Do you aspire to a success? You're afraid you're not good enough? Dear Maiden, you never need a system to teach you to be you.

In the afternoon of Sunday, Shishun Paris in the women's fan of the " from the modern woman to cyborg " course to "failure Aesthetics: Women and queer failure," the period. These 12 classes, from the modern woman, the dream girl to the post human feminism, with the failure of aesthetic knot is very interesting. In particular, I would like to start by quoting Ketilofi in the "Shishun" in the praise of messy lives, which I would like to share, for the next teenage girl failure :

"Maybe I failed, just to liberate me to a more gorgeous failure." 」

"Girl I Max": Pioneer of teenage snakes

This lesson Paris introduced the American album "Girl I The biggest", many people say that is "sex City" predecessor, before Kelly is not Kelly, in Samantha has not become Samantha, a group of newly graduated female Lu Snake, is in front of the society to write their own failure narrative.

Hannah is such a girl, after graduating from university in a publishing company unpaid internship for two years, looking at that a job salary, but also do not forget to write her novels. When her parents decided to stop her payment, she said, you know that I'm writing a masterpiece for generations.

Hanna's several friends, also have 20 of their own troubles. "22 years old, has not done love." "," university graduates two years, still can't get salaried principal. "," The Boyfriend always Please me, looks very boring. "," Dare not to love with gun friends, "I always love bad coffee," I actually pregnant even have sexually transmitted diseases.

New York Girls in their early 20, who fret about these "little things", seem to have failed. But who cares about the failure of these girls?

The girl's narrative: Sit tight , don't fight

We saw Helen Felding's "BJ Bachelor Diary" from the Briggie who escaped from the paradigm. She finally love is love, but not be loved incorporated, that moment they kissed in the Winter Street, Bree Guiere left a small underwear, this is enough to explain her Lu's comfortable. In "The girl I Biggest", finally, a female student's defeat, jumps from "The leftover woman" the word, returns to those who most can occupy the patriarchal dividend the young girl body. (Recommended reading: towards the female-lu-Snake aesthetics: From BJ's Bachelor diary to the planet of Danny's sister )

These girls, with the mother one generation identity break. Their recognition is not to become a canon, not to organize a complete family, or even become a career woman, not for women's rights struggle. So rather than this is the "desire of the city," the predecessor, I think more like something, a handful of life victory Group, talking about the something of life, we who are not constantly in failure.

"I am 20 years old, and I hate myself." I hate my hair, my looks, my bulging belly, my voice, my indecision, I hate to write a poem is not happy, hate parents to talk to me when the tone than with my sister speak high, as if I was a pervert civil servants, the basement tied a hostage, if forced to me, I will go down and blow his head off. 」

"I used radical self-identification to cover up my anger, dyed my hair fluorescent yellow, and cut it into 80-year teenage moms ' favorite mullet hairstyles (not the ones that are popular now). I wrapped myself in a strange with a fluorescent color tight cloth. 」

"I think that people who think their life stories are wonderful to have to make the show are very kind, especially women," she said. Despite years of efforts, the status of modern women has been much higher than before, but there is always a voice from all directions to tell us that women are concerned about the fart, women's views are not important, the low status of women, so our story no one wants to know. Even if the words to express their feelings are useless, as women we should accept the fact that obediently sit well, not noisy. 」

Written in Lena. The girl I am the most: I am not the kind of girl that you think of, those diary trifle, appear like an epic.

The girl's failure aesthetics, why live into a motivational story?

30-Year-old Mature female failure, and the 20-Year-old girl failed, the reason has been so lonely, because no one is willing to "face" those confusion and loss, when the women become famous, we also look forward to not deprive a woman the right to fail. (Recommended reading: feminist bad daughter: Ketilofi's teenage rebellion )

Judith Halberstam, the queer theorist of Haberstein, puts the shadow Feminists (shadow Feminisms) in "Queer failure Aesthetics" to become himself by rejecting the "Men's success criteria". Shadow feminism is self-destructive and abused, antisocial "feminine" standard, and refuses to seek to become the perfect mother or daughter image, in order to avoid in the legendary mother narrative to reproduce patriarchal.

In the shadow feminism we try to lose our mother, to shed mother's identity, we decided to forget the "as a woman" biological instinct man-made destiny. Forgetting is the best revolt of shadow feminism. Not love oneself will get a better life, but in the repeated frustration, so that the main body in failure to find peace of mind alive space.

So Hanna was writing her own girlish humour and folly, and she became herself in the failure of swimming and flowing. So the girl's madness is absurd, all have the value of being watched.

"I hope to prevent you spend money to do fruit juice in the body of environmental protection, I hope you can leave your boyfriend in the cold, you do not always feel bad, hope you can lose your life goals, do not feel annoyed." "When people criticize" I'm the biggest girl, "I don't learn anything from these people, Lena. Dann said why live as a motivational story.

The failure of the happy, unqualified long live

Haberstein's "Queer failure Aesthetics" attempts to wander outside the framework of traditional knowledge and into areas of failure, loss, and discipline. He suggests that the progress and success of the present are all for the existence of the heterosexual system. Instead of focusing on success, stare at those failure examples. and is usually listed as a failure of the negative narrative-can not become a man of alternative service, and then messed up love, 30-year-old women, 35-year-old older woman ... So there is a crazy woman in the attic, with the Danish Girl, with a departure from the world of Transtextuality Niang, those who are not close to success stories, have been in their own small universe after the explosion, Syria wrote the world.

If we are struggling in the "right", why not go to distinct. Strangely, often those distinct, let us feel the value of living. The rule of the world is that you become a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother, get such a quick clearance ticket, you can quickly play the game over.

Who says your body experience is insignificant, who says your sorrow for lust is just a little thing, who wants you to discipline the system to complete the perfect woman's imagination, who wants you to imitate others ' success in the crash. If they say not to follow the canon is a failure, then let us crazy happy. (Recommended reading:"Tired of female disease" tired of women, is a man "become a man" a means? )

"Girl I biggest" the failure of aesthetics, is a girl wonderful failure history, they all live without family and social expectations, but their unqualified complacent. Weave a weight loss lie, make up a last waltz with rotten coffee, do not finish the wild writing dream, no need for system and experience to teach you to be you, your mixed-tun frustration is you. Maiden, a splendid defeat.