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Valentine's Day has become like a competition between lovers, as if the more expensive the dining room clock, the more they love each other. Actually return to the original Valentine's Day, is a simple remembrance of love and express the Love of the festival, may be the love of family, the love of friends , brothers and sisters Love, this Valentine's Day, let us try to use a simpler way over, in fact, spend a penny, can also be a romantic full score yo! (Valentine's Day recommended movies: Cloud Lovers, near-future love exploration )

Western Valentine's Day, is the lovers have been waiting for a long time, is ambiguous object confession good time, but also a lot of people spend money to buy sweet and surprise time.

But you know what? In fact, the Western Valentine's Day is not intended for Valentine's Day, but to commemorate a Christian Van Lentans. A long time ago, Rome was an anti-Christian country, and many Christians were persecuted, while the emperor also forbade the marriage of soldiers. Van Lentans not only refused to worship Roman gods, but secretly married unmarried men and women, so was arrested and jailed, and on February 14 beheaded.

Years later, Rome became a Christian nation, and many Christians who were martyrs of faith became the Saints they admired. And people commemorate Martyrs Santa Valentans on February 14. In the west slowly evolved into February 14 this day to send cards or gifts to loved ones, and not limited to lovers, parents, brothers and sisters, friends can be. (How to play Valentine's Day: uploading photos and sharing love with the world )

Valentine's Day is important to convey your gratitude and gratitude to the people you love, not necessarily to spend a lot of money. As long as the intention, you can have an economical and affordable Valentine's Day, and the sweet degree is not cheap yo!

Are you still sending flowers?

Although the Rose is recognized as a symbol of romance, but Valentine's Day is much more expensive than usual, and flowers in a few days withered, neither environmental protection nor eternal. It is better to take out the art tools when you study, folding a flower or painting a flower to each other, he/she will be good collection, but also think you are very sincere and different!

Not to the restaurant can also have a memorable meal!

Every Valentine's Day, the restaurant always launches your Valentine's Day package. This year in another way, two people to buy the necessary ingredients, together at home, even if only a simple bowl of noodles, but also the most romantic dinner. (not like to try a loving tiramisu )

Watching lanterns is a good choice for dating.

Lantern Festival in the past is a romantic festival, can be said to be a Chinese "Valentine's Day" it! Before the Virgin is not free to go out activities, the festival can travel together. Lantern Festival Flower Lights Just give young men and women the opportunity to help themselves to identify objects. So Valentine's Day and the lovers around you to see the lantern, the focus is not the beauty of the lantern, but holding hands together to travel the atmosphere of the lantern!

In fact, Valentine's Day is "Love" and "people" composition, the important thing is that the mind and the people around. Take a little more thought, even without lavish dinners and expensive gifts, you can still spend the sweet and romantic Valentine's Day, creating the memories of two people!

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