single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. I miss the white paper of love yesterday and write to myself tomorrow. That year, we love to shine, with the scars of love we came to the present, the original year we understand very early, the heart is the most free, want to love who can go to love. (same field Gayon: single diary: The so-called Love, as long as the beginning of meaning)

After all these years, I suddenly miss the drama version of the "Love White Paper."

That year is 2002, Shawn and Peng Fortunately Green, Shengmi, Ouyang Hang, Guoshouji of the triangle problem also can't solve, Fanfan Qi sang "Want to arrive tomorrow, now will start", and play outside we carefully touch what love is, love eyes are shining.

Before the beginning of love, they walked ahead of us, first step of love and quarrel, let people peace of heart. Love is the miracle of the universe in the mouth of the stars, Love is a Guoshouji of a hot straight ball, Love is Shengmi in order to be with you in love to come to this world, each of the loves are different, every time the love is precious, no matter whether there is no result.

We recognize the shape of our lover in each character. We were stubborn when we were young, and we worked hard at everything, and so did love. Meet him at that moment, understand what is called Love at first sight, you have never so want one thing.

"There is only one reason. Like you too, so afraid. Afraid to face such a persistent self. --Love white Paper

Like to say like, hate to say nasty, love, just want to desperately to empty, do not leave a retreat, and then every tear tells you, love that pain.

Fall in love with him that moment, the original has lost, willingly, although you ache, at least worthy of their own mind.

After so many years, the love of the years passed, we have not known love and hurt a few times, you always remember you loved everyone's eyes, love, memories of the ancient, engraved into your veins.

You recall that year's "love White paper" has already told you that tomorrow is another day, the heart is very free, even if injured, want to where, will go, no one blocked, just like the mark of love.

No matter how yesterday scarred, tomorrow is a new day, you will have a more free heart, want to love who to love.