Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Last week and J dinner, J has always been excellent, from the United States after finishing research institute back, in the United States get very good offer, after pondering, choose to return to work in Taiwan, want to leave home with their favorite life is a little closer. (same field Gayon: Taiwanese students in London: 30,000 NT dollars and 30,000 pounds struggle )

I am happy for her, she chose for herself, is certainly the best. And she said that when she made her choice, she actually felt a great deal of pressure from her apparent awareness that her choice was not in line with social expectations. Social Silent Outlaw Her: "You can stay abroad, back to Taiwan to do?" "She shrugs, very puzzled, why go back to work in her hometown, need so many valid reasons?"

So again this year's graduation season, I saw in her that our generation of children choose difficult. We were asked to go to the "best" school and were asked to be the "best" students. We almost forget that we can choose to think that we have the "best" way. We almost forget the choice, is our responsibility. (same field Gayon: Choice and commitment, do you want to climb the stairs or climb the tree? )

I also think of the time I left school when the eyes lost, do not know where to go in the future, the road is far, choose a lot of anxiety, I am worried that they no longer have fellow travellers, no longer reflect the figure of others to affirm their own.

Who decides what to call "the best"? After leaving school, we can finally seriously ask ourselves this question. Practice to put yourself very large, to ask what they want, to ask what they care about, to ask what they desire, with time to change a sincere answer, with several setbacks to change a willing life.

Then we will know that the only solution to expect the best is to be lazy about ourselves. Our education should not teach us, even the time to think is afraid to leave their own.

So dear graduates, welcome to the workplace. This is the workplace you choose for yourself, you are sad sometimes, happy sometimes, you struggle sometimes, grow sometimes, but I think you know, if this is the choice you make for yourself, it must be the best, time will tell you. (Recommended reading:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to look back at yourself and say to yourself that I have never failed to live up to what I believe.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

Be thankful to those who help you make decisions, including yourself. You don't need someone to tell you how to choose, but you can understand how others make decisions and choose for yourself. "Sister said the school" to explore your "inner driving force" potential, learn it, take it away, because not forget the beginner's mind ability, life. Learn more instantly: