A woman-obsessed new media interview program, a look at the direction of new media in Asia, this is a reader, as a new media workers should not miss a lesson. After the end of the media's executive Director Zhang Jiping (please see the interview , the next article ), the second time for you to bring Lu Zijun x Andy Chang to talk about the new media is in the cold winter or summer?

This day, I walked into a woman fan paradise, was sitting on the sofa to drink coffee Lu Zijun startled. I said, "Why are you so early?" He said: "Don't be nervous, I remember the time!" "I hurried to tidy up, sit down and chat with him," then we wait for the prestige to come. "I said. "Guo Wei Ah, should be late." "He answered. June said that the micro-lateness is a pan-scientific tradition, only he is an exception, but this day he predicted inaccurate, Guo Wei than the table set time 6 minutes earlier. The two-article one-and-one-speed combination is really interesting.

Last July, Lu Zijun left the pan-scientific news, which surprised many people, after all, how long, Lu Zijun and Andy Chang, the sum of the three words of pan-science are tightly linked. Unlike some of the ugliness of goodbyes, I see more of them in each other's learning and blessings, now that they stand in different positions, the desire to do something for the Taiwan Media Circle does not change the mind. (same field Gayon: In this era, we need more media to tell the truth: The new imagination of female media VICE)

Left to the Prestige, continue to work in the Pan-branch system, he will be the original Punnode, Punapp, Makerdiwo reintegration into the "Panx Pan-Technology", and then set up "Pan-media", "Pansci Pan-Science", "Panx Pan-Technology", " Punchline Entertainment hit "Three sites to complete a large-scale internal reorganization." He said that the former company, there is no way in the same site once all the ideas, can only be divided into different companies, looking for different angel investors, now the company has grown, the site will be put back to the same structure, can concentrate firepower, also less than the problem of uneven distribution of resources.

After June left, to UDN media Innovation Research and Development Center as a researcher, "In fact, I originally wanted to rest a quarter of the time, did not expect to leave July, August was arrested, the opportunity is not expected." "In the traditional media, the UDN innovation and Research Center has no KPI (note 1) pressure, so June can focus on media research." As a rookie, he was gently intimidated by his colleagues to participate in the company's internal business plan, spent two weeks observing, he found that the social media is a breach, many people want to operate but lack of know-how and time, so, his identity is another: committed to digital interpretation, data optimization of the new company Omninsight CEO. (Recommended reading: Old and old also play new community practices!) The New York Times uses Instagram for news heating )

The original purpose of science news: Make it clear

2010,"Pansci Pan-Science" website with a bit of Yangchun logo and architecture officially on line, it was only the Taiwan Digital Culture Association (ADCT) to undertake a government case, did not expect the case after the Lord did not like, do not. "Pan-Science is a story of the peach Taro, people do not want, but the prestige to say has been done, but also interesting things, the child took over to raise." "Zi June shared the pan-scientific past and present life.

And the Universal science was adopted, everything that happened was described as "homeopathy", if not the rapid development of Facebook, if not in the process of war and go to find some of the lack of online media, the pan-media will not grow up now so strong.

"Pansci Science News" fan page has accumulated more than 300,000 fans, I want to know, what is the ideal science news in their minds? "There are many issues in Taiwan flying past, there is no real explanation, no explanation will be misunderstood, misunderstanding will conflict." "If we can't really solve the problem, then what is the significance of media existence?" said Guo. "Many media deliberately make things unclear or distorted, if I want to do those things, I go to them to do it, ah, but I did not want to do that in the beginning, so the bitter haha to do the pan-division." "For him, the good news is to use problem-oriented to clarify the issue."

"We want to talk about things that we don't understand or think about." Like, what does that mean if we find a habitable planet today? Are we allowed to immigrate to the past? Or is there an alien on top? In fact, the answer is often not the case, but the depth and complexity of the issue, the general integrated media is not willing to invest in the cost to do, let us this vertical media (note 2) to do. 」

Wrong audience, wrong topic, causing media chaos

"Pan-Science brings together a group of people, though not much, but it should be the time when Taiwan has the greatest interest in science journalism." This thing gives me an inspiration , is if very serious to deal with the unpopular, in the past the media do not want to touch the theme, No one will see, the only problem is how you can find someone you want to see. "To find the right audience feeding content is something that the traditional media can't imagine in the past, by spilling content into all the pathways and then through the survey to see which audiences they have touched," said June.

