Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon: Adventure is the meaning of travel!) Annual travel inspiration for the fire constellation )

Aries (March 21 ~4 month 19th)

You have a travel plan this month, but the new moon of June 4 predicts that you need to put heavy tasks in the first place, and thus a little bit of a kick. It seems that you have planned your trip very well, and that the Venus Sun and Moon are in Gemini will make your plan an extra sweet feeling. You might be planning to visit your siblings or go on a trip with them. Arrange your work as much as possible so that you can spend a few days out of town after the new moon.

Neptune in Crescent moon and the moon hedges, so don't rely on gps-to take the paper map, to avoid the direction of the Sea King dizzy feeling. After the new moon arrives, you will have two weeks to prioritize short trips, and the best weekend is June 4 to 5th. The other is June 11 to 14th, the weekend is connected to Monday Tuesday, how comfortable. At that weekend, the sun and the king angle are good, you will feel the light, vitality, from the heart of the carefree.

There will be writing and speaking assignments this month, each of which requires a lot of detail preparation and alternatives. It's always difficult to verify the facts, so if it's time to deliver, you'll need an assistant to show that you're working together. Well, the star Jupiter will make sure that the project you are experiencing now will be enviable, with potential for the future. Jupiter also predicts that you can easily find the right people to work with when the budget is adequate.

In the Sunday of June 26, Jupiter and Pluto are perfectly angled, and in fact you can feel the glow from June 20 to 27th. This is a particularly rare astrological event, and it will give you the opportunity to create an impressive success. Pluto is now in your Palace of Fame and achievement (10), and Jupiter is in the daily work (six palaces), and they combine to give you the task of showing your talents. You will win the Blue Ribbon award-get value. You will also reap a lot of money, and Jupiter and Pluto will see what you are doing.

And, to say a few words, this month in Gemini, with the winds of the elements, and your own fire to bring a wonderful feeling. Gemini's main star is Mercury, which will dominate the final outcome of the event. On the new moon of June 4, Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony, suggesting that the events that accompany this new moon will be extra good for you, even if it's a bit hard to chew at first.

You may need to sign a contract in early June, but you need to be concerned about Neptune's strong involvement with the moon-which suggests that you may not be able to get the full truth, or that there will be some ambiguity. If you think any information is missing, ask questions in a timely manner. Saturn and The Sun and moon Hedges, a deal means a big wave of hard work.

See if you can postpone the signing until Saturn's June 29 return to good behavior. July will be a better time to sign a big deal. Nor do you want to make a decision on Mars when you are asleep, which will put your efforts on the back of the DNA label and be permanently damaged.

Or in June, you may be looking back at your financial situation, as Mars, the ruler of the planet, is retrograde in your money house. You will look at your savings, your investment performance, your insurance needs, and your credit card spending. This will be a worthwhile activity because you will soon see whether there are some arrangements that need to be changed. How you spend, save, or earn money will be looked at with a magnifying glass. You'll love the feeling of controlling your own cash flow, and this month you can do it.

The full moon, June 20, will come again for a trip, this time will go to a far point, the conditions better place. Again, you may still feel frustrated by the pressure or obligation to put you in, because the task-force-assignment Saturn is in hard phase with mercury again. Then, this Full moon in Sagittarius brings Jupiter into the city, and the lucky Jupiter will be in harmony with the white Sheep's master spark star. This time you will find your way out and conquer obstacles as long as you are willing. (Recommended reading:10 lovers "Travel not lovelorn" trip small step )

Again, one or more things will accumulate in this Full moon (choose one that works): a publishing or broadcasting mission, an interview, an effort to get an advanced degree, or information about a legal practice.

June 14, the feelings of good luck, Uranus and as the Aries true Love Palace main star of the sun phase better. Single sheep, dressed to the nines, will surprise you when Cupid knocks-not one, but two to ask you out!

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Koko

Leo (July 23 ~8 month 22nd)

June is a good place to play. The gathering of the stars shows that you need to change your recent serious concerns about your career. The New moon of 5th allows you to schedule time for meeting friends and attending parties, but Saturn and the Moon Hedges show that you also need to think about strong responsibilities, children, or creative projects at work that will deprive you of the hassle of playing. Ask a friend to come to you, not you to find them.

Financially, the new moon and the astral phase in the second and eight palaces make you feel a shortage of money at the beginning of the month. It seems like you have to choose among all the social opportunities to pick the ones that mean the most to you. After screening, you will have more fun at these parties. Rest assured, the shortage of funds at the beginning of the month is only temporary. In fact, when it comes to representing the lucky Jupiter and the Pluto in charge of finance, you will get particularly good news, because Pluto will accept Jupiter's goodwill and multiply it. It is worth paying close attention around 26th.

After 13th, easy to travel, if you can, you can enjoy every wonderful moment. You need to visit your family or a house that you want to buy or be sold by your family. The sun is in charge of the Leo, and this day the sun is in harmony with the unexpected Uranus, which is running in the tourist palace. The house also governs the acquisition of media, legal information and university degrees. One area will make you very happy on 13th or in the coming days.

11 to 12th there will be more travel on the weekend, probably for romantic reasons. If you are invited to attend the party that weekend, you should consider participating. Venus in Gemini is in a harmonious phase with Uranus, which amplifies your charm and brings a lot of joy. It seems that you must travel to grasp this event. It's going to be wonderful.

