528 Good times in tomorrow's City Hall Square, today is the last day of the countdown, this article I want to leave all the way to the team, we now also discuss every little detail tomorrow, we work hard because of you, because we are very concerned about the times. (Always summoned to say: " I love my big girls times: From the Hundred meters sprint to the marathon challenge )

This year I love my good times is really crazy, I think a few days, months, even a few years, in retrospect we will still think so, and then thank you at this moment of their own, made such a decision, worthy of their own, worthy of the Times. (same field Gayon:525 Women's Times: Love let us do not divide gender, create good times )

Woman fan of the fifth year, I love my third year of the festival, women fan came to Taipei City City Plaza. Every thing is the first time, first time with the four municipal Council of Taipei Cross-border Cooperation, the first time to run the Chinese world's first sex hacker pine, the first time to be a large entity curatorial women's room, the first time there are activities to invite a full list of women, the first new media and gender-themed media set foot in the city square. We've been very crazy all the way, and the most we've come to hear--you can't.

We really do not know what we do not do, but we do not do, we can not do it.

I've been thinking, why do women's activities always have to be so hard? Why is there a lot of frustration or even tears in the process? I think the reason is that we care a lot. We care very much, so willing to pay a lot of time, willing to exhaust themselves, to achieve a good event.

The last two weeks, I was in the office, see the partners, the whole heart full devotion, not shouting tired, not afraid of hard, not to say hard, just want to run out of our mind to do a good activity, I looked at all our partners, I think this is the spirit of my great times.

I've been thinking about what a better era will be. I've never had a good answer, after last night's final line, I looked at the team and suddenly had a clearer and simpler answer.

A better era, is everyone has the ability to also feel that they have the responsibility to do something of the times, we pay small ourselves, great achievements of the times. Better times sound far, but when we get together, maybe we can be close.

I see a light in the corner of the office, engineer crab and financial beauty static discussion of the check-in area of the fine flow, this is their first time to write a stream, change again, only to allow the reception participants in the front-line flow more smoothly intimate;

I see Xlab Tin and Daisy just busy sex hacker Pine's Hr continuous line , wearing glasses hair messy contact with the city Department, detail planning the day of cooperation zone;

I see designer merci, yuting, Cinny every day the earliest to paradise and the latest to leave, from the volume, manuals and then to the scene of large devices, they handle offline and online all the design, really hard;

I saw engineers Dan and Lisa discuss live flash activities in the Greek theater, Dan wrote a special psychological test for blushing, and Lisa was in charge of contacting all the processes of a day partner.

I saw the head of the 14 cross-border lecture workshop Ab, with the Content Lab partner Yihong, Fantine, Mia, Fantine, one-stop interview, adjust the flow of activities, face book publicity;

I saw Xlab Doris to take the big women's cinema planning, invited Taiwan Cross-border female power series voice, day and night with the film team contact, they also learn to cut film;

I saw the engineer in charge of the stage area is the source, while worrying about the stage of the six key activities, while also concerned about whether everyone remember to eat; I see the mobile group leader Irvin seemingly silent, but need him, he is a solid backing;

I see brand-contact Partners Lulu, Tanya, Annie, Eunice, posture, and a 525 brand proposal at night, and I see Shuan in every moment, continuing to encourage the team better and try to make everyone shine ;

I see the general call Julie to deal with the big pattern also to take care of small details, maintain a good temper, very stable to do the team's spiritual leader;

I saw the day before last night a partner on the first floor of the ladder, dealing with 5/28 gift bags, each with special intention; I saw this apart promised to help Kirk, Michelle, Annie, Mia; I see the great team because there are every partner willing to break through I see the completion of this activity, behind every dedicated person. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: Your luck is because you work hard )

I am the deputy of this event, but in women fans everyone in every place is their own leader, all for the activities exhausted themselves. If we just say "impossible", I think it may be really impossible, but the women fans of the team, the reader of women fans, each screen before you, should be able to feel, we really believe that we can do together. We are not afraid of madness, but afraid of not doing our best.

When you came in 5/28, you supported us in this "can't Do" activity. A person's wings are Take-off, a group of people's Wings is to change the direction of the world, we think, and you take off.

5/28 I love my good times, is such an activity. Use time to boil, with sincerity to brew, in order to wait for you, in order to achieve the times. Let us tomorrow, 2:30 to the evening 8:30, no matter rain, City Hall Square before, see not scattered.