Do you also look forward to the 27 Golden Meloquin Awards?This year's Chinqu will invite Mo Wenwei , the eight, the ninone, the one, and the Su Catalog to reproduce Weva's plan. Singer Ai Yiliang has a full ceremony. The 2016 Golden Meloquin Award will be announced in 6/25 (6). The women's fans will wait and see!(The Golden Melody Review: "There is no Lucky in the World", Chiang Hui-Jin's touching speech and classic repertoire recall )

27th Golden Melody Awards include many outstanding young people, Lin Chun-chieh, Cai Jianya, Su beating green, and new star Su Yunlin, Hsieh Zhen, and Ke Zhitang. Let's look at the full list of Golden Melody Awards. Let's get to the annual good album together:

Singing Class-Publication Award

  • n't abandon the Aka pisawad (mother tongue), Wawa No Cidal studio (singer: Schuman Rubbe)
  • Ang Society /EMI Music Company Limited (singers: Lin Chun-chieh)
  • Rainy Night
  • Lucky < My Age >/China Studies International Music Company Limited (singer: Tian Bing

  • Power Company/Kent Music Company
  • (singers: Hsieh Chen-ting)
  • AMIT2/ EMI Music Entertainment Limited (singer: AMIT)
  • AMIT 2/ Adios Co. Ltd. (singer: Mr. Cai Jianya)
  • Winter Unit/Universal Music Entertainment Limited (singer: Su Dung)
  • ∞ Unlimited/Everyone has a musical studio (singer: bear

  • New Wave/Artery Culture Communications Limited (Singer: Arayama)
  • Singing Company Limited (Singer: Chen Chien-wei)
  • Chang San-lee International Co., Ltd. (Singer: Zhang Sanlian)
  • Gently Aaortic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Singer: Chiang Hui-yee

  • Grand Ridge/Tonglu Company Limited (Avocor: Qiu Lin)
  • Surprise/Upline Entertainment Limited (singer: Luo Wen-yu)
  • Les/EShibao (singer: iColor Love)
  • Outlander/Material Music Limited (singer: Huang Zixuan)

< Best Original Domestic Album Award >

  • Free tours/rattan music studios (singers: Suwara and CMOs)
  • Migratory/Wind Music International Co., Ltd. (singer: Wu Hao)
  • Grand B6 Singing Singing/Broadband Records Co., Ltd. (Singer: Six-nine)

  • Director: Su Chien-yi (Director: Su Chien-yi)
  • I'm Not Yours < Bah/Warner Music International Music Co., Ltd. (Director: Chen Yiren)
  • Jason Mraz < New World > /Warner International Music Company Limited (Director: Liu Geng-name)
  • I want to know all of your

Singing Class-Individual Award

  • Chen Chien-wei/Black Bird < Gu Lun &
  • ,
  • singers: Tsai Jin-ya)
/Warner Music Entertainment Limited (singer: Lin Chun-chieh)
  • Wu Qing/Wen-ich International Music Company
  • :

    Chen/photos by Vincent Chang photos by Vincent Chang photos by Vincent Chang photos by Vincent Chang by Chang/

    • Chen Chien-wei, Chen Junhao, Jakub Kubi Groos, Audi, Li Daven/Wuld you be my girl /bend music company limited (singers: Li Jian)
    • /Sea Butterfly Company Limited (singers: Li Jian)
    • AstoneIe, Amus/Aimentor, Aya music entertainment, and/or the Winter Games/Global Record Company Limited (singer: Su Dung

    < Best Album Producers Award >

    • Hsu Che-pai, Wang Xiwen/Swinging Power Company/Kent Music Company Limited
    • singers: AMIT/AMIT/ Broadway Records Limited (AMIT)
    • Andong, Tsai Chien-ya/Amenity Music Entertainment Limited (singer: Cai Jianya)
    • Lin Chun-chieh/Warner Music International Music Company Limited.
    • Lin Wei Chit/ Winter Unis/Universal Music Company Limited (singer: Su Do-jin;

