Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon:"Write Poems for the Stars" for the beautiful soul of the water sign )

Cancer Cancer (June 21 ~ July 22)

In your birthday month, four large planets are converging on cancer-Mercury, Venus, the sun, and the New moon. The new round has begun!

This is a good time to start important events. Neptune will inspire you, and Mars in your house of the five will bring you creative solutions. You may encounter obstacles on the way to achieving your career goals, possibly from competitors or partners. You may initially be submissive to the individual, but with powerful stars in other positions on your disk, you have strong support to contend with him until you find a new path to success.

Four days before and after the full moon July 19, a business partnership or marital relationship will mature. You may get engaged or married, or give a promise to a date. It is also possible that you will agree to discuss your work with your partner. If this is the professional significance, you may create a new business partnership or hire an expert, such as an agent, a lawyer who can help you in a professional field.

The full moon is in a friendly phase with Mars, and obviously you're going to act right away. Capricorn's Guardian Planet Saturn is also very friendly, albeit a bit far away, but it will also bring stability to your choice. Despite Pluto's hedge against the Sun and the moon, take care of your belongings and keep your money. July The situation is not stable, August again signed the contract bar. This Full moon will be strong, but so is your opponent. Don't be impulsive when talking to a big guy.

In Love, Venus is located in cancer, which is too good for you. It's July, 1 to 10th, this time! July 6 especially, when Venus and Mars join hands to bring you the joy of love!

July 8 is also Huang Jinzhi, Mercury and Jupiter are auspicious phase. You may get emails or letters that excite you, or ask you to sign a contract--go, you're likely to succeed. Travel is also good, Friday evening set out, want to play as long as you like, the sky show to July 17 are OK!

On the professional side, Mars has just returned to the line on June 29, and you'll find things are going faster. You may have been frustrated by the progress of things, and Mars has been retrograde since April 17. Keep your mind on the goal and you will succeed-even if you think no one will notice. The bosses ' attention to you is far beyond your imagination. You may get a promotion in October. If you are from the business, ready to meet the big customers bar!

July is a beautiful month! Mars is marching in your Love Palace, giving you the best time of the year, if you want to renew Haucha, ACT! If you're not sure about your relationship, hurry up before your August work is busy flying. For all cancer, whether married or unmarried, a long and short trip will ignite love fire, because Jupiter is in your travel palace, which will make your trip luxurious. (Recommended reading: Six indications to analyze the emotional value is not worth continuing )

Translation: Tim work (hard, play harder!)

Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 ~ November 21)

Many stars are shining in your foreign travel palace, and if you have a holiday, it's perfect, especially in the first half of July. Your life will be occupied by work next month, and there will be plenty of job opportunities for you. So August because of the work of the relationship, not suitable for travel oh.

The New Moon of 4th, together with the sun and the Golden Gold, is in your Nineth house, and foreign-related matters are waving to you. At the same time, there are other things nine in charge that will be illuminated during this period, and the stars will give you a lot of energy. You may start publishing books or a particular international publicity, or you may have an important assignment with a foreign company.

Another important travel date is 8th, when water and wood are in harmony, you may travel with friends or visit a friend. In the 9-10 days that follow you will still be spending your holiday with your friends, which will be a good memory for you. These two days of wood together for you to create a five-Star weekend, take a good grasp of it.

If your current task is heavy and your focus is not on the trip, you may consider yourself going to college, choosing a course, choosing a professor, and some other learning and living arrangements. Or you are about to bring up legal action, because now you are capable of success. Publishing projects also leave you preoccupied with other things, because there may be a variety of uncertainties that need to be modified, and you have to make sure they are in advance, so this month is a great fit for you to do these things.

Overall, the stars in the water like cancer will provide you with a comfortable atmosphere from July 1 to July 21 to do things without pressure.

July 19 Full Moon generation, if you do not have time to go out at the beginning of the month, then now is the second chance for you to travel, you can choose to climb the mountain (Capricorn Full moon proposal) or go to the seaside waves (in the cancer of the star proposal), whichever one you will have fun. But this period of travel looks more like a business trip, and if you're a salesman, it looks like you're going to clinch a deal. If you are writing a very important document, you will finish it in a few days around 19th.

Then this Full moon, Uranus will also be in the work of the unexpected events for you, such as your assistant is sick or quit the job, the development of things let you unprepared.

July is going to be a lot smoother than June, first of all, your Guardian Spark star resumed on June 29. Since April, Mars has been in a state of energy decay, which means that you will encounter all sorts of problems when you make progress, especially in your work. May 27, Mars retrograde from Sagittarius back to Scorpio, and until August 2. For you, this is a good time to launch a shock, and you will be appreciated by senior people and become a candidate for star employees. Along with Mars, you will not suffer from the last few months. Make good use of this month, especially in the last half of the month, such as key meetings. The sun will enter the tenth House in charge of fame and honor on July 22.

July 26, Mercury is located in your honorary palace, and with the work in the Palace of Uranus, this day is your career on the auspicious day. With the help of Mars, your own efforts can completely lead you to the ladder of success. July 26 Be bold enough to take a risky offer, even if it seems a bit ahead of others ' eyes. You have a great chance of getting approved or promoted to a new position. (Pass field Gayon: say influence: Use professional to reach influence )

Translation: Star Translator/Translator: Amber Small Eyes (stars Never Lie Gems Never Die)

Pisces piseces (February 19 ~ March 20)

In the 2016, the astrology associated with Pisces can be described as spectacular, and now it's going to be great, but in the first three weeks of July, when the stars gather in true love, you have the perfect opportunity to pull out of your desk and plunge into the ocean of love and joy. (same field Gayon: The look of true love: Meet the person who makes your soul vibrate )

Days to focus on: July 4, the friendly Crescent falls into cancer, along with a bunch of planets supporting it, such as the Sun (the plan), Venus (Affection) and mercury (news). In a few days after the new moon, emotional transport will be higher. This is really a rare period of emotional boom this year. Jupiter also Chengjian with the Crescent moon, giving the chance of "meeting love" a big boost.

Still, you may also know that Pluto is hedging against the crescent moon on July 4, so this may mean that a friend is not too interested in the person you believe in, or even outspoken in his opinion. You might as well see what a friend is saying is true. Also do not rule out a friend so say is to your sweet happiness because envy and envy.

Throughout the July, Mars has been transported to the Scorpio Palace of the same water sign (a constellation that fits well with Pisces), triggering your long-distance travel palace. may be on vacation around July 6. Absolutely the right choice, because Venus and her lover Mars will resonate harmoniously.

Two days later, July 8, travel becomes a life theme again, and you may receive messages, emails, or traditional paper love letters that are affectionate in both lines. (Isn't this awesome?) In Friday, you may decide to go on a romantic journey with the person you love, and the wood will add more fun at this time, eating and living is luxurious.

The feeling of flying red, in July 9 to 10th this weekend to reach the peak, the fragrance of Love fragrance of the true love of fish Fish Palace. In these two days, the sun will work with Jupiter, which represents the invincible fortune, and Jupiter remains in the marriage house. It's really wonderful to have a slightly paler weekend in any language description-may get engaged or enter the marriage hall. If you are not ready to leap so emotionally, this weekend you may make a solemn commitment to your dear, and believe that the promise will last forever.

The July 19 Full moon falls into the Friendship Palace. If you've ever been at odds with a friend, now is the time to clear up and get closer to each other. If you have a good relationship with your friends, there is no such problem. may be replaced or added to the following situations, such as social activities, it is likely to be a wedding, preferably July 1 9th, four days before and after. Mars is Chengjian with the full moon, so you probably need to take part in offsite activities.

Jupiter is also involved in the effort to make the event fun and magical. King is a troublemaker, so pay more attention to the cost-it is likely to spend more than. There will be some problems with the money, which makes you a little surprised. If the person holding the event is a very important and intimate kind, all the expenses are worth it. After all, weddings are big things in life.

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Clover (steady)