Women are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with the motivation to motivate themselves and influence the environment, to share with you the gender-related current affairs observation. Since July, women fans have launched a two-week topic for in-depth discussion, and this week, we want to discuss the topic of pregnancy, what forms of pregnancy ? Who should decide whether to live or not? With the call of the WEIFAO department's "25-29-year-old Golden Pregnancy", we can think about the issue together. (same field Gayon: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: A woman who doesn't want to have a baby doesn't have to explain to society )

See a report, " stop stalling!" Weiford: Women should grasp the 25-29-year-old Golden Pregnancy period ", it is written in recent years, the average age of the first child to achieve a" record high "30.6 years old, WEIFAO Department of National Health Department deliberately reminded that the elderly women easy to let the mother and baby health out of the situation, to encourage the female should grasp the 25~29岁 of the golden period of pregnancy.

The woman and the woman's body, pressure is very large, because of the ability to live, her belly is looked at the family-style "inheritance incense" fate, but also to undertake the "production of the country," the mechanical expectations, and occasionally have to respond to the "history of new Highs", "golden pregnancy" of the vivid metaphor.

I would like to ask that our society, in addition to giving women "early child to serve the country," the warmth of the call, in addition to the elderly maternal "your fetus will not be healthy," the threat to return what? Our government, besides telling us, "Stop stalling!" "And what more do you want to understand?"

In this generally married marriage, the choice of not married, do not believe that the age of marriage, life and not life, has long been a more complex problem. (same field Gayon: half of the world's people are single or late marriage!) Marriage is no longer a lifetime event.

The real situation unseen in the WEIFAO department: Unable to live, not born, now unwilling to live

Many people do not want to live, but feel that they are not born. For example, the "collapse of generations" of young people, led by K salary, to feed themselves even have difficulties, dare not imagine the future of raising children. (Recommended thinking: Taiwanese mother's confession: not not to live, but not to live )

Many people don't want to be born or not. For example, gay couples, in Taiwan, artificial reproductive technology is not open to same-sex couples, really want a child, still have to go far away to find a "surrogate mother" or help other countries "artificial reproductive" technology.

Many people do not want to live, are not willing to live now. Modern people generally marry late, eager to pursue career success, and even if pregnant plan, she may worry about not to ask for maternity leave, may be worried about the fate of forced to leave after pregnancy.

Many people may not want to marry or want to be born, marriage and family has long been not the only option to grow up, they have to spend a lot of strength to do not marry and not to have children's "legitimate reasons", and always feel that the uterus is not their own, just a production machine for the family and social services.

Looking at the health of the golden Pregnancy concern, I understand that based on the medical physiology of the exhort, I am not angry, just very curious, WEIFAO department can not see these people? WEIFAO can not see the plight we are facing? (Recommended reading: The birth of a new choice, everyone has the right to start a family )

"Marriageable age" and "age of appropriate pregnancy"

Since then, the "marriageable age" has to be considered after a woman's "marriageable age". There are many reasons for not living, if "life" is really so important, I long for the Ministry of Health and Welfare according to different reasons for matching, rather than just constantly call the early marriage of the "glorious past."

For example, can a newly married couple's fertility allowance be elevated? (at present, all counties and cities have different norms, to Taoyuan per child allowance of 30,000 yuan the highest) whether the children can no longer bear the stigma of marriage? Are gay couples not far from Taiwan seeking ways to reproduce abroad? Can we have a better maternity code? Will we be open to surrogate mothers? Can frozen eggs be an option that all women can afford in the next ten years? (Recommended thinking: Facebook and Apple's "Frozen egg" welfare behind: do women have the right to decide their careers? )

Our country has a lot of unresolved fertility problems, the solution should not only review the individual, and put all the pressure back to women.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for us to break the idea of a single birth. When the concept of surrogate mother, test-tube baby, frozen egg comes into this era, we can redefine it, how do we live? How old were we when we were born? Who do we live with? Who's responsible for the birth? Who decides who lives and doesn't live?

And we will become more and more understand, maternal love is not born, not women's bounden duty, women's body is not a tool to serve the family and society, reproductive rights and freedom, always should be a woman's own.