As a modern woman, we can not avoid the need to think, as a part of the work of the sweet and bitter, realistic and ideal balance. This Saturday is the coming 528 good times , women fans hold a lecture workshop, inviting the big women in various fields for us to share her life course. Chen Shingi is one of the speakers of female power in the workplace. Before facing her challenge of the Who's next Wonder Woman, listen to her views on beauty, work and women, so we find that each one of us is our own Wonder Woman. (same field Gayon:"Illustration" to forever Classic eight big women: Zhang ailing, Chanel, Hepburn )

Chen Shingi walked into the paradise of women, like a whirlwind general, the Sun and the stars together rolled in. She had the rhythm of the whole air, as if it were moving and leaping like a catwalk. Xing Yi is a fashion photographer, her work is blowing the nose of the Elva siu, relaxing in the bathtub to speak the telephone Hu Tingting, make exaggerated expression of Sun Yi, a moment from the distant Starlight Boulevard swept to our eyes. And she herself was as beautiful as her work.

Her beauty, gathered in a pair of always filled with curiosity and interest in the eyes. Star Yi's eyes are very bright, looking at you, will be straight into your heart, like the spotlight, a little shame shyness, but can't help but want to show the best appearance.

Her eyes, with their shutter, were constantly catching the world as she watched the cameras before them. From the eager to ask who is Mia, and then eagerly discuss with me to send her to visit the outline. To fascinating fun to enjoy our kitchen, as well as the moon lights hanging on the corner of the second floor symbolizing negative energy. Like the moon Light, the star is full of energy to illuminate the whole conversation. (You will like: the Princess of the feminine Paradise: Disney fairy tale of the negative Renaissance )

Beauty is not in appearance, it is that you are a man with a story.

Xing Yi once said that every photographer has his own expertise, and she is best at capturing the beauty of women. Everyone in her camera was beautiful, vivid, and full of strength. And for the star, the beauty lies in every woman, what the photographer needs is to dig and capture.

"I think photography is like surgery, you do your homework first, understand your subject, because you have to use photography to the person never show the side of the excavation." So you have to observe, to analyze, need to be very hard, very careful, very accurate, like surgery. So, when I first started to work, I was too tired to say anything when I finished my pictures. 」

Star-Yi shares her attitude towards photography. For her subjects, holding "This life may only shoot you this time" of the desperate, so do their best to find the unique beauty of each person: "This society certainly has a beautiful standard, but do you want to be willing to recognize such standards?" Be sure to have big eyes, a nice nose or something. 5,000 people think that this is called beauty, does not mean that is right. Just like in ancient times, everyone in the world thought the world was flat, and only a few people said the world was round, but they were right. "Xing Yi's tone has a kind of although tens of millions of people I go to the momentum, it is for every woman the subjectivity of respect and cherish." (Recommended to you:"Wang Yu chat" Barbie has died, why "standard beauty" to happiness? )

"A woman's beauty is not in her senses, but in her attitude." The self-confidence of oneself, believe oneself can do, natural will have beauty. What the photographer needs to do is observe and observe the most beautiful look and gesture that she has not found. ' said the Star-Yi, eager to say. Probably studying and working in New York for years, she thinks the culture shock has a big impact on her aesthetic.

Even in the fashion world, the most important thing about a model is not the exquisite features of the facial features. We shared the story of Victoria's Secret model: A girl who had been considered unfit by other models, but bravely tried again to choose, and after careful observation, she was convinced of her firmness. (Extended reading: Taiwanese girls in New York!) Interview Cai: It's too bad for yourself

"I said, of course, you can be a model." Why not? In this era, we have too many ways to highlight a person's strengths, to conceal a person's shortcomings, is not born beauty is not important, I want is your self-confidence, your attitude. The other thing is the photographer! "The star Yi talks about the excitement place, raises the hand, the entire body slightly leans forward, when she says the photography profession, also manifests one to let the heart fold the domineering."

What is the decisive attitude? Star Yi further added: "Just like I want to be a photographer's platform, I have a blueprint and steps, and some people will ask why I do not directly, why to step by step from their own photography, cumulative visibility and trust to start?" Because I think every person, every brand must have a story. Have a story to know you this person's core spirit, let a person be moved never is outside of thing, but the heart is strong, know oneself direction, and strive for the characteristic. 」

The attitude of beauty is here, a woman with a goal, the heart must have a spirit in support of her, that spirit let her repeated servants, setbacks or complacent is no longer a single event, but can consonant into a climax of life story. The spark of the spirit, the content of the story, enough to make every seemingly ordinary face, are showing a profound exploration, that is a woman the most beautiful moment. (Same field Gayon: The spirit of "beauty" in a dream of red mansions: The new Peking Opera "Spring" did not mention the woman heroic Spirit )

Work and life, we need not only the brain, but also the heart

"Observation" is the word that the star is quite fond of when it comes to photography, but this observation is not only to see with the eyes, thinking with the brain. "The brain is very scary, it strongly limits your heart, tell you impossible, you do not." Not your ability can not do, but, when you really think so, you can not do it! "said the Star-Yi. In order to challenge his overly timid brain, she decided to use self hypnosis to convince herself that she would practise saying "I can, I could do it" if she was in a situation of ups and downs.

