Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks are motivated to inspire themselves, influence the environment, and share with you a gender perspective on current affairs.At the Golden Melok Awards , S and Tsai Kang-yung, "The Peak Sister" was called "The Peak Sister", which sparked several days of introspection and reflection on "gender nature of the" gender ".As for the discussion of bullying or joking, I would like to say that the right to define is returned to everyone, because it has never been a salutation, but a mocking attitude .(Don't forget to focus on the music of Su opera: The songs that don't work for who they are, they are dedicated to the world!The 2016 Golden Meloquin Feature song )

What happened the night of the

Melou Prize?

Last Saturday's Golden Meloquy Awards, SCHOI S, and Tsai Kang-yang-yung's series of collustrating conversations led to the aftershocks of a gender-temperament discussion.

Little S and Tsai Kang-yung awarded the Best Album for Best Album at the time of the program, "The Cunghee of Kangxi", which was previously closed, describes how singers and albums can be used as a way to make speeches.As a result, it has always been a mockery of the style of ridicule.Little S has had three times in the artistes in the festival to ask her not to discuss a particular topic.After selling a lock, she reveals that the artist is precisely because she has a softly temperamentous character and has been repeatedly called the "peak female" squid by the "Sister Sister" ("Sister"), which is called "The Peak Sister".(Extended reading: > < People's Wang > Politics in Taiwan: Our politicians are never too young to be a mother )

For small Sister Sister Scribe on the platform, take a deep breath, look at the eyes, and gazing at the eyes, and then turn over the waist, after the little Sister, shouting "Don't get angry."When S-S further asked if there was any fan who would call him that, he waved "not to record," leaving the crowd out, leaving a large section out.At this point, Xiao S and Tsai Kang-yung continued to shout at the stage of "The Peak Sister ~ Back ~", and then he came back.

This less than a minute of interactive bridge over the next few days has sparked a lot of controversy and criticism over the Internet.Su's fans cited the recent public demand that the fans should not take such a name, stating that it is not appropriate to do so.There are also many people who consider openly mocking the sex of male entertainers, potentially triggering a copycat effect and hurting people of different gender-temperament.

After the dispute, the event-related human S, Tsai Kang-yung, and the youth were all responding to Facebook.

The small S first stated that it was loyal to itself, but still supported gender equality.Yesterday, a new dynamic apology was issued to "hurt a good friend's heart" and reflect on herself that he should not "label others", and that "his own humor would cause harm."And it means that you and your youth are already well and well.(Recommended reading: Drop the fear of change!Small S: "As long as you don't screw up your life, what I can accept" )

Source: Small S Facebook

Tsai. "It's an incorrect joke, and it's a joke that the joke is about to be eaten by some people, and it's a bullying that people will eat."(Video shows: Variety show "Sniest Artist" vote?Behind the joke there are real "leaf-forever," people )

Source: The Cai Kang's Face Book

After Xiao S and Tsai Kang-yung's statement of apology, the youth also issued a dynamic statement of their own attitude.He said he was not angry, but he thought it was a joke, but later discovered that such a demonstration on such occasions could turn the "jokes of jokes" into "another tragedy of bullying." So it was decided to come out and respond to this matter in earnest.

Source: Su Greens the Green Book

From S to Tsai Kang-yung to the peak, their response was to show us that there was a tacit joke between people, and in the eyes of the onlookers, it became an extremely lethal force of oppression, and perhaps even demonstrated a bullying for the specific character.Therefore, it is not enough to apologize and good enough. This is not a bonus of a Golden Meloquin Award, but an issue that needs to be seriously responded to.Why is it so?What does this "joke" really mean for us to be bystanders in mind?

What do you say we are more angry about the peak of the blue-water account?

Little Sc, Tsai Kang-yung, and the three young people responded seriously because they wanted to satisfy society's appetite for "not being angry", "they and no good". It was also due to the fact that the interaction and exhibition at the Golden Melop Awards ceremony had caused a considerable impact on the Taiwanese society.

Will you make a mockery of people who don't let others mistakable, gender and self-imagination?Or, is it that the argument that the party is not comfortable with the joke is that it has the privilege to label others arbitrarily and embarrass others?

He knows it's a joke.But whether he cares about this joke does not affect the Golden Meloquin Award for the three of their respective roles.Their interactions show two kinds of identities: I know you don't like it, but I'm just going to make fun of your assers, and the accepers that I feel uncomfortable, but I have to be patient on this occasion.The last attack was appeased by the side of the attack, and accepted by the receiving side. Then, reluctantly, it was reluctantly or reluctantly, so that the audience at the scene laughed and

How familiar?(Sibling: Why did the "tool man" supper advertise make you angry?Everyone may be living in a single person's )

Everyone may be playing the role of a young peak in a different situation or in the life stage.It may be that children are mocked as "sissier" and "male grandma", perhaps the nickname of the upsetting stage, but how can you get rid of the nickname, perhaps every social occasion in the university, and always introduce the words "she is now in a demerits", "he really wants to make a girlfriend, and help him get a friend".

