Women are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with the motivation to motivate themselves and influence the environment, to share with you the gender-related current affairs observation. Open a book, in the inside see oneself as a woman, blood-stained track. Hu Shuwen's "Shanyan is childhood," the first chapter of abortion, I would like to talk about the women and women in Taiwan abortion, where they are, why this society taught them to be incognito? (same field Gayon: These women's abortion diaries, let's look at abortion from another perspective )

Sunday, the day after the Golden Melody Awards ceremony, originally intended to open the computer, write the nine-one orchestra of the Golden Melody performance, how they imagine women, their creative how to repeatedly rejected and the pursuit of female figure, as well as the stage of the high panties swimsuit hot girls play what role, and how is summoned out "iron".

Listen to nine one another popular song crooked people will know, "I come from foreign countries, the global village girls Love me, what color I have useful, internatinal", this kind of thinking in the same vein, I have not thought very clearly, accusing this is patriarchal malicious too hasty, but that uncomfortable gaze and interpretation of language, lingering.

I went into the coffee shop and accidentally picked up Hu Shuwen's "Shanyan was childhood" from the bookshelf. The cover of "Shanyan is childhood" is the woman's abdomen, the world begins and ends here, and the first chapter is about abortion.

"What should I do, take away a child?" First of all to have the ability to imagine, this is about to peel off is not a life, but a relationship. ... Chick heart from birth to death, 37 days, never evolved into a gender. 」

"Put down your feet and retreat from the table." Putting on my underwear and pulling up my skirt, I could not help but bend into the dustbin and search for the blood stasis. Small piece, like the heart, can only use two fingers pinch up, three root too much, put in the palm and too intimate too sad. 」

"Shanyan is Childhood" written in 2006, Taiwan slowly walked for nearly a decade, the abortion is still dark, RU486 still like not to say the secret, the operating table is always cold, abortion women always carry the "killer" or "no clear consideration" of the rebuke metaphor.

I feel a pain in the body somewhere, where there will Be blood, where life can be born, not necessarily to take the weight of life, I decided to write the subject of abortion.

A society that advocates motherly love, the personal choice of abortion

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump said in April that abortion women should be punished. When Hillary and Trump were arguing over abortion, Taiwan was wary of abortion, which was "limited" in Taiwan and had to be seen in legal norms. (same field Gayon: education, abortion, FreeTheNipple: The Centennial Revolution of German feminism )

At present, both the criminal law of Taiwan and the Eugenic Health Care Act are related to abortion laws and regulations.

Article No. 288 of the Penal Code provides for the offence of abortion: "The woman who takes medicine or has an abortion in his law, is sentenced to a prison term of June, criminal detention or a fine of less than 100 yuan." The pregnant woman listens to the other person to have the abortion, also same. A person who commits the first two offences for illness or other prevention of the danger of life is exempt from punishment. 」

The third chapter of the Eugenic Health Care Act 9th designated, "Women must be over 20 years of age, have autonomy, must meet eugenics health conditions, if there is a marital status, it is necessary to execute under the consent of the husband." If the age is below 20 years old, must have guardian consent. 」

15th regulation of legal abortion time, "pregnancy can be legally terminated within 24 weeks of pregnancy." But more than 12 weeks pregnant, the fetus to see the same life, unless it is a significant impact on the mother, or fetal serious deformities, can be induced to labor within 24 weeks. 」

Abortion has a variety of aliases, abortion (or referred to as abortion), termination of pregnancy, induced abortion, endometrial curettage ... And in our daily life, we can't hear these nouns, and we can't see these discussions.

Where did the women go? Abortion of women who bend the faint pain of the body, carrying a criss-crossed psychological pressure, still have to Incognito, because this is a respected motherly love society, unable to tolerate her personal choice, she cannot endure another stigma.

A woman should have the right to have an abortion, not because of the weight of her life, but because it is part of her body, because it is a link in her life. She was not only carrying a baby, but also a future with a baby, neither of which she could afford. (Same field Gayon: My vagina My decision: Women should have the right to choose whether contraception and abortion )

We ask ourselves a simple question, if a woman does not want to be born, can she not be born? And she can and can not choose, in addition to their own account, must be to the spouse, husband and society account?

What I owe to him is not life, but a story.

Few people spend time understanding abortion, abortion like a tainted stain, need a reason to be pitied and rationalized, or must be softly wiped in the dark. But abortion is just as frustrating as pregnancy, and how many people remember to remind them to take their confinement and put more effort back on themselves.

An abortion's imagination in the eyes of others can only be sad, otherwise it will appear rampant. They are imagined as underage girls, deserted, sexually abused women who do not get "orthodox" love. After all, people mouth love, most of the family and marriage commitment, is to give you a child with a fair and blessed reason, and they do not. (Recommended reading: fetal deformities can be an abortion?) Spanish abortion law provoked controversy )

So I particularly like Hu Shuwen in "Shanyan is childhood," wrote a paragraph, a man intent to rape the protagonist behind her saw a pair of baby eyes, scared to cry Devil Devil fled, Baby Spirit protector, became an eternal part of the abortion.

The position of the abortion is always very difficult, but the Hu Shuwen narrative gently gives the woman and the lost baby a new layer of relationship, they call each other, the abortion can no longer only victims of tears, her stigma becomes her constant strength, eye-negative power of the fall and rebirth.

"Despite the world's condemnation of abortion, the chicken heart is upgraded to a skeleton, but only the chicken heart know, I owe it, in fact, not life, but a story." So it's stuck in my cervix, making a slender blood flow, shedding its own story. 」

"Shanyan is childhood," the first chapter is about abortion, she has a surname, if it can, the world can let us see more abortion story, hear more abortion say my name?