single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. The single diary X "The Rolling Stone love story in Loves" The Little Wei, in a very young time, we feel like what, with a long long time to boil a love, whether it is unrequited love or a This choice of love, you know you like, is someone else's business. (Gayon:25 years after the Tokyo Love Story): I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am by your side.

"You have a lifetime of time, you can go to kill like a person's moment." 」

At least she believes so, like this thing, can be a long time. Sitting in the back of his bicycle, she would imagine that it might be the back seat of a motorbike, and they could go far and away and quarrel and bicker. Her eyes looked at him fair and square, not worried that he would see. They are childhood, her name is Xiao Wei, she likes him, she likes Agi.

However, Agi likes others. So she began to help Agi chasing other girls, she made the ball to him, listen to him sing Wei, the song is her name, but he is not to sing to him.

"There is a beautiful little girl whose name is Xiao Wei," she said. She has a pair of gentle eyes, she secretly stole my heart. 」

She sang hard, tune not all declare herself here, and then another boy male came in, and then to her Key, that moment she felt suddenly understood, male in front of him became a three-dimensional person, she thought of her own unrequited love Agi suddenly feel very sad. There is another boy's name in her world, called Male.

In fact, a few corner love is indifferent, she first found that, in addition to Agi, she will also like others. Someone is good to her, he also will move, cheeks red, she actually to herself a little disappointed, originally she likes, so easy.

What does it look like to be a person? Maybe we all like it before we know it.

Sometimes I like to make a ball for you, sometimes like is to kill you a ball, sometimes like is to amuse you to play to want you to be jealous, sometimes likes is to warm your life, sometimes likes is to concede, sometimes likes is never lets go, sometimes likes is thinks you are very annoying, sometimes likes is rather with you pass by.

No one likes the more not great, no one's love more desolate.

When you take one's hand and say goodbye to another, you know that it is never a battle between two boys, but your fight with yourself, who you like best, and who you are with.

"Once upon a time there was a girl called Wei, and one day he walked on the road and met a boy who was very nice to him." Then the boy left, he sent her the same gift, wish her forever happy, so she has never had the opportunity to ask, then, is not even love? 」