Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon: A word lets the elders stop the wedding!) 12 constellation in the face of "when to get married" real reaction

Taurus (April 20 ~ May 20)

Your love has improved dramatically this month. If you're trying to resolve a disagreement with a lover or business partner, but you feel like you don't have much of a breakthrough, it's probably because Mars is stuck in retrograde. Fortunately, June 29, Mars began to go, from now on your words have power, Jupiter and Mars angle Perfect, you can easily reach the past is not easy to achieve the agreement. Mars has been retrograde since April 17. You will love this difference.

If the other single person wants to find someone who can build a serious relationship with himself, Jupiter is still active in your true love house, for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter is a powerful planet, helping you to see the hope of love and make it take shape. Especially July 1 Venus and Jupiter Reconcile, July 9, 10th that weekend sun, Moon and Jupiter together to write a romantic opportunity for you.

Consider a short trip to the city and choose the July 4 after the cancer crescent moon. New Moon makes you feel strongly about changing the environment. Choose a place near the seaside or the lake, which is more satisfying because the new moon is in cancer. Water Moistens Your heart and makes you feel alive again. Every Taurus in a relationship has the pleasure of traveling, as the full moon is reconciled with Neptune, bringing you the possibility of romance. If time is limited, you can choose July 9, 10th this weekend, is affected by Jupiter and the Sun, this is the best time to travel.

Although Tue looks good for short trips in the last half of the month, the July 19 full moon is more suitable for more distant journeys than four days before and after. This Full moon will bring your legal case to a successful conclusion, or you will be praised for your efforts in publishing or broadcasting programs. This Full moon will make academic problems a success, or the desire to pursue higher degrees will be settled. These areas are in the spotlight and give you a reason to be excited about it. (Recommended reading: The world does not change because of travel, but I began to change the world because of travel )

From July 11, Cupid's arrow will help you. July 6, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, highly suited to each other, open the door to love for you. Whether single or married, this month is for you. July 10, 11th, Jupiter in Virgo, and in the cancer of the Sun to launch the fifth House of Love, this is a highly special time.

It seems that you need to sign a contract and sign it around July 10, when Mercury (on behalf of the agreement) is reconciled to Mars (acting force). The day was very good and the benefits came with action. If you want to sign a rental agreement, you will enjoy your living space for a long time.

About your career, rush to action before Uranus, representing the glorious Uranus retrograde from July 29 to December 29 for five months. Every year these powerful exoplanets have a five-month retrograde time at some point, so this is a common situation. But before Uranus is retrograde, you will still be able to explore the best possible career opportunities and make the best deals. means that it should be intentional at the start of July. July is not as slow as the first three months, July is different, and the output is quite abundant, so you have to be full of energy. July 16 Uranus and the sun are not very friendly, do not sign any agreement, nor verbal consent to any proposal.

The best day of your career is July 26, when you should choose to do something more difficult. Honey, this is your time to pick a star. Mercury is in sync with Uranus and you will enjoy a career-pleasing victory. Your ideas are very active, and you should put your ideas forward to win the praise of the VIP. If that happens, it's worth celebrating. Write down these moments and choose to invite friends out to celebrate at night.

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Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)

Easy, lively, sociable one months waiting for you, the July 4 Cancer Crescent moon lays the foundation, it illuminates your friendship, the joyful, the Activity Palace, accompanies the New Moon the Sun, the main star Mercury, the Venus, together protects you to discover the good opportunity, lets you have the reason to leave the desk, packing up on the road, these stars are in the water phase constellation Cancer In harmony with you, and inspired by the stars of Neptune, Luxury and happiness, Jupiter is also reaching out to other parts of the chart. If you have company and the other person wants to join, it is obvious that you and your friends have planned a wonderful event. Virgo are advanced workers, always the most concerned about how to complete the work, but this month you can rest assured to leave the cause of concern to relax, I believe you will not lose the motivation of the cause.

July 9, 10th, the weekend is very good, the sun in your activity, hope, Desire Palace and your constellation Jupiter in the auspicious phase, there is still a chance to fall in love that weekend, Pluto also sends a signal in true love Palace, seemingly also have the plan that involves living environment, that weekend also can rent or buy the ideal house, if need to sell house, you can find the suitable buyer.

July 19 occurs the full moon of Capricorn, a gentle full moon, your eyes on the lover, may be clear relationship at this time, or decide to want a child, at this time is very suitable for maternity affairs. If you're going for short, quick trips, it's also a good time. (same field Gayon: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having a baby!") ")

If you are going on vacation, the period from July 1 to 10th is the most advantageous stage to the distance, it is best to choose a hydrophilic zone, Venus in charge of your Nineth Palace travel Palace, July 1, Venus and Jupiter in the auspicious phase, and then July 5 Venus and Neptune on the auspicious phase, so that you and the love of the lover continue to progress and deepen, Neptune is called Venus of the Advanced Edition, teaches all of us that love is not only superficial and easy to be happy, but also deep and sincere, and even voluntarily sacrificing some of their own things to benefit their loved ones.