You've been angry, tried to protest, tried to communicate, and you might have been secretly crying in the night, but it won't work.Sometimes they get together, they laugh, and they make you the focus of the group, and if you get out of the way, it's like, "I'm not kidding." "Destroy atmosphere."You may not have become a focus of attention, but you are even more difficult to be noticed in such a way.

This complication is itchy and painful.The laughter and the words that you throw at you, perhaps most of the time, don't mean to hurt you maliciously, but they don't know, jokes may be a sign of being close, but this is a kind of joke, a kind of coercion and force.You may like this friend, but you will never like this forced posturing.

What is this, S K, Tsai Kang-yung, to be a joke without hurt, but it raises critical voices.They are used as an audience for the common model of the Kangxi interaction, but from the hilly, good acid to bullying, oppression, and the worst examples in society.People feel angry because they are not entirely demanding political correctitude. They are not entirely psychologically painful. It is also because they think of the inability of the past to be self-competent.

The program can be based on its own preferences and can be imagined that it was a pre-arranged script, a good set of tricks, and a grand ceremony like the Golden Meloquin, which allowed us to recreate that "can't break the atmosphere" in the absence of defense and could only generalize all the labels and mockery memories.(Recommended to you: Male emancipation of feminism!)Farewell, homophobic, patriarchal and patriarchal violence )

The little Sister screamed "The Peak," not just the youth, not just the temperament of men, but also the weakness of bullying, not just the fear of bullying, but for every once ridiculed, labeled, grudge-driven, and self-made.

The Peak Sister is Neutral: Don't stigate stigma, and don't have to be sanctiotized?

When Tsai Kang-yung responds to a netizen on Facebook, he mentions:

If you often look at Kangxi, Kangxi also used many of the episode to colliding with the values of some mainstream society.Of course, every episode is checked by a single sentence, and there are certainly many problems that can be identified.But after all, Kangxi is not a strange program. The Kangxi wants to relax every day for one hour, and there is no reasonable space to talk about.. All of them have achieved political corrects. Are they still grumpies and smiles?My ability is not to be able to be done. It is not because of mental disorder, because the setting of the program is different.

Kangxi is here to discuss the difference between the Golden Meloch Prize Presentation Ceremony and the nature of the Golden Melop Awards, whether or not his response points to the question of whether the "political correctact is the highest political correctact".Perhaps the world does not have an absolute "political right" to exist. Why is it that people's relationship with others is a standard answer?Why is it right?

Golden Meloth Prize " incident has made the bystanders feel hurt, not just because of the hidden pain of many of the people's temperament, but also because of the small S, Tsai Kang-yung, and the Youth Summit, which is a forced and forced interactive approach.If the attitude of today's youth to "sister" is to say that it is a pleasure to say that it is a "peak female", then it becomes a respectable rather than a mockery.Just as we might have a woman who might also have a name, a woman who claims to be a brother or a woman, or a person who says that she is fat, fat, and that she is a fat person in the face of a Facebook.(Extended reading: A single narrative hazard: liberating the CC, and freeing up gay men )

Politics is not the right attitude, not the words.

The peak is neutral. We don't need sanctimonization or stigating the term. We don't need to mention the word "sister" after this service. You don't need to jump out to give out a hundred examples of what you call a sister, to prove "We should be hugging the mother."And you should open your eyes, look at the person in front of your conversation, what does he like, what does he hate, what kind of words or words make him feel comfortable and comfortable?What kind of attitude is it that makes him feel embarrassed and embarrassed?

The gender dispute, the tone and the situation of the Golden Meloth Prize, which decided that the "peak female" was a joke, laughed at the possibility that the young people felt unhurt, while allowing bystanders to feel the embarrassment and the feeling of injury in such a situation.We should allow everyone to take a different approach to the term, and accept that some people like to use a "sister" to show their clitoris, and some people think that "sister" is a politically incorrect humiliation.It is more likely that, as the dynamic of the Peak says, he accepts the joke of "making a joke on the basis of maturity", but that does not mean that he likes to call him that.

And let us give the meaning of the title to everyone, so that they have different rights under different circumstances in their own lives.As bystanders, what we can do is reflect on themselves that they are not respectful enough to respect each other's own status.

At the same time, we should avoid using the established impression to create situations that make people uncomfortable or embarrassed, because not only those who are hurt, but also the bystanders of each bystander have been ridiculed.

In fact, it is never easy to talk to people. It is only after repeated tests that we know the unique characteristics of each conversation, each one of which is unique.In the same way, we need time and opportunity to take a serious look at ourselves, for the different people, the different words of love and hate.

What we want is not a society that lists explicit taboos, everyone adheres to it, but restores interpersonal interaction to the original: people's interest in the human heart, and of concern and care with one another's empathy.Different people, different situations, different ways of talking, maybe not more comfortable than everything is politically correct, but that would be a tomorrow that makes everyone more comfortable.