Women obsessed with x Baqi culture , Chen Jin -Shishun, the cross-border girl to talk about, 6/30 19:00 in the women's paradise in detail Immortal Girls Learn! Chen and Jin's "Girl Kublai Khan" to carry out the action map of adolescent girls, Shishun's "Teenage Revolution" combing teenage revolution history, they are young girls, they talk about girls , they also call the contemporary girls have appeared! Next Thursday, women are fascinated by the paradise, the girls do not see! (Recommended reading: The erotic revolution of teenage fans: Sex, teen and Beatles )

What do we talk about when we talk about girls?

Maiden, is the most powerful creature on the surface. They flirt with the modern, they rebel tradition, they are infatuated with themselves, they don't feel sorry for themselves.

Maiden, is the black history of feminism. They are banished from the academic halls, they forget for history, but to carry out the outside of the light and comfortable living.

Shishun in the mouth of the girl, is a negative history of the landscape. They are the 20 's dance flirt of the modern girl, they are the 60 's escape from the marriage of a single woman, they are the 90 of the snarling girl, their revolution, is the history of feminism for a long time without the frenzied heartbeat.

Chen and Jin in the mouth of the girl, is the two feet out of the regional landscape. The girl Kublai Khan stepped on the clogs to turn the field into a playground, and she wandered through the urban jungle, releasing a strong signal: "I am Kublai Khan, please save the world with me." The maiden did not stop, and the maiden walked forward. (same field Gayon: The gorgeous turn of the maiden Kublai Khan!) Chen Jin and the quasi-Taipei people: I am not a person, I am myself .

They are young girls, they write young girls, but also gently summon young girls to appear. Chen and Jin listed the girl's Footprints, the girl no longer only live in the city, she has multiple identities, want to be when who to when; Shishun wrote "The Maiden Revolution", climbed up the young girl's revolutionary history, set up the young girl's other wing history view, the Maiden had her own bible.

When the girl became the present, when the girl Kublai Khan met the girl revolution, when Chen Jin met with Shishun, will be in 6/30 in the woman fan Paradise stirred the most humorous of the contemporary girl to talk about.

Teenage girls, what are you waiting for? Limited to 50 tickets, grab the ticket!

The girl's appearance confession! The arrangement of the girls to talk about lectures

Chen and Jin's maiden confession: "The girl Kublai Khan" asked is: I now the state can do? That book is to admit that I am a graduate student of waste firewood! Having finished writing the book, I found that I didn't know myself. 」

Shishun's maiden confession: "At that moment, I decided for 100 years not to be written, not memory of the girls, write down a teenage revolution history." The teenage revolution is a century-old history of teenage girls, not only the legendary stories of teenage girls, but also the creation of a maiden's view of the other wing. 」

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  • 19:30-19:35 the opening of the host
  • 19:35-20:00 Shishun on the concept of teenage girls
  • 20:00-20:25 Chen and Jin talk about the concept of girl
  • 20:25-20:55 girl Kublai Khan x teen Revolution right Talk
  • 20:55-21:15 Scene Girl Q&a questions
  • The 21:15-21:30 girl signed the book scene

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