Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from the Department of Foreign Languages to go back to school to share my career choices. When I wrote my speech in the evening, I thought for a long time, what was my story? What am I going to say? What have I done to make me come here today, a position I like very much?

I always felt that I was a person who had no stories and no qualifications to talk about my own story. My life is so ordinary, I read it all the way seriously, in the graduation time feel very hesitant, go abroad to believe that they can find the life of the answer, the beginning of the work feel that the world is quite unfamiliar, can go to today, I think I may be lucky, the fate of its own doomed.

Later Wei Xuan read my speech, came, and said a word to me: "audrey, please believe that you are a person with a story, please give yourself the position you should have. Your luck is not easy, your lucky, because you are very hard. (Recommended reading: "female leadership column" Successful people are not lucky, but really work hard )

My tears fell down like this, she said my story better than me, she saw me more than I saw. I just remembered that I never thought I would go into the new media work, I stumbled, there are many setbacks in the beginning.

My first article is the topic of my choice: Challenge four body type, summer swimsuit whole strategy , full card Two weeks also write a mess, then my partner has started to write the Olympic women's force or finish the first wonderful interview ; and then my first interview , repeated seven or eight times or bad writing, printed on the paper is full of red words, I changed again, again and again, write very late, very disappointed in themselves.

I did not think that I will become editor-in-chief, at that time I feel that they are not suitable for leadership, only suitable for the team refueling, I even feel that I must not do, because it is not me, I am not accustomed to, I do not like. (same field Gayon:CEO column: What is the most important trait as a leader?) )

Later I learned that a lot of times a person is happy, is from constantly know never seen himself. That's what happens when women are obsessed. Those who endure the night, the words are rubbed off, by their own wipe the tears, will use another gesture back to life, let you know you will have to go through what would arrive here, and the future is still to continue to go on, do not easily let themselves.

You choose to spend time on where, time will not disappoint you.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

Please believe that you are a person with a story, please believe that you are a worthy person to tell their own story, I later learned to say to myself. Also want to give this sentence to the screen before you.

Please believe that you are a person with a story, if you think you are lucky, it is because you work hard.