2016 27th session of the Golden Melody Award , this year's list of more experimental and multivariate, they are not just serving the audience on the music Road, more create a pattern, together to listen to the first good song, embrace your good days ! (Recommended reading: A song for independent women "about her": my weak, righteous )

"I convinced the judges and I could do the best album," he said. 」

Jolin Tsai, who won the best Mandarin Album at the Golden Melody Awards ceremony last year, said. The Golden Melody Award, is to let people hear good music, is to rip all the labels, back to the essence of creation.

2016 the 27th session of the Golden Melody Award is imminent, this year there are many cross-regional works, is also the first open digital entries, 6/25 will be unveiled in the small giant Egg awards. Before this, the woman fan selected seven 2016 golden songs shortlisted for the Good song, has the bold breakthrough social topic, also has the return music original intention, hoped these good songs, accompanies you to the time, remembers oneself. (same field Gayon: Jiang, Jolin Tsai, Eason Chan, sherry touching speech!) Golden Melody Award complete winning list )

A song for No one "experiment album and Own Dialogue"/JJ Lin

"Dream for the efforts of water, love behind the push forward, when I looked up to find that I did not forget who." 」

JJ Lin in this song, to a lot of unsung heroes salute: The bus to do their best to help the pregnant women of the masses; in the toilet by bullying students meet up with strangers, and see the accident scene to lend a helping hand. Those strangers are the most beautiful scenery of the day. When life is frustrated, let yourself slow down and stare at the plot that society does not stop happening. For who not to make the song, but for the whole world: "The smallest God in the universe happened to be the greatest of the same name, they called" Thank you. 」。 (Best Annual Song Award finalists, best Annual Song Award finalists)

Aphasia (aphasia)/Cai Jian

"We always in love to die, choose to exile him drifting in a sea of people, to say to change nonsense, one of the aphasia." 」

Aphasia, because love is too much, hate to turn around, and then continue to love. Wrote this song, Tanya Chua said I want to release the devil inside, let us sing the black hole of human nature together. Wrote the city People's love song, the Forbearance retreat, the electric sound cold as the lover leaves the final zaps. The world can not tolerate the silence, we use indifference to conceal panic: "The city aphasia is not a secret, but suffering from a kind of not true words of the disease." "(Best Composer Award finalists, Best Mandarin Album finalist, best Arranger Award finalist, Best Album Producer Award finalist, best Mandarin female singer finalist, best Vocal Recording album Award finalist (same field Gayon: Cai Jian and Paris dialogue: Do one thing, you must forget it )

Shanyan "Winter unfinished"/soda Green

" run away and the world is only taught to bury alive, no one can make an exception, no one can make an exception. the cold fate played with his Shanyan, the Shanyan, the Shanyan. "

You suspect that you are out of the question, you often want to live more absurd, follow the social breathing is not sick and difficult. The Happy Shanyan , is the mourning to the life, no one can depart from the crowd to live, how we live into the industry the consumer, the laborer, how we live into the question in miniature. Each true narrative of life, woven into the Pang 礡 epic, that is the roaring of soda green to The Times: "Every action, most of the people from the desire to show their own, every minute and second, we are in the act of sketching their own self-portraits." 」。 (Best lyricist Finalist, best arranger winner) (You'll like: no video persistence!) Written after the Soda Green concert: pure music, no need to decorate

"You don't really want to stray"/Kozhi

"I do not really want you to stay, you hide the piece of desolation, need rainstorm-like weather, and you do not have what faith to look at, in all your lost also only this stubborn." 」

"Your soul is the world." "Cesse in the song of the Wanderer," the wandering is actually a way back to the inner. Life is a trip to a lot of wandering, beware of the place, the movement of the body is not drift. Kozhi in the song to rebuild his place in the wilderness of space, Cang mute hum: "Your mouth always say, always say like drift", like our generation of displaced, like we unwilling to stay, as we proclaim the world's ambition, so he saw the stubborn people fundus of the storm brilliant. (Best Mandarin Male Singer Award finalist, Best Rookie Award finalist)

"Hades"/ su Yun-Ying

"To enjoy the blooming, we must favor the blooming." Do not think, do not go to see, wet after the brilliant sunshine. 」

Her "wild son" once writhed in the music Circle,"The Ming" to start again, less wild, more quiet. She throws a few more flowers, and you're going to shake. "Hades" is a world of sand and poetry, the object of her dialogue is not all people, but their own and everything. A wave, a moonlight, a smell, are the relationships you build. There is no "wild son" of the warm, "Ming" sang soft light. (Best Mandarin Female Singer Award finalist, Best Rookie Award finalist)

matrilineal Society "AMIT2"/sherry

"I smiled softly, but my heart was more than iron, and the World Man was king, and the woman carried everything." 」

She reactionary, she disdain, she cold smile, matriarchal society is sherry to the patriarchal's a blow. This blow, looking for a negative narrative to find the path of ease of existence. The image of a woman suffering from the relentless whipping of history, are the physical pain of the body, you want to thin, white, to the United States, to be obedient. As a woman, from this moment, take back those sorry, you see those born in the blood of the baby, since the birth, we are destined from the woman's vagina to the world. You say this is not a matriarchal society, what is it? (Best lyricist, Best Song of the Year) (Recommended reading: farewell to patriarchal rules of the game: Why Dear man, you should understand feminism? )

"Charlie PROGRESS REPORTS"/Xie Shenting

"If you see Charlie, please remember to look him in the eye, that is so naïve and kind of pure, you will find in the bottom of my heart, also live in Charlie." 」

Charlie from the "tribute to Algie Lennon Bouquet Flowers for Algernon", Charlie with knowledge and achievements, the more intelligent, more mature, become more unhappy. if understanding is cruel, then do we have to become adults? Everyone in the heart, there is such a Charlie, you do not need to question love, work, friendship, life, because you every moment, live in the reality of the present, can make you the happiest thing, is the best thing. (Winner of Best Newcomer Award, Best single producer of Lights, Best Mandarin album)

With you to share seven songs shortlisted, in this year's finalists we saw a lot of new ideas and pay attention to the pattern of music creation, whether winning or not, these finalists have already sung their own names, but also to depict the city of our time, emotions, and each passing through the scenery.

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