The sweet phase continues, as the July 6 Venus and Mars form a super sexy auspicious phase, sparking a lot of sparks. July 8 Your main planet Mercury and Jupiter are in the phase of the security that you will like to travel destinations. What a wonderful week! Continue, July 10 The sun and Jupiter are auspicious phase, your journey becomes luxurious and unforgettable, may also be very romantic! Praise!

Do you still want to know if there are any good days in your career? The first one is July 8, an email or a phone call that excites you, and even wants to share your good news with random passers-by. There are July 26, should have a sudden appearance of good news on the cause, about you get a major breakthrough, this message to the very unexpected, let you surprise to be unable to breathe!

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Capricorn (December 22 ~ month 19th)

It is also an ideal time for many planets to gather in your house of symbols of love and commitment, so that you may consider engagement and marriage this month. In a cancer that has a 180-degree relationship with your Capricorn, so many sweet planets are lined up there-the sun, the New moon of July 4, Venus, and mercury-those stars symbolize working together in the workplace. The beautiful angle between Neptune and the new moon means the emergence of love and many inspirations.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, which brings gifts and good luck, will also send gold rays to the crescent moon, heralding the honeymoon-or any journey that will be very good and pleasant! In the 10 days after the new moon of July 4, you will see some form of emotional progress.

If you feel like you're not going to get married at any time, the energy may lead to business cooperation, because the 7th house is also in charge of marriage and business cooperation. You may hire an agent or manager, or work with a writing partner, business partner, or new lawyer to agree on cooperation, and they can give you advice in a professional field.

However, Pluto in Capricorn will hedge your new moon in the 7 house. This may mean that your partner wants to get married and you are not ready (or the opposite), so you will express your feelings very strongly and clearly. Try not to overdo it. Only a gentle whisper, the other person can understand. How things evolve will depend on you and how you feel about the two of you working together.

If you have a strong competitor in business or society, and your partner is going to scramble for your turf, you need to pool your resources and show that you are no one to despise in any situation. You know that using your own cool mind (rather than resorting to force or raising your voice) can accomplish your purpose. Capricorn is an earth sign-it is always practical and firm under pressure, so you will do well whatever you do. In short, Jupiter is in an excellent position to help you defeating.

By the July 19 Full moon of Capricorn, a relationship problem or other important issues will be resolved. Something that is extremely important to you will be crowned with success, only you know what it is. The full moon in your constellation will only happen once a year, so this is a critical moment for you, especially if your birthday is around January 17. Mars is extremely friendly to this Full moon, so a friend might be quite helpful at the time.

You seem to have planned to deal with a homestead-related business, but in recent months you have kept it on one side or plagued by continual delays. That's because Mars has been retrograde since April 17, but on the recent June 29, Mars has resumed its trip. This means that you can finally make significant progress in residential or other property you own. One of the best days to deal with the homestead this month will be the July 6 rendezvous between Mars and Venus. (Extended reading: A dream without a house!) Four reasons to rent better than to buy

If you have designers, contractors, interior decorators, and other professionals to help you with your chores, this person will show importance around that day and provide you with important solutions. Uranus will be retrograde five months from July 29, so it's better for you to make important decisions as early as possible.

Emotionally, if you are in a happy relationship, this month you will have a great advantage in the emotional field. As mentioned earlier, Venus is in your symbolic commitment to help you find the right way to interact with your partner. In addition, the July 5 Neptune will give Venus a good eye, this is an excellent phase. On the following July 6, Venus will also receive pulses from the sexy Mars. This is a very important week for your feelings!

If you are single, then you will also like the July 6, your friends will come from afar, bring you a lot of laughter and fun. It's a golden day for everyone! Your delight will follow: July 8, with the magical influence of Mercury and Jupiter, which brings gifts and good luck, travel will be extremely good. Go on a long journey and you'll enjoy every minute of it.

July 9, 10th the important weekend is the ideal day for a wedding or engagement ceremony. You're not ready for this, are you? That may also be the weekend you will make a promise. It's a great day, because the mighty sun and Jupiter will work together. This will be your best day of the month, and this power will shock you in many ways. The moon in Virgo, which is in harmony with Capricorn, also has a force.

If you are not married or engaged in July 9 or 10th, you may receive a large sum of money. It's also a good day to show your creativity, and its energy is strong throughout the month, especially on that weekend. July 16 do not make a deal or sign an agreement, because Uranus will fight the sun-you will poorer.

Dear Capricorn, you have a lot to look forward to in July, enjoy it!

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