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womany shared with everyone a number of celebrity-loving attitudes about marriage , about family , about love .Like a small-tech thanks to the other half of the love and effort of marriage , the interesting point of the homegirl's little regret for marriage , and the screenwriter Xu Yenong's impressions of love , today invited Joe and Dad to share with you more of the parenting of a single father who loves it!

What kind of girl is Jojo?

You may have a little bit of a little bit of understanding of this, from the funny song on YouTube, to the frequency of the TV show, and at least you can say, "Jojo is a lovely little girl.""So, what do you think Jojo's dad would be?"

Thursday afternoon, as if the typhoon was quiet before the arrival of the typhoon, the sun's warm and bright.Both womany and Joe and Jojo were in the coffee shop, and Jojo was sitting in a clean and bright light.It was obviously a child, but it was revealed that he did not lose the courtesy of the grownup.We asked Joe, what kind of person do you think Dad is?

"Daddy is a good little …, and I want to think," Jo Jo's sway of his head, suddenly, " I think of a problem!I don't know how to describe Dad, so I think of a problem!Why dad had recently drank caramel Maggie?After listening to Jojo's answer, we laughed with Joe and Dad.When Jojo spoke, she could see the kind of thinking that she had on her face. It seemed to answer the question, but it seemed to have raised another question.The adults can never understand the logic of the words, but there is also her own logic, " and the father is very powerful.

"Joe's father told Jojo that the eyes were as gentle as the afternoon sun.That's it, Joe, it's time to be a full-time danny, and the designer at night.It was the responsibility of the single parents to take up Jojo's day.

Jo Jo jumped and walked away, and his father smiled at her little backpack.This is the tacit understanding between Joe and Jojo, and the words.For them, Jojo is not a famous little girl on the Internet, and Joe Pop is not a fan of the Pink Company. It's just Dad and his daughter, the most simple and beautiful relationship.

Is Dad, and is the company that shared memories with each other

Share the memories of the photo, a little happiness that Joe and Jojo know.

" I've been taking pictures of her since she was born."

It wasn't until Jojo popsred that she wasn't aware of the fact that at the moment of Jojo's birth, Joe's cell phone took his first photo of Joe Joe.It was only after Jojo was born that his father had taken the matter seriously.From then on, at every record moment in Jojo's life, she had a man who had a camera used to record her.

The photos of Joey's eye and naiveche were first of all due to the attention and discussion of friends and relatives in his blog. This began to make Joe's father want to find a more immediate, sharing media, and finally chose to open a Facebook page in his Facebook page.

Smiley, which is the most frequently seen face when Jojo looks at Joe's father,

Before he became a photographer for Joey, his favorite picture of the unfinished nature of the film was taken by his father.So while taking pictures of Jojo, he would not look at the window and wait for the best opportunity to take photographs. Instead, he picked up the camera and pressed the shutter to catch each of the most natural emotional changes of Jojo.Each picture is the most sincere emotion, and maybe that's why Jojo's photos always give us a real smile.

Jojo is the lead actor, and Joe Pop takes pictures; there is not only such a passive relationship between Jojo and the photo.A lot of people say that children don't remember what happened when they were young, and Joe Dad thought it was just that they didn't share the process of memory formation with them.So, Joe's dad would open the photo album, and talk to Jojo about the back of each photo, the weather on that day, and the people who saw him taking … All of this was the cumulative process of Jojo and Joe Pop, and that's why Joe's choice of photo was not to let memories go away.Through the camera lens, Qiao's posture was captured by the same paper, and his father's laughter was fast passing through time.And by sharing, the temperature at the time of the photo can be kept in memory forever.

A lot of people don't know, Jojo actually liked to take pictures of Joe's father.When Joe asked about Joe's summer vacation and what he didn't do, Jojo said he wanted to make more pictures of his father than he did.As soon as Jojo picks up the camera, two thirds of the film's film is always a picture of Joe's father.Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, is like a process that's in the process of being circulated.

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Education: Life experience, good communication, best teacher

It looks like a cool Joe Pop, and it takes a lot of effort in the education of Jojo

" Whether it's on the bright side of life or in the dark, it's up to you to decide.

Joe's way of education is like his own philosophy of life.Anything at all has two sides, all looking at the choice of being trapped in a difficult situation, or learning from adversity.

