Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Women are obsessed with the third session I love my great era, the team Feiyanzoubi footsteps, is suspended down. At the end of the ride home on the road, there is a feeling of huangrugeshi. My body and limbs are not like mine, and my heart is full.

This activity is beyond imagination, and I have the ability to do things by default. I often predict the safety of my actions, and it's hard for me to go for it.

Do three box lecture scene of the person in charge, no I have always been to unfamiliar affairs of tension, kind of hands a stand on the go. Because no matter how nervous and prepare, it is too late now. It's hard to say that you're ready for a clear conscience and don't forget the important outfit.

Let go of a fight, is not to leave the retreat to themselves. Don't leave a retreat for yourself, you will not even lazy idea. This event, for women fans is like this. Each dead line (deadline) is rapidly becoming a skill. Everyone is pushing themselves.

If I don't force myself, I don't know how difficult it is to lead a three-tier team; If I don't push myself, I won't be more convinced that first-line communication is more important than web information, and many of the rage actually needs temperature. I wouldn't feel moved if I didn't force myself to do it. Do not force yourself, you do not know where you run in life, and where you can look.

People are used to underestimating their abilities, thinking that we can do so much. But when you do something more than your own endurance, you will find that you are stronger than you think.

I am most thankful not for myself, but for the people who stood with me on the pitch. For the Content Lab partner Yi-hong, Mia, Fantine, this is the first time that they have to stand in a lecture zone responsible for 70 of people's lectures, they are from the field cloth to control, with a day partner, and speaker of the introduction of the communication single-handedly, The woman's obsession with them is that no matter how difficult it is, it will return to people. Womany old partner Michelle, Kekey call back to help, even before I put the most Binghuangmaluan moment initiative about me to trickle, give me heart support. Lecture Area activities Planning Audrey, as long as in the big city square before looking at her, there is always magical stability magical, she shuttle in the work area like needlework activities, she carefully understand about 20 of the scene out of the queue of readers.

If you do not force yourself, you will not see so many partners with you stand on the limit.

All events of the day ended, we Content Lab (editorial) A line of people sitting on the roadside, waiting for goods to get on the bus. Play to everyone an adjective key words play very qixing, very like the children of this group of people, Ah, I think of the games scene, the brigade relay, even if run slowly, drop the stick, fall, Bonzi still want one after another. I work with such a group of people, see their forehead arms are sunburned, a dirty face looks very embarrassing joke, I always feel happy at this moment.

"The same field Gayon: Women are obsessed with good activities!" 】

The work philosophy of a woman's obsession emphasizes "being what you want to be, the team is here", and when we have freedom, we have to be sure of ourselves to be able to move forward without confusion. #内在驱动力 is important, he is your ownership, lead you all the way. If you also want to cultivate such ability, the female fan prepares "the elder sister says the school", welcome you to have a class with the female fan: