The Joint newspaper Youth Vision Project holds the Baxian event Anniversary Forum on the eve of the Baxian event . This year, a group of hard-working reporters, every month with the injured together, write down their lives, related family life, let us see not only flat pain , but living real life. The Forum also invited two of them to share their mood changes of the year, and to take you back to the day of the year, the moment, what decisions they made and what they thought they had in mind. (Back to that night: may everyone be safe!) Baxian Dust explosion accident: swimming ring, carts are saving hope )

Last June 27, Baxian Park in Taiwan's history of the most serious public security accidents, resulting in 15 dead 484 injured, that period of time the repeated broadcast of the accident screen has undoubtedly let many people impress.

Over time, the crowd seemed to be forgetting the incident and the hundreds of injured in the incident. That night, after a while, where did they go? Were their lives getting better in the future? Or has the change never been expected?

In view of the fact that this event may be forgotten, forget the pain, forget the importance of public security issues, joint Report Vision Engineering team of different backgrounds, they spent a year, from hundreds of injured to select a representative of several injured, tracking and write down their rehabilitation road.

June 26 This year, the Baxian event [note I] will be on the eve of one anniversary, the Vision Project organizes "Baxian Event Anniversary Forum", specially invites the injured person in the Baxian incident, the injured family member, the reporter who tracks the interview, the related social worker, as well as the various professions, discusses what is the night? What's missing to make such a serious event happen? I hope to review and improve it from here. Women fans have also come to the scene to share the story of these days, they come out from their own past, and they will walk into our lives.

An extraordinary turn of ordinary people

The two injured in this series of tracking reports, I see the positive attitude that they show when they introduce themselves, not the flattened positive of the mass media, who show their side as a person, are pregnant, angry, sad, happy, and like you and me, they complain about the occurrence of events, There is also anger and skepticism about the official process and the public label. (Recommended reading: Society has turned me into a "positive" person, but I am not pursuing what I want )

Jianhuanling, cheerful and active pursuit of the students, she chose to lead us to review the day of the incident, carefully carved every link, perhaps to let everyone see the impermanence of life and change.

"Lingling, you're fine, I promise you'll be all right!" I've got a couple of people, and I'm going to go find someone else, promise me, promise me to hold on, okay? 」

At the time of the incident, together with Jianhuanling to participate in the activities of friends in the chaos of the crowd found her after the first sentence she said. Originally a line of people in the park in the afternoon fun to play water, at night, everything is different. After she was taken to the hospital, Jianhuanling's mother also came to visit her, at that time she could not say, can only on the finger board to fight out words and mother communication, in the consciousness near coma before a moment, efforts to spell the first sentence is "sorry", she felt that she did not take care of themselves. Finally, the sentence is: "I love you."

"I'm afraid I won't have a chance to talk about it again." 」

Changed a turn, Jianhuanling led us to see her a year of rehabilitation road, every little breakthrough, let her happy unceasingly, the audience also followed her mockery jokes and smile. Though she had lost or wept more than once at night. She also felt a deep sense of the fact that he thought the wounded were human beings and should have shown all the aspects of being human and should not deliberately emphasize the need for positive optimism, and she pointed out that social expectations of the injured were, to some extent, unfair to the injured. All her observations of the public, the organization and the media reacted to the audience's silence. (same field Gayon: to a little lost more than 20 years old )

The family is the most unbearable to put down the backing of the wounded

The second casualty was Liu Jiazun, a big boy who loved to play basketball. Liu Jiazun, a strong figure, said he was in the process of the rehabilitation of fat, in fact, his rehabilitation road than others to walk the hard, slow others almost two months.

"That day, I didn't tell my family that I was going to a party, and I always felt sorry." 」

Liu Jiazun back to the whole story, the most mind or cause family trouble. In the course of his rehabilitation, he sat up for the first time, and his father, who had never wept before him, shed tears. At that moment, he told himself that he must work harder not to become a burden to his family.

Liu Jiazun is now out of the hospital, and in daily life will follow the size of groups or other injured to meet sports, hiking, mountain climbing, this is his recent challenge to himself. He has another interest in private, that is, writing, whether writing short poems or phrases, are Liu Jiazun to express the mood of the window, he also invited the friends who want to cheer him up, directly in his notebook to write down to him. (Recommended reading: buy a diary!) Research shows: Writing makes you feel better and less likely to get sick .