A lot of people worry about Jojo's exposure to the red, which may have an impact on her life and values." Contact with the entertainment circle does not mean performing arts circles.Anything at all has a positive and negative side, and I want to let Jojo experience the experience of life." Jo's father naturally sees this whole thing as a turning point in life, and the most important thing is not fear of their impact, but rather the process of becoming a learning experience.When you encounter it, you understand it, and it becomes a nutrient for the future.(Recommended reading: Mastery of your emotions to easily teach your child high EQ )

"I want to give Jojo the best, but life can't always be happy, and I won't know what happiness is like."I would give Jojo a chance to know, but leave her the opportunity to judge her, at least to cultivate a sense of responsibility.In the face of the show's solicitation for Jojo, Joe's approach was to get a piece of the show from YouTube and explain the content of the show himself and Jojo, and then let Jojo decide to take the video.Joe's father would not let Jojo reach his conclusion at the first time, and he would tell Qiao that once he had promised to do so, he would have to tell his father his own decision when he really felt it could be done.

In addition to learning from the experience of life, the communication between Jojo and Qiao is a very important part of his father's attention." When Jojo didn't talk, I started to teach her to express her own ideas in sign language.If a child's thinking cannot be understood, it's easy to get out of the way. Once they can communicate with their children, the child's emotions and personality can be relatively stable." Like all the milk and dad, Joe Pop has a lot of good friends, and there's a parenting of herself and Jojo.And learning to communicate with children is probably the most important thing that Joe has realized from his parenting experience.

From a prodigan to father, from father to single parent

"Daddy and Daughter," which is the simplest and most touching impression of a person

The reason why life experience is so emphasized is that Joe Pop has learned a lot from life in his life."There was always a lot of hesitation in advance, but you had to try it," said Joe Pop, who was married to a wedding.At the beginning, none of his friends believed that he could set it up, but he made up his mind, eventually became a family, and even became Jojo's full-time dairy father.His father felt that his potential was really infinite, especially after his parents were more deeply touched.To the extent that they can contribute to their children, they can never imagine what they can never imagine.(Recommended reading: Marrying, OK? The villa, the young lady, is now saying!)

The young Joe's father used to be a teenager until was married before was married. Single days make money for yourself, and your jeans are no longer soft; but since Joao was born, the first priority was her.Joao's clothes were all arranged by his father, and we didn't even think of it. It was the best way to let Joe's father relax from his tight work. He even took advantage of his spare time to get a foreign Internet shot to help Jojo find his new clothes.

For Joe and Joe, single parents are not instant changes, but rather a process of gradually adapting.His father and his father attached great importance to honesty, and he and his parents decided to communicate with Qiao. " The child's logic is still being developed. In fact, the acceptance of change is very high. It is important that adults understand the most appropriate way to speak .From Jojo's birth, Joe's father was responsible for the work of Jojo.For him, the responsibility of bringing a child to her father, regardless of his father's mother, is not a substitute for his mother's role, but it is a hard work for single parents. " Sometimes, single parents are not voluntary.It is a good thing to be able to maintain family integrity, but if it is really a single parent, it will require a little more understanding of society.Single-parent may be somewhat different, but as long as it is maintained by love, social support, or the creation of a successful single parent family it is not the .

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The sweetest load

Maybe joe is sweet, not a load

Craft women are often faced with family problems, as well as the single parents.From the morning of the bed, Joe's father arranged a daily life for Jojo, and then started to pick up the designer life of the CASE in Jojo's sleep.For his father, the first priority of life was Joy, and the second was work, but it was not possible to put the cart before the horse to take care of Joy and give up his work.Joe Pop often says to Jojo that " has to be paid for." the summer vacation was over, Joe Pop went out with Jojo when he wasn't at work, and Joe's father needed to meet with Joe and Joe to attend the meeting.Each other has to pay more for each other, and it will double happiness when it gets it.

Nearly all the Jojo and Joe's father, one of the most favourite moments of the day, is the time of the night of the shower.They can share their work together and discuss new discoveries in schools together.Joe, of course, needs his own time. He would take advantage of his grandmother to take care of Jojo, or the woman's friend, when she came to visit, so that Jojo could be separated from herself. On the one hand, he could think about herself alone, and on the other hand, she could have Jojo set up her own social circles.Joe Pop filled Qiao's growing up with his family's lack of time, and Joe Joe was warm enough to have his father busy.Behind the picture of Jojo's smile, he is in fact in possession of two people's happiness .

My Jojo and I form the entire life of life

Finally, we asked Joe to pick up his favorite Jojo picture, and Joe said:

"With Jojo, I love it.""

It's hard to imagine that Dad and his daughter can be so close, looking at a picture shared by his father.Perhaps we have been so close to our father, but we have only a few memories shared between Joe and Jojo, so the feeling of being so beautiful is buried deep in memory.There is one person called Father, whose time is always ahead of you, but is willing to stop and lead your hand forward.

Qiao Qiao on the Internet is a baby in the heart of the netizens, and his father, who describes himself as an entertainer, is a flower of beauty.But in the face of the love of blood, all fame and voice may not be so important.

Joe's favorite, that is, the photo with Jojo

We are each other, the best gift that is given to us

Gently, gentle life, gentle love
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