Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon:"Write Poems for the Stars" for the beautiful soul of the water sign )

Cancer Cancer (June 21 ~7 month 22nd)

June was quiet compared to last month. You may be distracted by some of the distractions, but the slow pace of the June will make you very comfortable compared to many months.

Mars is the energy Star that brings courage, determination and power, but when Mars is retrograde, its energy weakens. Mars also decides to win or lose in competition, so when Mars is weak, you need to replenish the energy that it cannot give you selflessly. It's not going to be like this when it's straight. Now you have to do heavy work yourself, which makes you tired. When Mars recovers, you are more likely to succeed and beat your opponents.

Mars also controls sharp tools, such as scalpel. So astrologers usually do not recommend doing surgery that doesn't matter when Mars is retrograde. Of course, if the situation is urgent, it must be operated immediately.

March and April, life is very busy, but Mars now back to Scorpio, which is a good location for Mars, but also in favor of you. The burden of your work will be reduced, and Mars in June or July gives you more energy to fall in love. Venus will also cooperate, and it will enter cancer in June 17 until July 12. Remember to go shopping, buy some new clothes and make a new hairstyle. Give yourself a little bit of investment, which will make you more confident. Venus is in charge of appearances! This time should be very romantic, but first you have to do your own part of the lesson Oh! (same field Gayon: who says the goddess has only one hairstyle?) Let's have a short hair this summer! )

If you're single, don't put too many standards on your date. Jupiter wants you to be more open and tolerant and not to be picky. If you are married, you will have more time with the other half, but also with your children-if any. July is also very suitable for pregnant AH. The most romantic weekend is 25, 26th, the two days, when Venus will be with Neptune, let the two days shine.

With the schedule relaxed, you will become more creative, both in the workplace and in your personal life. Take part in some relaxing fun projects! June 14 The day, you may receive a sudden professional good news, then the Sun and Uranus will join hands to create a special day for you!

At the beginning of this month, the Crescent moon of 4th will open a secret time. You will still see your lover or friend, and the difference is that you want to have more intimate time. Now you have the perfect opportunity to think about life: what can really make you happy? What do you need to discard? Take the time to think about your needs, which will enrich your soul and balance your mind and body. Little crabs always take care of others ' feelings and ignore their inner desires. This June is the time for you to think for yourself.

The full moon of June 20, take good care of your body. If you have been working hard, take more rest. If you keep exercising, you may need some special fitness programs to break through. Within four days of the full moon, you will probably be involved in an international project, because this Full moon is for Sagittarius, representing some international affairs. Writing, editing, research or proofreading are possible. Jupiter and Pluto will join hands on 26th to bring you a rewarding time!

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Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 ~11 Month 21st)

Money is the problem you are thinking, White collar Scorpio will want to raise their wages, the boss Scorpion will want to improve their turnover and profits, the June 4 new moon will bring you a lot of opportunities. But this new moon is not perfect, for example, when you tell your superiors that you need a raise, your leader may be stingy or perfunctory and just give you a little bit more. (Recommended reading: Write a letter asking the director to pay a raise before you should grasp the three points )

If they don't raise you a little, honey, it's not because you're not doing well enough, but it's a budget constraint in itself. You will start to want to earn income from other places, and I will tell you that the situation will be the same. Saturn is in charge of your Caibo palace this year, and your ability to make money is greatly weakened by Saturn.

Taskmaster Saturn, who entered our Caibo Palace from December 2014, will stay for three years and leave in December 2017. Once every 29 years, this is a great concern. Saturn will teach you how to gain more value in Money, encourage you to reduce waste and learn to "bargain". It also teaches you how to express your salary demands more convincingly. If you are a boss, you will learn how to make better money from Saturn's teachers, how to make people more effective in debt, and how to negotiate more efficiently with each other when trading.

Although this New moon is in our eighth house (in charge of the House of Others ' money), the stars are not so harmonious, but we have to make the best use of this new moon. If you are applying for a new job, you may get some extra benefits, such as a company offering you a perfect medical insurance or a good fitness club membership card-a huge expense if you need to pay for your own money.

The new moon will also provide you with the opportunity to apply for venture capital, either by filing a claim against the insurer or by applying for a loan or a mortgage to the bank. Of course, you have to make sure that the file you submit is perfect, and that if there are minor mistakes or inconsistencies, your application is likely to be rejected.

Saturn is rushing with this new moon, so you may not get all you want, but you will get part of it. Every 29 years Saturn will go through a cycle, and the Zodiac 12 will become a student at Saturn's training camp sometime when Saturn rotates around the sun. The current course for Scorpio is money learning, and learning how to make yourself more valuable, and to make a greater contribution to the world.

