movie is the most instinctive way to explain life's way of life, and I can't find a better way."The Seventeen-year-old Sky" was launched by the first comedy comedy "17-year-old sky", followed by the "No Two" of the comedy nerves in Taiwan. After six years, she came back, bringing a full tumult to tell you the end of the world.The end of the day is the end of the youth, and it is not a disgrShe was directed by Chen Yingrong.

Chen Yingrong

The first impression of director Chen Yingjung is "enchanting".The charming of the director is overdrawn by the bones.And her charming is that even if it's just a bottle of wine standing there, you think it's a story that's coming up to you, and you can't wait to hear it.This is Chen Yinggrong, who is very gentle and pressed by the untenable uproar.

Chen Yung-jung likes storytelling when he was a child, and he likes to tell stories.Perhaps it would be the urge to fill in the direction of "My Orange Trees" as an image of my childhood, and share it with more people.But what about impulse?" I thought, if I could tell this story with a picture, that would be what I wanted.Chen Yinggrong said firmly.It was decided that Chen Yingrong was Chen Yingrong, who had a mind to tell the story.She, she wanted to tell us a story on the screen.

I'm just trying to find the

In the first film of the 17-year-old film, Chen Yung-jung's first film, "The Age of the Seventeen-year-old," has been in the past 10 years. Even if he has made a famous movie in the film industry, Chen still humbly calls himself a new director.I think it is precisely because of her being more than a new one that she can not bring any challenge to the public.For his own films, Chen says with a smile that "this piece of film ... is actually a reputational part. I've heard someone like it, and of course I have heard people hate it."She is not afraid of the reputation of others, and she insists on using every different film to find an audience with the same sense of feeling.For Chen Yinggrong, the audience is more important than the selling level."It's important to have the same feeling that the 17-year-old sky has a group of favorite audiences, and" the nation has no double " to raise another completely different audience.The story of Chen Yung-jung drew the audience of the smell of the smell, and the crowd gathered together in a crowd.

Chen Yung-jung's film works are like sending out different signals, and people who understand it naturally appreciate it.Each film also finds a public audience for her taste." I never predated my audience, but the most original idea was that I had to share what I care about at this point in time, and share it with you.Perhaps this is the gentle nature of Chen Yinggrong, who knows how to understand her own kind in the photo.It is because some people understand it, so insist.

Because someone knows me, and I'm a high song, I can persist.(The commotion picture)

observations, heart of

In the process of talking to the director, we found that the director was a very liking real person." True and unrealistically, I capture what I think is a factor in life.In 2006, when the film was finished, Chen Ying-jung temporarily left the film circle and opened a small cafeteria, returning to life itself. In these six years, Chen Yung-jung is still living with himself. In his own cafe, he has a slow sense of rhythm and rhythm to the land of Taiwan.

" It was a very slow period of time, and I had a lot of time to think about things and talk to myself.Instead, Chen Yung-jung can slow down, make a more active life, and make a more active sense of life." I've observed that Taiwan is basically a multi-language society, and I like to amplify it deliberately, and I share the view I see in the lens."

From the 17-year-old "Duncan" in Cantonese, in the "tumult" of the exotic beauty of the American young lady, the language of Chen Yingrong is not so much pluralistic. It is only to show the face of the island in her eyes." Language, this kind of thing doesn't need to be particularly worried. It doesn't mean that it doesn't mean it can't play together.She made actress Riza comfortable, breathing, talking, and walking in the most close to her own way.Therefore, in the "commotion", the children can communicate with Wu An-liang, even if they use different languages.In the shackled of the language, we went back to childhood as a simple joy, and we laughed, and so I laughed.

" The film is the most instinctive way to explain life and express life.I can't find a better way.When I have something to say, I'll be back."We have heard the hidden troubles of Chen Yingerong, and she has so much to say about life, and she has so many pictures of this piece of land that she is full of emotions of" not going through the time and returning to the river ".

you have no sense of life, it is the end of the world ...

So we were curious, so what is the director's wish to say this time?What's the story behind the "rioting"?" The most primitive emotions of writing this story are from the commotion.It's an interesting word, an uproar, a grummy, and what else you want to say about the hidden pain.Let's ask: "Is it a cynical?"Like the director?The director smiled, saying that it was a good thing to be angry, and that the delegates felt at least for the world.

So, to the director, what is the end of the world?" For me, the apocalypse is a senseless world, an inorganic world, an indifferent world."Yes, when we don't feel happy, we're all zeroing, and when we don't even notice the end of the world, it's the end of the director so that a person who is dependent on a sense of nutrition is the end."Without a feeling, how can you tell stories?

When the director says "senseless" is the end of the day, we really have a lot of feelings in our hearts.Perhaps, at this very moment, I don't know how many people are actually living at the end of the day, living in the same way that they're not living, and numb is more sad than sadness.So maybe we really need more people like her, come out and remind us that we still have the ability to continue to feel it.

When everything feels zeroes, it's the end of the world.(The commotion picture)

n't be afraid to be

" Because you see it, believe it." Director Chen Ying-jung's feelings about life and life make her believe what she saw.As a result, she boldly opened her initial boarding of the large screen, only because she saw the model behind the model.Chen Yung-jung has seen Riza's differences, and he believes that this is different. It is worth being completely preserved, so that more people can see it.

As the director's own work is always so different, it is full of different stories, and directors believe that every woman is a different individual, with different stories.The female character is very complete for the director, and she can become independent.At the same time, it is quite variable, flowing without a fixed shape.Director Chen says, "Don't always be afraid to be yourself", and don't always want to look for a sample to put yourself in the head. In fact, it's very good to be yourself, because we are all so different, because we are different and full of strength.

Because of the exquisite eye and the uproar, because of the tenderness of sharing, and the feeling of the bone, Chen was able to make such a film, Chen Yung.

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