He thought that these words are profound stories, will not just put aside the past, but will lead us to continue to go down, a stream of people to promote the heart.

Another injured Lin Yu mother Yenshan Branch, as the injured family identity to say the caregiver hurt mood. From the face to the calm acceptance, now she just hope to be able to move steadily to the future. The projection screen appears several big words, she wants to give the scene audience, is also her this year's understanding.

Light of the thin screen, bearing the words and the heavy weight of the past, as the Yenshan of the past year, the time of the night is so small, but the pressure slowed down for a year. She looked at the projection screen and said:

"Forget it, the encounter is over." The future life is the important thing. Left will be scar, gradually it will not hurt. 」

A year of sour, we can eventually learn how to go forward, even if carrying a wound. (Recommended reading: write a letter to the past have been crying, have been injured the recommended reading )

Hurt is like a gift of durian

The special guest at the scene, as well as singer Selina, was present at the same burn-scald casualty.

At the age of 29, she was at the peak of her career, ready to greet the age of 30 in her best condition. An explosion had made her life a reality, lost her confidence, and in the process of rehabilitation she was sad and helpless, as if she had been tortured in a slow-moving hell.

"Time, really is the best antidote!" 」

Change an angle, the time also heals the original uneven heart! Once, after her injury would be full of one anniversary, began to feel the body changed markedly, rehabilitation also more smoothly, began to Buhan, will go to the outdoors riding bicycles, playing badminton, these are the previous Selina in the injury after a year after the start of the change, even if the body is still wearing tight pressure clothing, The change of mentality makes the body light up, but more enjoy the movement process, free. (same field Gayon: Finnish girls such sports!) Not for thin, but for life )

"The more sweat you flow that day, the less tears you will shed that night." 」

Today, the Baxian event will be the first anniversary of this day, Selina said, "so fast." A word seems to turn over all the injured in the past, the original can not accept, may be more brave to face. Accidents happen, the present is indeed suffering, but in the past, is a gift.

"Feel hurt is the gift of life, though it looks like a durian." 」

She smiled and said that now more know how to cherish the time with their family, the dog in the House to play, but also very happy. The bitterness of life decides whether one can easily contented heart, this rare precious heart, get not easy. This year, Selina injured six years, she encouraged all the injured in the Baxian incident, injury is a gift, need to peel off a layer, hidden inside the way to understand themselves. She hopes that the injured can be like her, six years later, really feel the unexpected life of the gift.

The people who walk on the road of the scab

"How much strength you use to cry, how much strength to bless your family!" 」

Sunshine Foundation's social workers steering Yu Zhen in the dust after the incident, in the hospital saw a helpless injured family burst into tears, she hugged her to say this sentence, to their strong, can cry, but should not be now.

Even if we are seriously injured, everyone is valuable, but in the ordinary life, we can only see some obvious value: long beauty, healthy activities. What is the deeper nature of man? It seems to go over the mountains, after several turns, we can understand.

"It seems we have to go through these hardships to learn to see the value of others and their lives." If we can learn to see the happiness of life in advance, can we not go through so much misery? 」

The words were silenced by the crowd. The incident has not only changed the injured, but also changed the family, and changed the audience to come here and change many people. After that night, the world changed, and all the people in the ripples of events, we were affected, but can also affect ripples in turn. She stressed respect for care and companionship, small changes will cause the whole environment change, make the world into our hearts better. (Recommended reading: The Life of the company, is the love of the routine )

"Can't return to the original life is the limit?" Or are you more likely to encounter different possibilities? "She does not have the answer, it seems to me to find you, and then cherish the current income."

One morning, I went back to the night that shocked the countrymen, hearing the cries of the wounded and their families, who had lamented the injustice of the fates, and had now lived a very different life, I followed their footsteps through these 300 long days, and realized the joy of their first step down on crutches, The first time to jump up the body to greet the former vitality.

What I saw at the scene was not the percentage of wound conversions in the media coverage, and the corresponding doctrinal assessment, nor the pain of the wound scab, but the brave men on the road to the scab, who clung to the path of how to go down. (Recommended reading:"At that time, I only have the courage")