Early this summer, May 28, the big women 's Day to invite many large women to attend, now body, we advocate love ourselves, find their good, and walk into the crowd, accept all kinds of people, give love, mutual support. This summer, in addition to meeting the age of the big women, but also to meet their own love era, women fans to help many large women select seven immediately fell in love with the summer of the Japanese songs, after listening to have full of power to go out after the pursuit of affection . In front of the big woman chasing love, let you have a passionate start this summer! (same field Gayon: welcome the bright eye Summer!) Let the skin be translucent yellow wear

As the days passed, the day became hot, but the relationship with him did not seem to elevate the heat, even a shadow did not! Don't worry! In the summer there will always be your spring! Just like the warm sunshine, the love story of summer should be endless!

Take advantage of the beginning of summer, these seven "immediately fall in love" classic Japanese songs, full of Oriental chord and first love of the lyrics, bring you out of the too common love plot, so you this summer every love is a new start! We're all going to be madly in love!

To the woman holding youth: summer-color-grapefruit

Da きな 5:30 the と and じように of the XI やけ
5:30, the big sunset is exactly the same as childhood.
Sea も empty も cloud も servant でさえも Dye めてゆくから ...
Whether the sea is the sky or the clouds or we are all dyed red

True summer Night The wave of the sound は not incredible な process of calm かになる
The sound of A Midsummer Night's Waves is incredibly calm.
Less しだけ full て forget れて wave in the middle of the pack みこまれてゆく
Under the sound of the waves to temporarily forget everything

この long o Muhammad long o Muhammad under I did easily ban を June を from 転 car after ろに boarding
It's a long downhill ride with a bike in the back seat.
ブレーキいっぱい Grip りしめてゆっくりゆっくり under ってく
To slowly and slowly slide down with a grip on the brake button.

The Big woman whispers: "Alas!" I said, Ah! Sit in the back seat let you carry, see the scenery is not the same Oh! 」

The lazy summer colors and smells show in the lyrics of this song, the appearance of the summer Image: Fiery red, riding a bicycle to the steep slope straight down, enjoy the short cool wind let heat, indispensable waves sound and fireworks, as if not experienced these, today's summer seems to not be over! Follow the fast pace of this song, the brain will be unable to break out of all kinds of summer should do, say, and people to see! Just take out your phone and give it to the people you want to spend the summer with. (Recommended reading: from the cat empty to Sword Nanshan!) Taking stock of Taipei's five-year-old fireworks shrine

To the shy unrequited love of the Big Woman: Little Sonata (Little さな のうた)-MONGOL800

ほらあなたにとって Event な People ほどすぐそばにいるの
You see! The person who is important to you can always be around.
ただあなたにだけ session いて to しい ring け love Song
But now all I want to give you is to sing the song of Love
ほらほらほら け Love Song
Sing this song of Love

Dark O Muhammad Road でも day Mimiko photo らす month くらいみちでもひびてらすつき
Holding on the Dark Road under the Moon
りしめた hand away from すことなく
We clenched our hands and said to
Never separated think いは strong く Forever Oath という
And vowed to do it forever.

The big woman said: "Sometimes a person looking at the night sky, I sigh that the universe is so vast and distant, how small people are?" Thinking of the other person's thoughts seem to be too small to hear him! 」

We all like to stand on the island of a heat island, surrounded by sea currents, small whirlpool, sometimes typhoon rain baptism, may be the ship to push away, driving away. But we are always standing in each other's side, across the sea, but also to send the missing to your island, for me, you are the most important person! With this song to sing out of their own little feelings, let the sea breeze gently blow to your ear, let you find I have been in your side. Forever and ever.

For lovers cooking The big woman: Pure Love Song (Pure Love Song)-Southern Hunan is the wind

The daughter of the great family and friends れおいしいパスタ as ったお before
A friend of a friend's girlfriend made a nice spaghetti with you.
The family な female がタイプの My one eye indistinct れ
I love you like a stay-at-home girl at first sight
Big poor negative けてマジ cut れそれ see て laugh って le しいねって
I'll lose when I'm playing Monopoly, and you're laughing with your eyes open.
Excellent しい smile にまた されてベタ indistinct れ
Your gentle smile has comforted me, and I really love you.

