I think the most unique point of women is that they can be soft, soft, but they have to be strong in their hearts. Many things will go very smoothly with this kind of mentality.

, 4 noon, 16 Summer premieres > Let the Eslite Hall full of media and fans, by the last second of the entangling heels high-heeled to the footsteps of the individual lounge.

Double GORDON and gentle smile are the first impressions of Lin's mind. However, since the inception of Lin's studio in 2009, she is no longer just a bright and behind-the-scene person in front of the screen. She is also behind the scenes , a financial, and an idea-led entreat. (Recommended Reading: girl founded by a girl is more than a boy! )

soft and strong

the front to the front of the camera, it is important to have the scene before the curtain falls, and Lin, who is both an actor and producer, has an all-round development in the performing arts career. We see the heart in our work gentle and Woman “ I am an independent and strong woman. It's also fun. A lot of things will come first.” you talk about your personality, you are very relaxed and easy to chat with us, and you are also joking about the fact that you are in fact a very sprinkling woman. There is a bright, optimistic, and dearth of personality.

“ I think the most unique point of a woman is that she can soften up and soft, but she must be strong inside, and it will be very smooth to do things like this.Women are women. They don't need to be strong in the workplace. It is also important to have a happy life!” (Hope you like: Alter, make happy )

's heart says she always to the best , but if you find that you are not able to do so, you don't like face hard-face. “ I've been very lucky, and I've got a lot of help from you.Women have to be soft in the workplace. Occasionally, they encounter difficulties in finding their elders or people to help.”

you talk about your people, it's not hard to imagine why she has been helped by many people along the way. At the premiere, < 16 summer > The directors and actors all say that the directors and actors are very good care producers, and the team will be able to make a good lunch every day. The weather is too hot for everyone to ask for the whole crew. (< 16 Summer > Actors: Magnesite Still confident: Xu Wei, for me to love myself )

about strive for an , Lin is referring to the studio that he set up, “ For many years, the actors are passive, because they always wait for someone else to give you the script, and sometimes they may have come to 10 scripts, but they don't like it."” When we asked why we wanted to get behind the curtain, she said, “ I'm in the for many years, accumulating enough experience to make of your own .” From the words of the words of the heart, we feel her positive attitude towards the work, not only passively accepting, but also hoping that she can lead and create a cause that belongs to her own.

“ Goodbye ”, or never?

the creation of the studio to the beginning of the film, Lin's studio has produced six plays, and <16 Summer > is the first piece of work in Lin's studio in Taiwan. feel that this show is a masterpiece that we all make very much, “ says the article. "It's a very different style. We can see a lot of different theatrical styles, but it may be upheaing and playing, but actually it's a great pity to see this very deep topic."We want to bring a new feeling of different styles across the different eras.” (Recommended to you: Age regret )

At the beginning of the 16th, Lin was able to share a passion with me at the of a world of his own children , and to share with me the whole process of thinking that we had to share.“ I was talking to the editor at the time, I was waiting for the Empress to go, and we were all at the same time. We were once again at the same point. He was exporting to me, and he and I had always wanted to share the story of us.”

“ Because it is very common in life, it is not possible for me to know which is the point of life. However, it may be very painful for me to do not know which one is.” (also pushing: Japan's small products < 49 days of happiness, warm and warm, and the other side of the economy

16 summer > mostly talking about “ missing, sorry, bye ” story. “ Because we often say goodbye, sometimes I don't even know that can meet , so you value every moment in your life and don't let too much regret.”

than one effort, in the Taiwan ideal

when we asked why Lin wanted to go back to Taiwan, she smiled and smiled and said, “ It's the most comfortable shooting at home. .” Although the Chinese have chosen to go back to Taiwan to make a shot at the scene of the film, the Chinese are still choosing to go back to

“ Actually, it is very real. If you want to make money, you have to go to the other side or the other side, and the pay for filming in the Mainland is several times the number of Taiwan's.But making money often is not the first starting point, and it's important to do what you want to do. your ideal .”

you share yourself not to make money as a priority, and you want to develop idealism in a place you like yourself, we are curious to ask what effect you would like to have on the show after the return to the workbench, but it's a modest one

“ Just want to stick to your ideal while at the time , on this piece of land that I grow.When the words ” said, we felt deeply in the eyes of the heart that she had ideals and wanted to return to Taiwan, and the intention was also touched by our hearts.

current heart is no longer just an actor who makes money and sees profit as the main actor, but wants to do a whole lot of effort for the Taiwan people, and entrepreneurs! (Recommended for you: entrepreneurs and you think )

“ There are a lot of people in Taiwan, and hope not to lose all the talent. It is only after you say that we are starting to be slower than other people when we started to get started earlier than others.” Hsin-he states that one of the reasons why he would take a long story in Taiwan would be to influence more people around him through small actions, so that everyone would be willing to do more for his own hometown.

“ I think people should think more about this piece of land that the land will be better.” (Recommended to you: Taiwan: Not a ghost

of the interview, and Lin's shoes were replaced with slippers, easy to chat with the staff. the 20 years or so, Lin has been a gentle and caring image of the people, and she is very optimistic and comfortable. As she says, she is an independent, strong, and loving woman.

, as a woman, Lin is not only confident, but also a woman who is truly an actor and . From the front of the curtain to the behind-the-scenes, from the mainland to Taiwan, where you don't choose the easy way to make money, but in Taiwan, where she grew up, where she grew up. In order to realize the dream she wanted to complete, she chose to be her own unique performing arts channel.

a forest of heart, we learn that as a woman, we all understand our own unique, flexible, and independent face, and to give back to the land we love, while giving full play to the ideals of our own. (Recommended to you: , I'm )

can be soft, but they have to be firm in their hearts, because they are the most beautiful power of women!