No longer let the rationality completely did oneself, the Star Yi tries attentively to taste the life, the atmosphere and the picture in the picture also rely on intuition to feel: "I do not have a frame when taking pictures, I only look at the favorite angle, rather than to compare which one or a picture is better, because there is no good or bad right or wrong." As you learn a new language, the quickest way to learn is not to use Chinese translation first, but to express it directly in this language. "(You will like:" Don't look for me, I live in my photography, "the most mysterious contemporary photography Shiwiwi Ann Maire )

Indeed, the lens language of the Star Yi does not need to translate, layman like me, can also feel the tension of the picture. I particularly like the back of the star-pat heels, thin heels, as if the next step is to walk, composition full of dynamic and static saw, is the temptation of full curve, even with a point of lethal intimidation.

Chen Shingi Photographic works: source

Even a professional photographer in the process of work will still encounter setbacks and challenges, so must start "relaxed Dafa."

"There will be times of fear and uncertainty in the workplace, such as I shoot a lot of stars and celebrities, and they're pretty sure what they look most beautiful, so they'll be in the best shape soon." But I do not want to make a repeat of the picture, I hope to find out they did not show the gesture. This will make them anxious, think I was already very good-looking, why I want to do other action. "Star-Yi shares his experience of working with celebrities.

In the face of different photographic attitude, the Star Yi has a lot of fun to use ice cream as an analogy: some people can make the same taste of ice cream, and sell very well, everyone likes. But some people just want to be able to constantly find new materials, develop new tastes, perhaps a long time to invent a, perhaps because of the development of too much so very expensive, but creative agitation and sense of achievement is unmatched. (same field Gayon: The story of 400 independent bookstores in Taiwan: The more Beautiful the soul, the more beautiful The bookstore )

Constantly breakthrough shooting angle and skill, is the star Iraq as an artist's insistence, but the object of the shooting may not want to be a delicacy. Therefore, the star believes that communication is also part of the professional photographer.

"The photographer needs the ability to communicate, you have to let the people who are photographed trust you, but also to understand each other's insistence, each step back, together to find a mutually acceptable, but also like to shoot the way." "said the Star-Yi.

Although the talk is photography, in fact, the communication between people in the workplace, always must rely on continuous communication and concessions in order to find a mutually acceptable solution. The ability to communicate requires practice, at the beginning of the 20-year-old, the Star Yi has also suffered setbacks because of communication: "Once, I flew from the United States to Shanghai to work." I don't know if the others have been communicating for a while, so when I get to the scene, I just let the model take the hair off, because I think it would be better to tear it down. As a result, the stylist took the hair dryer and threw it at me and said, "Blow yourself!" 』」

For the new workplace in the early 20, different countries, different workplace culture did bring a shock education, but fortunately, the star of the setback into reflection: "So I said communication is very important, at that time should be expressed in a different way." I just think that you came all the way to me, that I could bring a little something different, so I should show it well. But there is no concern about the feelings of others. 」

Outspoken so that there is a conflict behind, is cavity willing to contribute to the focus of the director and blood, and after years of experience, now the star of the professional and enthusiasm is still, in person and people get along with a circle of temperature. (Recommended to you: Workplace notes written for you: Learn to be the one to fly bullets )

Setting up a cooperative platform to push Taiwanese talents onto the international stage

Now she is starting to set up a photographer collaboration platform, so there are many opportunities to work with people.