Eye を closed じれば billion stars some light るお before がいる
Close your eyes and see billions of stars the brightest one is you
First めて a way になれたよ night sky へ ring け Love のうた
The first time I've ever been so crazy love love songs resounded through the night

Sakura and wood photo らすおぼろ month
Dim moonlight Shines The whole row of cherry trees
Out every った two people place I 帰 りに a person sent I did easily road
When I got home, I was alone in the place where we met.

The big woman said: "Idiot!" I knew you were looking at me all the time. 」

Girls are always curious about what I look like in a boy's eyes. Like your boy, you must be able to see your small strengths, not particularly prominent, but in his eyes, you must be the best! The lyrics completely to boys from the perspective of the mirror, eating girls to do pasta, playing the common smile after the millionaire, walking in the Moonlight Hazy cherry tree, after the quarrel more know how to cherish each other. The picture of the story is very strong, with the illusion that he is the lyrics of the hero focus on the person watching. Do you want to hear the truth of men calling back love? After listening to this song, let us believe once again, give love opportunity. (Extended reading: Taiwan early Spring Tour strategy: Alishan, Maple, Wuling farm )

To the great woman who bolted for love: La La-La loves Song-Kubatanli

ドシャ down りの afternoon を って Street I fly び out そう
Waiting for the pouring afternoon to dash down the street
Heart I drop る rain I umbrella をくれた June と
You are the one who lifts the umbrella for my rainy heart
"まっぴら! "と Transverse いて
Not Thank you! "You don't open your face, but you mean it.
This sound はウラハラでもそのままでいいお mutual いさまだから
But I was actually trying to say the opposite.
めぐり will えた Miracles が
The miracle that we met
You make Me Feel Brand New
Tears color を becomes えた
Changed the color of the tears

が まるくらいの gan o Muhammad kou づけをしようよ
Let's have a kiss to stop our breath
A word もいらないさとびきりの this を
I don't want to hear any words at this important moment.
Yong Amplitude をくれた June I Zhao れてる occasion じゃないから
Now is not the time to feel weak because you gave me courage.
Say ye よりも ben amplitude なla la la... Love Song
It's more useful than words. La la La ... love song

The big woman said: "Dear, let us try to kiss and kiss, no longer speak." 」

The most intense picture in love, the rain running, the kiss to the most gentle fantasy, sitting on the wooden horseback with the music ups and downs in this song. Can see the Brave in love, special eyes and monopoly, like hands holding a small merry-go-round box, constantly pouring out a strange melody, not to take away, lead people into all kinds of imagination, the past has been stuffy and bad cowardice suddenly become full of courage.

Want to pull the lovers in the shower eagerly run up, out of breath only to stop, hug each other in exchange for breath, no matter whether they can breathe, rain a star down each other's face slipped, very enjoyable, no regrets feeling.

The contribution of the contributions to the Great women: fireworks-Aiko

The words that I swore many times in my chest flew cor
In the swearing of the past, we have no disappearance to fly orgasm
I don't forget 1mm.
What principles the United States forget...
In a hazy, shadowy form
Medium pervaded in the haze
I can't care everything.
We are unable to complete the future.