Mars continues to retrograde, but will return to the line on 30th. If you can do your own planning, do not move too fast. When the Mars retrograde phase is launched, the project often lacks enough energy to drive new efforts or new relationships. I started the project during the retrograde phase of Mars, because at that time Jupiter was in conjunction with the sun and was in harmony with Pluto-these phases are very powerful and fortunate, so you have to observe the entire chart. I really have to work very hard-it's been a very hard three years, working around the clock, but that's what happens when Mars is retrograde-you can't expect any special breakthroughs to help you (it's nothing to me-I've always been happy to do tough projects).

But this month there is a change in the constellation of the Great cross-four stars in Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces form the pattern, tension energy can not find the way to release. Alas, this month is not a good place to sign or open action, or even personal life. It will be a great day for Venus to be in harmony with Jupiter when it is signed again July 1.

The retrograde return of Mars to your home on behalf of your family and family means that you have to look back on the long-term dilemma, the choice of address, how to live or live with. Or it involves trying to help the father or mother because the four houses are in charge of their parents. For whatever reason, you will be very concerned about your private life, involving houses, other possessions, or your parents. or June and July you may have a large number of friends or family guests, so in advance to use new sheets and cushions to decorate the room. (Recommended reading: just three minutes!) Smart Finishing: Zoning arrangement method )

Mars will bring a cacophony of operations and a lot of commotion-entertaining guests may be the happiest performance of Mars in the world. Or you have to hold a party or arrange repairs or renovations in the two months that will bring more sound to your space. Mars will return to Sagittarius in early August, and your focus will turn to love life, children and creative projects again.

The 20th Full moon will bring another climax to the romantic relationship, or bring a pregnancy or child to the news. Four weeks before the full moon is also in the same house, the same constellation two consecutive full moon is not common. If you are not married, it is possible to feel the full moon's action in romantic love. Similarly, married or single people will also reach new heights in originality and originality. You're finishing up important work-this time it's really done.

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: found the organization

Sagittarius (November 22 ~12 month 21st)

As you approach the June, you are close to your winter, as the sun is as far away from your sun sign (the sun is now six months from your birthday month). As the sun moves, he will turn around and slowly approach the Sagittarius. By December, the sun will coincide with your birthday. When the sun's trajectory coincides with your birthday, you will feel warm and safe, and this is your "summer".

After the end of June, things will go in the right direction, which is already at hand, now, you need to work with others, do not expect everything to follow your ideas. Maybe it's not a matter of torment. Although you find it stressful to fit in with other people's footsteps, your partner might have some great ideas.

It all starts with a once-yearly horoscope, and Saturn and the Sun are opposites. This is a difficult astrology, because Saturn in Sagittarius and moving Sun in Gemini, this star distance you 180 degrees away. You may have a partner or partner you feel uncomfortable with, or you may be worried about the safety of a male partner or partner (the sun always means a man).

The New moon of June 4 will bring some problems of cooperation, although you are worried that these problems will be easy to solve, there will be a happy ending. Venus will overlap with the sun in Gemini, a good omen. Saturn in Sagittarius will be pitted against these three planets, bringing you into a very serious state.

You will face some financial problems, but at the end of this month, you will find that money is running towards you. You may want to get engaged or married. Or, you want to sign some business contracts, like you need a new intermediary, manager, publisher, lawyer, person, or anyone you think can help you go further. Or you might want to go to court with a former partner because he's already giving you the patience.

I think you can speak freely during the new moon on June 4, but it is best not to sign any documents before June 13. The angle between Neptune and New Moon is very awkward, so ask as many questions as you want, don't follow your own assumptions, and let your lawyer scrutinize the contract.

Saturn will give you an important lesson, so it is likely that your partner/partner will let you see what he is afraid of. If so, this is because the universe thinks you should see the truth and see things objectively-it's always better to know the side of your partner/partner than never knowing it.

I can't predict how this relationship will affect you. The goal is to bring the wet truth to your eyes. You may be happy, may break up, there may be controversy, but due to the perfect angle between mercury and Neptune, I am full of confidence. Neptune will always bring inspiration and spiritual inspiration, if necessary, but also bring love and forgiveness. Pay attention to your own feelings. This month, if your relationship is good and solid, everything will be all right, and on the contrary, things may go downhill. Everything is very strong this month.

The June 20 29-degree Sagittarius Full moon will fully focus on you and your interest. If your birthday is near December 20, this Full moon tells you a particularly important message. You may change your mind about the future and a relationship, or a previous partner/partner will be your relationship stalled.

Mars began to degenerate from April 19 and will turn positive on June 29. Postpone all important decisions and actions until next month, preferably by August, when the sun will be in the constellation Leo, and there will be a very friendly new moon on August 2.

Mars is a battle planet, and teaches us how to accomplish the task effectively with others, whether it be athletics, business or affection. When Mars is degraded, he sleeps and cannot help us in any way. That's why you shouldn't make any big decisions in June, because if you do, weak Mars will weaken your power and affect the activity for a long time.

This month, you will experience a constellation of great positive energy, appearing in June 26, 27th, and also when the light of Pluto illuminates Jupiter, your Master star, and the Lucky Star. Your financial situation will be greatly improved. The economic "lucky" comes mainly from your recent successes, your career acclaim, and the income you can start asking for. When Mars turns to the front on June 29, it will be a watershed moment-the seeds will sprout and take root at this time.

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