Japanese cartoonist Chaimenwen began in 1988 in the "Big Comic Spirits" series "Tokyo Love Story" comics, 1991 comic book own drama "Tokyo Love Story", 25 years later is still a lot of people in the hearts of the most classic VCDs. Today, "Big comic Spirits" announced the anniversary of the 35 anniversary of the publication of the special edition of the "Tokyo Love Story" comic sequel, past fans have come alive. 25 years later, when the end of the cure and Li Xiang meet again, will have their end? (Recommended reading: love is falling in love, which need any reason?) VCDs Five psychological topics on the five-night nine

Not because there is no one around and lonely, but because there is no one around and lonely.

The love Story of Tokyo

"Tokyo Love Story" is a love story that never stops telling. Many years later, a lot of people in the memory of love, still have Li Xiang, finish treatment, pass, three on the appearance.

Li Xiang's love is a big backpack loaded with love and hope, lonely time only left to themselves, love and hate are absolutely free, the end of the love is the 4:48 train, I love you said to be hesitant, no self-confidence to love the absolute Li Xiang; the love of the gateway is to swallow the implicit Japanese, refusing to comment, longing to be loved more than to love, The end of the cure is always her posterior; Love on the third is afraid of being forgotten in the dark hedgehog, in order to protect the fragile heart, to the name of the Playboy to cover, establish a root distrust love thorn.

"Tokyo Love Story" Let me know that in love, everyone has a particularly lovely and hateful place.

I always miss the love story in Tokyo. I can't help but wonder what the weight of love will be in 25 years after "Big Comic Spirits" announces the sequel to the 25-year romance story in Tokyo. After the cure and Li Xiang, will have their end? (You will like: from Takahashi life to Fu Shanjachi!) When we talk about albums, all we see is ourselves.

Three: "Your love is too heavy." "Lisa Xiang:" I know, but I will only this way of love. 」

Li Xiang's love is not black or white, I love you, just want to give the whole world to you, just want to spend all the time thinking of you. I do not need to worry about the distance, do not have the time, as long as the thought of love can be strong. "If I saw that person's back, I will go to the chase, foot sprain, Jump also want to chase, under the biggest rain, throw an umbrella to chase, if he waits for me, let him regret for a lifetime." 」

Lisa Xiang's love is not without you can not live, just don't want to live without you.

It was not until a long time later that Lisa knew that not everyone's love was like hers. Most love like the end of the rule, we all told ourselves that there would always be a better choice, our love grew more easily compromised, our love at the same time feeding two people, we do not have the courage to tell the love of the People: "Your eyes can only have me, or I will run away." 」

Because often, not even the courage to run away, we think of someone to accompany the good, can not afford to be abandoned by love alone. (Continuation of your heart: single Diary: I Do not mind loneliness, it is more comfortable than love you )

Love is the person who is excluded, is the bad Man

After reading "Tokyo Love Story", almost everyone likes Li Xiang, everyone hates the pass, even more than hate three. Is the gate a bad person? Why do we hate her? Perhaps because, she reminds us in love once not to do not brittle of their own bar.

Li Xiang Liang's smiling face behind, there is a very strong determination of love. She seems not to be defeated, even if the love has no result, but also cherish the moment of liking a person. "Like the moment of another person, will stay forever, become the courage to live." "Li Xiang's love, is to confess to herself, every day will be resurrected."

We yearn for Li Xiang is like the frankness, but often in the relationship, became unwilling to hurt people also frankly not to the end of the treatment and beauty. Frankly is a particularly difficult thing, exposing their fragile soft rib and wound, risking the risk of not being loved, but also to tell each other clearly, I love you, but also hope you love me. (same field Gayon: love, is to have the courage to hurt )

Love this thing, may have painful time, but also only really participate in it, will have fun ah.

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am by your side.

Why didn't you choose Lizzy after the end of the treatment? I think of Li Xiang after the Cure: "Do you like Tokyo?" "I like Tokyo, but Aiyuan is more suitable for me," he said softly. 」

Although the time spent with Li Xiang is happy, they are always difficult to walk into life together. Li Xiang's love is both lovely and outrageous, she loved the end of the treatment like the mood, and reluctant to finish the treatment of love, only hope that after 24 hours to think of her a person. In the face of the passive Yourou, Li Xiang only know to use more love to exchange.

And for the end of the rule, he knew that Li Xiang love him, but did not feel that Li Xiang need him; he knew that Li Xiang love him, but he can not take the same love. For such a relationship, the end of the cure hesitate again feel afraid. "Let me carry your life, I feel too heavy!" "Li Xiang is a wild horse, but there is no grassland in the home of the Cure." Compared to bring him fresh impact of the Li Xiang, the Rimei gave him a quiet and simple life of the imagination. (Recommended reading: Each relationship is a practice!) Seven love exercises to embrace happiness )

"Even without me, Lillian would have a good life," she said. But without me, the pass will die. The end of The cure

Love is to fall in love with a group of people living together in the imagination, Love is in love with the other side of their own appearance. The United States and the end of the rule is very similar to the people, in the previous relationship exhausted himself, just quietly come together.

Every time I fall in love I'll be the last

Chaimenwen put the love of the people yearning for the characteristics are put on the Li Xiang body, brilliant uninhibited, bold stance, the same love, Thoreau, and finally let Lisa sit on the 4:33 train, and the end of the cure Miss. When we meet again, we do not have to leave contact with each other, as long as we have the memory of love is enough.

"Met you, is my life a big happiness, do not want to say good-bye, also do not want to agree what." 」

I was thinking, maybe this is the greatest consolation to the failure of love. The so-called love, as long as the beginning of meaning, even if we do not see the end of our desire, we love the days, never in vain, will become the driving force of life in the future.

"Only those who really taste distress can give others his tenderness." 」

Li Xiang is barefoot walking on the glass woman, lead us, every love as the last time, Valentine's Day is a year-round, do not xuyuweishe, do not get hard to make, just because of the pain, so more know how to pay gentleness. (Recommended to you: single diary: If You want to love me, do not have to wait for more days )

"Tokyo Love Story" Let me know that love, although in the eyes of others, it is also good.

What is Love? I like the original author Chaimenwen finally said: "If the word" Love ", in a very clear way to explain the words, it is" Love will end. " When Love comes to an end, the rest may be love, or hate, it will vary from person to person. Love does not exist because of the phrase "I love you". "(Do you know: the highest state of love: I love you, not with you )

After the cure and Li Xiang in 25 years reunion, will have their end? I expect them to wave and miss again, because the best endings have been written in the past.