Some women do not plan to become mothers, but they have to bear the social condemnation of the eyes and "selfish" label. But we want to ask, do not want to have children, then what?

Remember the mayor of Kovinge had put forward "unmarried women's national crisis,"the 30-year-old women over 30% unmarried, let people worry about it? After frowning, we find that as a woman, in addition to not getting married, we will also face another "problem", do we have the right to not have children, whether married or unmarried? (Recommended reading: marriage, not a woman's life must be selected )

So we can imagine when a woman comes to "marriageable age," First of all will be "do not want to marry", "when to get married", "There is no marriage", "now do not marry children born out of" the problem of bombing, and then may be the mother-in-law express implied "give me a grandson to play it" and then come to be friends and family. When to have children ", and then they have a desire to look at your belly, you still too late to think or say their ideas, was forcibly pushed forward the waiting room.

Your body is no longer just yours, but it is the export of the people, the obligation to assume the task of creating a better next generation, all the refueling into a stinging irony.

Someone will tell you that this is the meaning of a woman's existence, to nurture the next generation, to become a mother. Pope Francis said publicly: "Through reproduction, life becomes young and can regain energy." If a woman does not have children, it is very selfish behavior. "The reality is that, according to PEW survey Center data, the proportion of infertile women in 2013 years is twice times since 1976."

Women who do not want to have children are labeled "selfish" and "superficial" labels, the society began to treat this phenomenon as a crisis, the United States media to "no Mother Era" described 1970 years later, the number of women do not have children to climb the phenomenon. but let us ask ourselves, what about women who don't want to have babies?

How do we imagine a woman's body?

is a woman's body her own?

There is a voice that can give birth to the body of a child is called mature, married and the birth of a woman is complete. When a woman's body has a functional expectation of getting married and having children, the body begins to become complicated.

If you do not have children: the challenge of the stigma of the child, Luo Lie Laire, the author of the fight against women's choice of "infertility" is tantamount to selfishness of the general complaints, she said that if people "accept the social benefits, but do not want to" the family "to sue women" is not fair, It is also suggested that the archetype of a woman's non-mother can be seen in the ancient Greek mythology, such as Athena Athena, moon goddess Artemis.

We want to ask is that a woman's body can not be separated from the "lineage" of the common connection, the identity of women can not only "mother" an imagination, there is more freedom of possibility?

Jennifer Aniston has said in his past visit that "having a child is not in my life list, this is my choice at this stage." But it shouldn't be because it's not in my list, so I'm not doing my job as a woman or mother, and I don't even think I'm a woman. The value of a woman is not only the birth of a child. (same field Gayon: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having children")

Cameron has also commented on the idea of not having children: " for me, no child makes many things easier, but it doesn't mean it's an easy decision." There are many women like me who do not intend to have children, in fact, we do not understand why we do not have children will be "social" problem? "(same field Gayon: sexy sweet doll Cameron's infertility confession )

As a woman, not everyone wants to be a mother from the heart, in the "Mother", women have a broader way to go, women have more different identity constructs, and we hope that her choice does not have to be labeled as malicious "selfish" or "cold-blooded" labels, or be left behind the sentence " You will Gulao life "curse.

Mother is an option, not an obligation.

Looking at the Mic's audio and video coverage, as well as interviews with Susan McPherson, it's not hard to see society's expectations for "women equals moms."

Another stereotype is that a woman who does not have a child must have a dislike for the child, but is there a justification for social explanation? Maybe she never wanted to be a mother, maybe she has a more important meaning than marrying and having children, maybe she wants to learn how to treat herself first, can we accept that "becoming a mother" is not a woman's duty but a choice?

Ibsen in the famous play "Doll House" a Doll ' house "depicts the escape from the family Nora, pushed open the door to face the real world, in the" Roshma Villa Rosmersholm "in the show because of infertility and consider themselves worthless and thus suicide wife Beata. Even the works of the 19th century show the plight of contemporary women facing their families and children.

When women are given "mother" such strong and powerful identity, in fact, is a great pressure. Do we have a mother's freedom? Having a baby is really good, when the mother is very happy, but can we maintain the right not to live? Just like we can have the right to be unmarried? It is not selfish, but we are qualified and have the right to imagine and practice the future we want.

From "When are you going to have a baby?" "To" Do you want to have a baby? "The choice of nouns, from childless to childfree of the noun evolution, such an era, the imagination of the family has become more diverse, women in the society or the role of families should have more freedom and diversity of space."

When we encourage women to become engineers, men can become nurses; when we talk about identity, we should liberate the stereotype of a radish, and understand that motherhood is a woman's option, not an obligation. (Recommended reading: I'm not just a little girl in Your Eyes )