single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. Until one day, we all learn not to escape, not afraid to lose, do not worry about being hurt , can love again. He is waiting for me on the other side, many late at night, have heard his dream to say so. (same field Gayon: single Diary: I am not too sad to be single, I only unfortunately no longer have you )

Often feel that they are not brave enough the person. In the face of too stubborn relationship began to weak, see to break through the last heart of the door, he would rather abandon the fortress.

There have been people like the stars of the universe swept through the border after the rest of you like dust embers. There are people who just pass by lightly, but leave the Sao Li to repeat every year. The most sad is often not farewell, but he will stay in your heart for a long time.

There is a person can miss is happiness.

Rock Iwai II "love letter"

you like the eyes overlooking the distance, perhaps because like, so his eyes look more clear. You're counting the days when you're together, counting when he's going to leave. The first hug, the third kiss, and the fifth count the sober nights of his eyelashes. He's already very sophisticated, and you're clumsy as a man of mortals .

later, you in a lot of him understand , love is not an intuition, more like a imitation, there is a similar script, simulation love fill vacancies, beginning to mean lost, transforms is a set of good stories. All say love is no two, why, the stranger and your sad, in the movie lyrics in the drama, so identical.

You start practicing, don't think of love as too sacred. You think that, in addition to love, we can also in what way, we will occupy a person.

Perhaps you have found the closest reason, you are ready for a longer time to carve his depth in your heart-not to fall in love with him, and to miss his time in love. So break up or you can be a stranger, you still have memory enough to compelled cherish.

"After a long time finally I would like to look up, you are waiting for me on the other side brave." You're still mine, mine, mine, you see. 」

Lover, or the aftertaste of good. Love, is Chima. Passing by, Miss, is not a pity. You love is not necessarily him, more like love his time of your own, you so happy, Lightsome, the corner of the eye laugh out the look of the fire, really good-looking. If you know when you will meet again, life will lose the fun of thinking about it.