    • SIXIC:
    • Bang Fang's Little Theater/Rolling Stone International Music Company Limited (singers: Wan Fang)
    • Chen Chien-qi/Women's Age Women's Girls'Women's Girls'/Gold Gale Music Culture Company Limited (singers: Peng Jiahui
    < Best Male Singer Award >
    • Huang Ming/Asia Through 2015 /MEDICOXING)
    • Li Jian/Li Jian's Sixth Album/Marine Butterfly Music Company Limited
    • Ke Zhitang/You don't really want to wander, Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    • Matzka/Southeastern America/Taiwan Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    • Lin Chun-kit/Experimental Album and Conversational/Warner International Music Company Limited
    < Best Female Artist Singer Award >
    • Xu Che/Shaking Power Company/Bon Music Company Limited
    • Xiao Xia/Xiao Xia/Taiwan Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    • AMIT/AMIT2/ Broadway Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    • Peng Jiahui/Dailing Women/Gold Winners Music Co.,
    Male Singer Award >
    • Chen Chien-wei/Gu Renmei/Liking Records Co., Ltd.
    • Chen Lei/Ward Video Communications Co., Ltd.
    • Xu Fukai/Xu Fu Kai-Juvenile Dream/Walter International Music Company Limited
    • Ram/Aaortic Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
    • Rogue Adde/No Road Coffee/Purple Musical Studios
    • Hsiulan Maya/Shirley Maya-Sky Star/Wat International Music Company Limited
    • Jam/Wat International Music Company Limited
    • Cao Ya-wen International Music Company Limited
    • Chiang Hui/Aaortic Culture Communication Co.,
    < Best Hakka Singer Award >
    • Qiulin/Daoling Footer/Company Limited
    • Luo Wen-yu/Surprise/Upline Entertainment Limited
    • iColor Love Customer/Les Les/Yespao Corporation
    • Huang Zixuan & Mountain Pile/Outlander/Dateline Music
    < Best Original Domestic Singer Award >
    • Wu Hao/Migratory/Wind Music International Company Limited
    • Barai (Gao Zhongjie)/Ancient Transparent/Wood Ladder Creative Studios Co., Ltd.
    • Shaanie Jihisa/Never Leaving/Nanny's Traditional Art Studios
      Elk (Wu Shenghao, Lin Zhe, Zhang Yifan, Yu Ge, Yyeo, Angus, Angus Chen, Cody Pan)/III/ AIO Music Company Limited
  • < Best Singing Combining Award >
    • cozy diary_ Light Diary (Small, Young Yang)/Good Life/Dreamland Studio
    • Team (Jiang Ji), Li Gun, Xu Wenxin, Zheng Yao, Lin Yfan, Yang Qing Hua, Tang Hao, Liu Mei-ling, Li Zhao, Li Xian, Gao Yu/Rolling Stone International Music Co., Ltd.
    • Zhang Sanlian (Zhang Xi'an, Li Baihua, Huang Shizhong, Ma Lihua) /Zhang Sanliu International Co.,
    • Hello Nico/ familiar deserted/black market music company
    • Hsieh Zhen/TSE/Charlie PROGRESS REPORTS/ 10 Total Media Entertainment Marketing Co., Ltd.
    • Zwitting/∞ don't really want to go to Sony Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.
    • Zhang Sanen/Zhang Sanlian International Co., Ltd.
    • Su Yun-ying/tr. Su Yun-Ming Music Entertainment Co.,
  • Play Class-Publication Award

    • Simple Life/ Antnwear Culture Co., Ltd. (performer: Yang Xiaoxian)
    • GRAND BAZAAR/ Ante Yin Culture Co., Ltd.
    • SEMIFUSA International Music Company Limited (performer: Luo Si, Lu Si, Ye Dingqi, Zhang Jiyu, Hong Weisting, Chen Yi)