Taipei Film Festival-"sea Pedicle Classification", for the Mongolian new female director of the first compilation, guide, long film, bold and exquisite description of the cross-racial and sexual common humanity, fusion of homesickness, lust and unspeakable sadness, coupled with a dangerous sexy , look at the blurring line between the lover and the love themselves. (Recommended reading:"City nomadic Film Festival sheet" follow the heart to stray, from life escape eight movies )

"There is love all the same. 」

People ask about Heidi, you prefer boys and girls, you are gay or bisexual, she would answer.

"The sea Pedicle does not classify" the English film named "Don ' t looking at me" that Way, I always thought of Mongolia that piece of yellow sand mighty, like the sea pedicle to return to the world, but also should be unrestrained to say, I told you not to see me, you don't look. In my opinion, Heidi is not classified, just, she likes to do define the boundaries of the person. Be a manipulator, both in gender and in relationships.

Mongolian women's unrestrained uninhibited: I love who, love who

Heidi is a Mongolian girl staying in Berlin, she knows how to change the world with her smile, young exquisite curve. She is not toeing rules, Heidi has Mongolian women's uninhibited and free, sex with her, only care about immediate love, do not care what sex you are.

Mongolian people live in yurts, a yurt to protect a family, father and mother grandparents children live in the inside, a stove bake a home. In the evening of intercourse, grandpa and grandma turned around pretending not to see, next door a yurts, Grandma will be free to come and go. A bag of a man, that's the relationship that little Heidi knew.

Many foreign film critics talk about Heidi is a woman who is good at taking advantage of her body in a foreign country, but I don't think so. For me, Heidi wasn't trying to impress anyone with her own sex. Her one-night stand taught exotic men how to lift their legs, to pose more comfortably, bored, and to have sex while smoking. She kissed the single mother, Eva, to liberate a dreary night. She climbed into Eva's father's bed and felt a long absence in the man of her father's age.

But the woman's desire, after all, followed the empty death after the climax.

Can I not love you all my life

You said she was messy, you said she was dirty. I think Heidi is just convinced that she is strong, as a woman, she is strong enough to override all things.

Back to the story of six-Year-old little Heidi, her parents died young, except Grandma's company, small Heidi always alone, once, a group of men, surrounded by the seaside little Heidi, small Heidi shouted, I am not afraid of anything, I am very brave. The man said, then you prove to look, put your hand out. So little Heidi stretched out her hand, a deep imprint in the heart of pain and smoke scars, destined to become such a displaced person. Six-Year-old Little Heidi, constantly told herself, not afraid, not afraid. After the pain, it's OK. (Extended reading: embracing your inner child: three exercises in the face of negative emotions )

Heidi became such an adult, she did not have the Oriental woman's conservative traces, do not worry who covet her body, at the same time, she is not greedy, not to mention a stable relationship. So Eva is gradually to rely on the life of Shanghai, she only want to escape. Whether as a Mongolian, or a woman, she is used to the displaced, the white soft double bed, any stranger, sleep only a few nights, that side table, she cooks for who several times will do evil.

Dependence on the relationship, only to let Heidi panic. In the film, it has always been a very annoying woman, want to, when the time is not, the exhaustion of methods to be flung away. She is only responsible for their own pleasure, do not want to kiss the rest of the temperature, but how can we say, unwilling to bear a relationship, is she wrong? (Recommended reading: in a relationship but keep a friend space?) Talk about open relationship from music and movies

I love you, can not be a commitment, a vow of eachother, a must carry the other person's life results.

Freedom is the ability to forget

I think of Eva's father, in the white, excessively honest restaurant, Dao garrulous life, chanting the poem, and he said, see you such a young body, I no longer want to occupy, I just so far view appreciation.

"Freedom is the ability to forget." 」

In the face of the immediate passion, the 60-year-old man, he just want to quietly coagulation view. The kind of freedom he said had made Heidi fall, because nothing could bind her, but why was she not free? Perhaps it was because, in Heidi's mind, something was really hard to do.

This film is really ambiguous, but I always think, whether we live too clear. If life can have such a time, do not ask for answers, do not need to determine, do not have to rely on the name of love life, can still be sober forward. Everyone can be duckweed, shun their own water, Heidi will not live like a lone shadow of Duckweed.

Someone asked the director why you created a character like Heidi. She just said, you just need to feel the purity of human nature, and pain.

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