Hanging in the summer constellation and looking down at the fireworks
A beautiful pyrotechnics in a sitting summer constellation
I like it so much.
I'm stronger? please.
Hanging in the summer constellation and looking down at the fireworks
A beautiful pyrotechnics in a sitting summer constellation
I dropped the tear and erased the fire.
The Tear eye pyrotechnics

On the track of a smattering of apples with a broken toe
踮 the rack of the SHA-nada, after the bite over the apple
The residual is a piece of memories
The crushing is a piece of time
When a little cold wind passes by
Intermediate-rack-season with cold and cold wind
I want to give a lot of laughter
A big voice haha

The Great women's story: "Listen" is now Kamaka in the pyrotechnics table 吔, unnecessary Koketsu? 」

Pyrotechnics and Summer are the two things that maccha the eternal lawlessness in the memory of you, and follow Herbalife to you, who are you to be the star of the sky? Eru pyrotechnics by the river do?? Season, do you do? After the execution of the exit? The time has been Yuichi, and the total has been none 为地震灾区的同胞们捐款吧. Whilst pyrotechnics season, but we have a very versatile, more than a few, many new, new, 找, laughs and times! An old woman, a personal season, a piece of summer horoscope and a new love to see you opportunities by the Taruhito Galaxy Legendre.

The contribution is a great women of love: 123 The Beginning (123 love starts)-Biological crotch

"Kataomoi" is the end of today, right?
"Soishi" is now in good
MY FIRST LOVE STORY glittering MY dream smile in the summer
My first time in the summer
If I tell someone, it's going to get broken.
A young person is reminiscent of the story
You're too gentle. You probably haven't noticed.
If you 呀 your soft temperature, you won't have to pay attention.

You laugh, what's going on? Say
要怎ㄇ stronger? 好啊? 」
I shake my head in a hurry
Yes, I am only panicked cradle Cradle Head
But you have to decide.
But sufficient? decided not to re-confess
The world will be the only two
Only two people in the world
1 2 3 1 2 3 Love starts
1 2 3 1 2 3 ren Momoi
1 2 3 1 2 3 start with Kimi
1 2 3 1 2 3 you have started

Great woman: "唉唉 喲! I stronger? The result! 好啊 Ignorance way! 」

The sentiment of the school garden of the Rich and the University of Tokyo The Love song, you jousting recalling the past, recalling the human word of the former listen to the Qian of self-Ichi heavenly Shin. "Friends" is this related to the outside table just we have no possible? The Tomomichi Tomomichi answer, the one-Chiyu statement, the song by follow Herbalife, and the third Setsue, 找 times the self-deactivation of a perennial 为地震灾区的同胞们捐款吧 The real one's heart 要怎ㄇ stronger? The Shinen of the same self, listen this song, serve this share Paochueh, farewell and other "friends" related affairs 为地震灾区的同胞们捐款吧! (In the same place: the "love of Seido School Garden ")

The contribution of the 豔 to the great women of the Times: Invitation-Sachi Shibasaki

The sweltering land is still dim the Sunrise
If this Aburiya heat the earth, it is a very dark day delivery
Let's meet in the usual path.
Touching of the road in normal mature fully koketsu
"Summer so" border or burnt skin or one piece
The "Summer Heaven" ordinance or the Wheat Color skin 裙
I have no individuality, but I envy cute
No individuality but a poor and satisfactory 羡慕

Why don't you get on the tram and shake your car?
By 撘 tram Shing Cradle Akira
It fits into the memories of the past summer.
The summer memory of the Lost
Maybe we'll be the last
It is our last primary
One time going on in my head
One time to continue in your computer

The great woman: "Conceptually we season to the future, not to be na do?? We are so bright! 」

The midsummer is the invited of the own heat, the intro of the zero-crushing string music 疊 out summer peculiar manic motion, the moment the crotch heat of the human body in the whole of the cell capital, the person stretched summer time. 恨 the jousting of the Koyu in the jaunt, the Mansan of the sea Shinge in the middle of the city, and the expectation of the crush of the future, and going the eyes of a small small-scale. (Read the recommendation: Shinche Travel, Manyu ignorance, kenting )

In this song peculiar Setsue feeling, you 找 out of the summer invited about 为地震灾区的同胞们捐款吧, the self-feeding primary machine, the summer of the underwater landscape and equity Naoyan continued to be a new, non-current!

On May 28th, we opportunities in front of the city. I started to love myself!