"My first job was to start with a little assistant from the photography company, which was to help photographers deal with the administration outside of photography," he said. For example, when a photographer wants to add an animal to a photo shoot, I'm going to study where the animal can be loaned, whether it's relevant regulations, and what kind of transportation to use. "Star-Yi shares her hard and tedious work experience. (You'll like it:"female Leadership column" When you think you're doing small things, you're doing a little thing )

Some people said that life is a shallow water, but drowned a lot of people. Star-Yi is the courage to stir this shallow water, turning up the wave of innovation, as she created a platform for cooperation opportunities:

After I became a photographer, I found that every photographer had to worry about filming the site, equipment, props, if there is a platform to integrate these resources, so long as the focus on their own shooting technology, thinking about their work, can not reduce a lot of burden? The results of the works will also be better. 」

Such a platform is not only the processing agency of administrative business, it also includes seniors ' experience sharing and helping: "If you have any difficulties at work, the platform can also help you find other photographers with similar experience, so that young photographers can take a lot less detours and focus more on their majors." "(The same field Gayon:" women obsessed with internship Week "we are half a cup of water: With their own memories, loaded into more stories )

The photographer's administrative and experiential media platform sounds appealing, but in practice it faces the difficulty of finding resources, communicating with people and inviting senior photographers to join, while the star is willing to devote a lot of effort to creating a more focused photographer.

"I think Taiwan has a lot of talent, it's really great!" I would like to remove obstacles as far as possible, so that people pay more attention to the art itself, and then use this platform to bring Taiwanese talent to the international arena. 」

She shared her ideals, her eyes shining with confidence and light, not only for the self-confidence of Taiwanese talent, but also for the rebrand of Taiwan's mission. "There are many places in Taiwan that are very good and I hope to make Taiwan's exquisite culture and literacy seen by the world." If we want to promote sightseeing, our slogan should not be "cheap here", but tell the world how good it is, it is worth you to look at. 」

The new program, which is to be launched in October, will be a showcase for Taiwan and a wonderful attempt by the star and foreign television stations. We often say that "Taiwan's most beautiful scenery is a person", in fact, in addition to talent, there are more worthy of our excavation value. We look forward to our eyes and rediscover the beauty of Taiwan.

Women in the workplace: Who's the next Wonder Woman? Be a big girl of your own

This time, the woman was fascinated, and she was invited to be a speaker in the workplace and share her views on the job. Our imagination of photographers may be that a person always carries a camera with a long, very professional camera, but for the star, photography is important to capture the philosophy of the picture, not the equipment and technology: "The equipment is constantly updated, from the negative to the number, and perhaps will continue to change, I think it is important to go deep behind the photo, Thinking affects the history, culture, and popularity of a composition. If you can grasp the meaning of a photograph, no matter how the equipment changes, you are not afraid. 」

In the workplace, we need to deal with the business, the tools to operate may change rapidly, how to find their own positioning in a rapidly changing contemporary society? For the star, the most important thing is to grasp the core value of the job. And as a relatively small number of female photographers, the Star Yi also face the challenge of thinking about their own positioning:

"I used to think that to be a career woman, it should be very tough, very neutral, like men, this is professional." But I later slowly feel, I am a woman ah, I have my characteristics, why to cover it? If you put yourself in a neutral armor and force yourself to work in an uncomfortable state, the person you're working with can't actually trust you because he can't see what you really look like, and your discomfort can't be completely hidden. Instead, I prefer to keep myself in a comfortable state. 」

Star Yi said, dial the hair, twisted waist, every move is a natural charm, so she, really very comfortable, also very chic. (Recommended to you: You are not the case, the female leader's true Colors )

From the narrative of Star-Yi, I can imagine why the star Yi said she and woman fan CEO Wei Xuan for the first time to meet, because of sharing each other's thoughts and hit, before they can not help but to a big hug. Because attaches importance to each person's subjectivity, likes oneself as the feminine particularity, is the female fan and the Star Yi Common insistence. (You would like: the elegant philosophy of life in Paris: Everyone is limited edition )

After finding a comfortable working condition, she seems to have become a model of successful women, but she does not agree. "I don't think I'm successful, I like the words that Michael Jordan said when interviewed:" I never succeeded, I failed every time. This sentence represents, I believe I still have unlimited possibilities, and I am willing to challenge the existing boundaries and rules. "The Star-Yi explains her success so much in her mind that there is no such thing as a successful woman, not even a female model:

"I actually wanted to invite 528 listeners to talk to me about what Wonder Woman should be like in their hearts," he said. I think each person's ideas should be different, we can define their own hearts of the big women, their own Wonder Woman. 」

At the end of the visit, the star of the audience to the good times to a preview of their homework, but also to the imagination of the big woman to save the 528 day, and the audience exchange ideas, collision with the spark of the good times.

Meet with the star, like in this busy and trivial daily life, suddenly pushed open a large window, see the distant undulating mountains, no end of the grassland. A fresh cool wind came in, as if to fly to the infinite possible world.

She let me see how far a person can see and how high they jump, so reviewing all the learning, frustration and failure before jumping is given the meaning of squatting lower and jumping farther.

In this great age , be the next Wonder Woman, 5/28 we meet Taipei City government