"To do the reader survey, only to know who the reader is, this traditional media concept, for our new media is completely reversed, should be set first to see who, then to produce the corresponding content ." "The sub-June will be this kind of public, small mass media management mode, as the current media chaos one of the solutions." He thinks, find to the audience, can avoid in order to pursue the exposure and click rate and distort the content of the report, also won't waste time money in the wrong object, "the wrong audience, the wrong topic, is caused by the media chaos of the main cause." "To attract the attention of the reader, it is not necessary to use nude and corpse, the prestige in the side repeatedly nodded."

Guo Wei recalls the words of Wei, a communications scholar, "Do you think that the audience likes to see some stimulating content, but the audience stopped to see the fire, you said they like the fire?" No, they're just information hungry, trying to stop and see what's going on. "In the past, this kind of information anxiety and the gap, can only rely on traditional media to fill, they have almost mastered all information access, but now PTT, the explosive material of the news of the explosion of the community, many times the media can only pick second-hand." It is not the traditional media that have the most information, don't they know? Guo Wei said, in fact, they must know, but they also have baggage. (Recommended reading: Everyone is the age of the media, what is your media principles?) )

Traditional media to change, like to practice the left hand to chop the right hand

"Many people will say that the traditional media do not understand, but in fact, they also have a lot of people like this understanding of the trend." "Just for traditional media, which used to have most of the resources, it is not easy to transform, the prestige by hand to analogy their baggage," This is a business model of the defend, for them, like the left hand chop, the original money is the right hand, but now to exercise the left hand, and exercise the left hand, is to cut off the right hand. " "Guo Wei just finished, the son of the June smiled and said this analogy is wonderful."

The traditional media now face the awkward dilemma of "I must practice my left hand, but my right hand will be cut off".

And what about the new media standing on the bandwagon? Guo Wei said that the new media is not better, both have their own industry to bear, "the new media is born with only one hand, naturally will not face the left hand cut off the trouble, but only one hand to the breadwinner is difficult." "Zi June then added, the new media no baggage, but relatively no resources," we will not have the resources of the new media requirements are relatively low, but will scold the traditional media how not to transform, they a transformation, and will be scolded how turned into such. "He said with a smile.

June mentioned that the Baxian dust anniversary, the joint newspaper held the Baxian forum is a transformation attempt, so far everyone's reflection is still good, the traditional media also want to try to let their left hand response to the audience look forward to. Taiwan is in a period of new and old media, many readers of the traditional media trust has been uprooted, but the new media mode of operation is not very familiar, the prestige saw this phenomenon, but he is not nervous, "now is in a twilight Zone (chaos, blurred zone), as time evolves will pass." "In Twilight Zone, a hand or two hands, there are challenges to face."

The community does not equal the face book! Is the media a above, in or under community?

The community has played a very important role in the dramatic changes in the media in recent years. Among them, face book's appearance has affected the reader to use the custom, many people through it enters the media website to draw the information, but no longer like in the past the homepage enters. Is there a side effect of relying too much on the social platform (even a single community platform)? How do media and community platforms interact correctly?

June said that the community can be a lot of different forms of existence, the past more than the offline community, now is the online community, it refers to the link between people. Now many media mistakenly think that the community is equal to the face book, that as long as the face book number is to run a good community, this is unrealistic, the media should have more understanding and imagination of the community.

"Traffic, point reading, the number of fans is not a revenue guarantee." In the past, the mass media business model of attracting advertising revenue by high "ratings" has faded, and the digital community is emphasizing "the right audience", rather than the "large quantity". I have touched the advertising agency mentioned that he will not put the client's case to "flow is very large, but is actually garbage flow" site; that is, even if the site traffic is large, it may not get advertising revenue. "In a commentary published recently, the community platform is very well observed." (Recommended reading: interview End Media executive editor Zhang Jiping: "I do not want to make rubbish to the world")

"Do the media want to be clear, are we above, or in, or the under community?" "The above is the idea of interacting with the media and the community, which is to control and harness the community's Web site, to lead the community in the direction of the community, to promote the issues, and under to respond to community needs," he said. "The position is constantly changing, will not always stay in the same place, but must go down to play, will have a benign interaction." The most miserable is around, nearby, only to be bystanders. The media cannot stand idly by as the online community rises.