Mars, your Guardian star, is retrograde on April 17, and will resume the line on June 29. Mars represents passion, passion, courage and motivation, and when Mars is stagnant, as it is now, any project slows down and rarely takes on advice from others. Mars retrograde back to Scorpio at the end of May, if you have a project to be implemented or must be done in August, be sure to wait until July, because the astrological environment in June is very unsuitable for new projects.

Venus will enter cancer from June 17 to July 11, which is the best time for you to enjoy the sweet moments of love. Of course, it is also very suitable to dress yourself, buy beautiful clothes, change a new hairstyle, enjoy a better life. June 26 to 27th this weekend is also fantastic, and you can plan a special and romantic date. No object? Then go to play with your friends, maybe there will be an encounter happen.

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Pisces piseces (February 19 ~3 month 20th)

Now, the pressure that has been sustained to achieve greater success in the cause has finally eased in June or July. Let your time be more assured and devote yourself to your personal life so that you do not have to worry about missing career opportunities.

The New moon of June 4 falls into the position of a Pisces home and family, giving you the opportunity to move, repair, renovate your current residence, add luster to your present living environment, plan a rest, maintain (such as wiping glass) or invite landscape architects to beautify the surrounding environment. You may also want to spend more time with your family, such as going on vacation, and if your parents need help, you may be able to move aggressively, such as helping them move, finding a new private doctor for mom, or finding a reliable financial expert for Chou.

One of the obstacles you will face is that you have been working hard to conquer and focus on, and if it goes well, it will bring you great honor. Given the precise hedging of the experience master and the Sun on June 2, you may need to shift your energies to those related to your home or to a family member.

This time you may feel the pressure of Saturn, especially in the negative phase of the June 4 and New moon, and the words of an important person may hurt you. In words, listen to the point of criticism, but don't get too frustrated. By Monday, you'll feel a lot better, and if you have a vacation after June 4, you'll try to do everything before you go out.

Those days are unlikely to take too much care of your private life, as there seems to be endless work to do in the workplace. Yes, your family and family are in need of you this month, but you are a real one. A man at home or your boss may suddenly need your instructions. By the New moon of June 4, women in the family, such as your mother, also need your advice and concern. It looks as if you're trying to balance your life as much as possible and don't want to ignore the people you love at home. is now.

Mars continues to retrograde this month until June 29. Mars is not the money that governs winning or being given, it's the hard work, and if you want to get a raise it's best to wait until June 29 after Mars to develop new products, services and raise costs.

When Mars is not retrograde, it is definitely a powerful booster in all competitive situations. The classical astrologer said: "When the fire is reversed, the new will lose!" "This is more serious, not all right, the following is the correct interpretation: The retrograde period, Mars can not give you the help you need, helping you in the industry distinguished."

When the god of war is tired, you have to make up for all the energy and courage you lack because of his lethargy. You have to be prepared for hard work, but you don't necessarily succeed. It's best to wait until July before you start important action. In fact, at the end of September to the beginning of November is the best time of year to open new things.

The good news of the money will come June 12 and 14th. These two days may be due to the sale of assets, such as selling furniture or family to give you money. King and the Sun Chengjian, all the king's participation, will be downright surprise.

If you experience setbacks or delays in your life around June 13 (it doesn't look like a money problem), blame your master Neptune for retrograde, until November 20. Like Neptune, a planet full of planets, retrograde is five months. Notice whether there are bad news around June 13-such as workplace projects, relationships, relationships, or whatever. You have to work hard to reinforce the field later. You have plenty of time to think about what's going on and find ways to solve it. (Recommended reading: Both men and women should learn the workplace success: soft to others, to their own vicious )

June 20 Full Moon, there are important career opportunities to surface. This is the second full moon to fall into Sagittarius this year (the first is May 21). Obviously, because of the outstanding work and much attention, also will be famous.

This Full moon may represent an extremely important moment in life, because six days later, Jupiter, the lucky God, is Wang Chengji with Hades. Both planets have an important connection to financial capital, and Jupiter is in the relationship house, and your broker, manager, lawyer or other middleman is likely to lead you to a major career success. (If you're a broker, you should be the one who assists with God.) Hades is now in the Friendship Palace, so friends may also be involved in the icing on the cake.

Emotionally, after Venus enters Sun day five in the June 17 (and stays here until July 12), you will enjoy love more. You are grateful for this change, because your charisma has increased and you want to participate in the invitation with a new image. Venus is transported in the constellation of water elephants, with new clothes, changing hairstyles or buying beauty supplies.

The best romantic day of the month is June 25 to 26 this weekend. The moon is transported to Pisces, and Kim Haigi the magic of love. This is a super fantastic weekend. Dear Fish.

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