She Jitzing said very beautiful: "The scenery has a story, also have the mood, if add your listening, this trip is complete." " travel is such a thing, accompany you, can be a worry, lover, can also be washed by the travel dust of their own." Dwelling in the city of us, go out just a thought, do not dream of the distance, now, let us go far . (Recommended reading: All the way crazy, people-type map, big fools!) 12 Star companion style )

"We are eager to flee, to find meaning between the long journey and the return." --Chiang Hsun

Life seems too long, because life is too short. Give yourself a holiday, no matter two days or three days, to get out of work overtime and your own barrier for the day. Running away is a busy rhythm of the pause, is in the forward when the complexity of the mind, is to see the scenery when return to their own. (Extended reading: more than 10 years of self breakdown after travel: Gap year in London, let me completely zero )

Don't talk about the distance, now, you should be in the distance. Six you should pass by the Taiwan scenery, the blue sea, white spray, green forest, gazing at the world, they heard their heartbeat.

Listen to the rails and waves of calm breathing: Taidong station

"I read the poem to her, the waves of the general rhyme , bird-like association, a lot of metaphor for the spray and reflection ..."--Lindayang "The Tree of Youth trivia"


Lindayang "The Tree of youth trivia" often reminds people of eastern Taiwan, where the waves are so clear and clear. Take a thin booklet with a symbol of youth and sit at the station. I hope you have a poetic pause, you can be more indifferent to waste time. Watch the waves rise and fall, listen to the train on the track of the sound, the years quiet good.


Make a contract with oneself: Bamboo Lake Hydrangea

(Photo source:yu-ching Chu c,c @ Flickr)

Hydrangea looks like a group of fiery flame, near the point of view of the Milky Way star Galaxy. It always appears in the wedding, June is the birth of many new season, is also the days of Hydrangea victory. But who said, you and yourself can not pledge eachother. Its flower language is the consummation and the hope, you also can give oneself this symbol, which has a person not perfect reason?

(Photo source:Sai Mr c,c @ Flickr)

The ink of Hayao Miyazaki: Water Golden Nine

"Land, with human beings, only to become a place." Place, has the memory, only then becomes the culture. And the culture of everyone, let them in the inside, embrace warmth. 」

(Photo source:billy1125 c,c @ Flickr)

Nine is a very story of the place, "Sad City", "the Dust" foil nine of the fantasy diffuse. Misty Mountain City People, let the night lively up, in addition to the Old Street, the mountains, the seaside and faint colors are fascinated. Even if more light visitors passing lightly, nine always keep its original look, every section of the road, are the story. (same field Gayon: Nine parts of sweet, Chinkuashih beauty!) A person's Taiwan skip a small trip )

Jeffrey and Shaowen Bard

The thoughts of the years: Matsu Blue Tears

"Give yourself some tears, only belong to the darkness of their own alone." --Soda Green

Blue Tear is a kind of submarine microorganism called luminous algae, mostly appear in spring. After the luminous algae left the sea, more than 100 seconds of light will fade, looking at the surface of the meteor, make a wish (we see large blue is almost all by the photo long exposure, only to take out the whole piece of blue).

Yoru Ido

Fog in the landscape: Rougu Forget the forest

"If you say something before the Enlightenment is something in the mist, I now think, I do not feel that after the Enlightenment is the weather clear, cloud dispersed, after the Enlightenment only to find that not clear is the normal." --Raishan The scenery in the mist

Forget about the forest in Nantou Deer Valley on the way to Cedar Creek, many people say this is the destruction of the beauty of rebirth. 921 after the original large mountain forests disappear form a lake, blue sky clouds are reflected in the water, dead branches are no doubt a bleak beauty. Into the forest, the environment has become particularly quiet, you look alone after the necrosis of life, every kurong has been brilliant, as you walk through life.

(Photo source:wei-te Wong c,c @ Flickr)

Like your eyes are clear: mu gu mu fish

"How do you want to leave the traveller still to wander, how to let fate is fate, how to gaze at fate see us, each kind of eyes." -Jiaoan Pu "The Game of God"

(Image source:ming-yen Hsuc,c @ Flickr)

mu-gu mu fish for the Taroko language in the meaning of Xanadu, through the sand card 礑 walk uneconomical in Marble cliff, water depth blue green and washed over the green rocks, disperse the pressure from the city. See the clear stream, you will miss their own eyes qingming, no hesitation chasing the ideal appearance. (same field Gayon: Hualian mu gu mu fish: for the busy oneself leave breathing time )

Reading the Taidong of the palm: The University of Hong Kong to know the District library

"The skin of a long illness is written, embedded in the palm of a shallow sleep

, if you touch me, you can read, from the tranquil night haze, to the core of the cuckoo, I was the most difficult metaphor of the June. --Tui Sun-hua

located in Taidong University, the library of the school area echoed Taiwan Dongshan Sea Surround, look like ancient civilization pyramid ruins, showing the eternal stillness of reading mi. The library uses green buildings, roofs and slopes to cover turf, and if viewed from above , it is a flat green space, but if viewed from the side, it looks like a book that has been opened and covered on the ground. Summer evening Breeze, lying on the soft turf, with the beloved, read the stretches of time. (Recommended reading: The words you read, decide what kind of person you are: 20,30,40 's life book List )

Six Taiwan small travel of the beautiful, wish you pass lightly, leaving deep memory. Leaving is the way home, the breeze of the sun washing your body dusty, you will meet the best scenery in the world, and the new self.

"Intimate reminder" wherever you go, please remember to take care of the environment, don't let your little trip become the Earth's nightmare, close to nature from the beginning of empathy: