when he was the first on my list. "Clark said so.

"Baze's role is ingenious, it is often not the most prominent in the music, but it is very important to be able to wrap up the whole music, if the bass out, the whole music will be very empty, as if there is a dent in the middle." Because of this characteristic, the bass player's role in the orchestra is usually not too forward, but can hold live. "If you have the habit of listening to music, you must know what Clark is talking about." In the song, Bass is a bass, is the most reassuring existence, let other instruments to jump on it, adhere to provide the most stable foundation.

"I did not know that orange grass to change members, is Clark with Facebook asked me to try to see, we are directly about in the practice room, and then joined." "The way the little blue answers the questions is always concise, and it often takes Clark to lend a helping hand, to be honest, I was a little worried at first about not being able to write him out in an interview, but I found out later that Baze, the best way to describe little blue, was slow-hot, introverted, and perhaps not good at expressing itself, but with a passion for music inside.

Music, no, No.

Both of them started playing musical instruments from high school, and they counted more than 10 years. I asked them to talk about how to go to the band, but also rely on what kind of enthusiasm to keep walking? "Not that there is any motivation to keep us going, but not to play at all." "On the way to the music road, the two people think very consistent."

Clark said that he had been in the last year of college to work in a bookstore, it is too boring. "Is there something wrong, as if something is missing, I just found that I can not stand to do very standard things, has been working in the same place, so that is not what motivates me to keep on the music road, but do not do." "For Clark, music is the practice of his life, only when the music into his soul, they finally have a sense of existence."

Small blue nodded like garlic, once in the musical instrument line for a while he smiled and said: "Some people may think I look cold, no special reaction, I can only say that they must not have seen me in the musical instrument line to work." "Little Blue found that only music can give him a sense of security and enough stimulation, so that he can fully concentrate and devote." This sense of security, is the pursuit of stability of the cancer, in other places are not found.

Listen to their words, I think, everyone in this world is always trying to pursue their own most comfortable way to live, for some people, the rigid life and the foreseeable future is a kind of comfort; but for Clark and Little Blue, the hearts of their wings don't want to park in one place, And only music can make them fly freely.

Creation is the process of dissecting yourself.

"So/we/believe the truth/all/scattered/in the wonderful trap/look/The sky/is the narrow view/about/now/There are too many unknown-" crow "

Orange Grass lyrics, by Clark single-handedly, in Clark's lyrics, can always see a lot of inner exploration, and the society and the world out of doubt. I wonder what kind of circumstances Clark is creating, and where does the inspiration for creation usually come from?

"I'm actually very inspired when I'm moving, walking, hitchhiking, cycling." "Clark is a" mobile "creator, instead of shutting himself up in a small room and doing his work, but moving the lyrics and melodies with the tools on hand to record them.

"Creation is a very naked thing, but it is also the process of finding myself and dissecting myself." "For Clark, every piece of work is a process of self-discovery," he said.

Clark said that the creation of this thing is awkward, but the embarrassment is wonderful, he found that he seems to need to use this method to know himself, cut himself open to see the original appearance of the inside. Clark 's creation is often philosophical thinking, not easily directed to a single subject, only a certain sense of beauty, is fluid. (together: making honest movies, easy to say: As creators, I want to speak for society )

And I've found that what he's always talking about in the course of talking to Clark is "imagery." Our conversation is often graphic, he does not love to use one or two words to say a definition, but with more describe to bring out a certain image, and this habit, and "orange grass" the concept of the same name. Everything is flowing, and like the nature of music, everyone can boldly throw in some of their own conjecture and imagination.

The change and the invariable of the music road

Play group more than 10 years, look back at the beginning of their own music, two people have what change and unchanged?

Small blue memories of high school playing hot music club process, he smiled and said, then the group is simply feel very handsome, and students to do some cover songs, and did not think too much. But now, he will think about the role of Baze in the orchestra, the imagination and dynamics of music, and so on, and also enjoy the feeling of a rhythm with the league members.

"Just started playing, the arrangement will only want to be very handsome, difficult." Now those are not the most important to me, I do not want to say "here only play this seems too simple", but it will be to think I have followed the whole orchestra's program is walking. "It's like a process of returning to the basics," says Xiao Lan. Most of the time, the most joyful thing is not to let oneself appear outstanding, but to enjoy the process with everyone.

"Thinking much, there will be more distractions." "How to strike a balance between simplicity and complexity is the music thinking that Clark is now facing." "I think that the most fundamental thing there is no difference, if you want to say the biggest change, it should be the mentality of the more mature, but the maturity is good or bad is not necessarily." "Clark believes that an immature heart can be made out of the work, there will be an immature aesthetic." As time passes by, people will gradually become complex, want to do more fancy changes in music, but that kind of thing, will not be interesting?

"Before looking at the world, you will feel very small, in a place is easy to feel lonely." Although now and then occasionally there will be a similar feeling, but through the creation and music, things have been opened one by one, each open one thing, it will be more contact with the world, contact with the world more, feel more. 」

By dissecting himself through a piece of work, Clark's way of facing the world and himself has changed. He said that the past want to pay attention to less things, a lot of things are looking inward, and look inside, see the circle is relatively small. Now, he is more willing to understand what is going on outside the world, a look outside, the circle becomes bigger, regardless of contact with good or bad, can get something.

Small blue and Clark also in the face of return to the heart of the subject, walking on the road, when the music skills and creative process more and more skilled, but also remind themselves that many of the purest things can not be lost. I suddenly remembered this song, Clark said, "Time" is like a painting, drawing out the relationship between the Times and the ego, as well as each person in the process of growing up and aging. I think, we always in the repeated sleep, awakening between gradually grow up, and time brings us must gain, but anyway, do not forget the most fundamental of their own.

Taiwan's music scene dilemma: Retreat is afraid of being forgotten

Orange Grass released a new album seven years ago, during which time they dared not relax, although there was no complete album tour, but also in the size of the show. "If there is no work released, very afraid of being forgotten." "Clark talks about the plight of the Taiwan music market," he said, "Taiwan is very small and the tour after the launch is at most two or three months, and most of the weekend has only performances." This situation makes it necessary for the orchestra to constantly think of new projects, to stem new performances, and to spend too much time on things unrelated to music.

"An album, a planning cycle is too short, the music power is killing quickly, in such a continuous knock on the process, the music career is not healthy, but also make Taiwan orchestra music sophistication more difficult." "There are a lot of cities in the United States or Europe, and the same project can run a lot of places, not only for a long period but also for a number of times," Clark said. During the tour, you can also get inspiration and feedback from different places to help create new works.

He also mentioned that Taiwan's present culture is very complex, very shallow, many play a good band of people, are copied western things to the extreme, unlike many foreign orchestras, from which city out, there will be the city's taste. Orange Grass is a band from Taipei, I asked Clark what is the imagination of Taipei? He said he could not describe Taipei directly, but he would find Taipei more like New York. Just, New Yorkers will have "i Love new york" proud spirit, but not in Taipei people find, in Taipei, see, but often is a kind of dragon-style pride.

Clark believes that in Taipei, where the culture is less obvious, it is very hard to feel the atmosphere, but the music of Orange grass and Taipei is not a relationship, because it may be such a shallow culture, to make their music more thinking. The dilemma of music development in Taiwan, a small place, is a common problem that all musicians have to face.

"Music, is in the practice of life"

"Music is in the practice of my life." "When it comes to the meaning of music for two people," Clark said.

"In fact, my music seems to me to be very self-centered and selfish." " There are a lot of people who are writing to bring joy and happiness," Clark says, "and he thinks that's great." Because they are not for the audience to create, but often with their own selfish thoughts, just such selfishness, spread out, be received by others, create links, may be transformed into a selfless.

"It's hard, but I'm trying to say," I think playing music gives me a lot of security, but it also gives me a lot of excitement, and I don't know what it's going to look like, where to go. Maybe that's why I can always keep my enthusiasm. "Blue is a delicate description of the music," he says, when he plays music, he gets a sense of security that he cannot find elsewhere in the excitement and challenges he cannot grasp. (same field Gayon: make you believe that there are Shangri-La musicians in the World: Huang )

"It's a bit contradictory, but music is the only thing that can suck me." "Little blue looks grim, but when it comes to music, it always has a bit of a shy smile." I asked Clark what was the little blue in his heart? He said, small blue is very keen, in fact, is a very enthusiastic person, but his enthusiasm is not obvious now interpersonal relationship, his life process, the trend of things is very obvious, hate and like to be very clear, such likes and dislikes Trenchant, is the small blue show enthusiasm way.

At the moment, the two people suddenly laughed and talked about interpersonal relationships, and they all felt they had a social handicap. "I think we have a common place, that is, when we have nothing to say, we really have nothing to say." It's hard to actually show enthusiasm. "Xiao Lan said that he and Clark usually get along with a tacit understanding, because the two people know each other now in which state, silence, not communication as if also a kind of communication."

The two of you are laughing and laughing, and I think one hours down, small blue words are not many, Clark's expression is very abstract, then suddenly a little understand what they call social barriers, the two people are very passionate about music, in countless ways in the world, they choose music. Therefore, speaking does not seem to be so important. When they are silent and focused on their little world, they need a little bit of personal space, a little stranger.

Finally, I asked if the orange grass could send you a song from a new album? Both chose a song with the same name as the album, Crow, they say that in doing this song, as far as possible to relax the level of wide, no matter in music or lyrics are very story, listen to people can put into their own point of view, there is no unique solution, let the audience free imagination.

Orange grass, such as its name, is a very dependent on intuition, the music of high mobility of the band, they do not have the appearance of red-like enthusiasm, but the heart has an orange warm, with music to express the imagination and enthusiasm of the world. I think it would be a very happy thing if there was one thing that we could do with our continued enjoyment in this rhythm-disordered environment. And in this one-hour talk process, I believe that orange grass to find that thing, I would like to see this article of you, you can find their own enthusiasm.