single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Peng Jiahui with older women to win the song, as if for the older women are all out of breath. So many years, love is still on the road, she is willing to. She is really eager to talk about a few more relationships, but her love is not anyone can give. (same field Gayon: Single Diary: If we never met, how can youth look good )

Over 30 years, she likes to laugh at herself is no one wants the elder sister , Self-mockery Well, first hurt himself lest hurt.

In the past few years she participated in the wedding more than her ambiguous objects, she gave up to join the ranks of young sister competition, but especially strict attention to their own whether there is cute suspicion. She used the corner of the eye enviable with those extra force of the young picture, but can't think of their youthful appearance.

She less and more people talk about love, so many years, she did not meet her willing to nod the promise. She is not sure what she believes, she is not still waiting for the unknown, and so on or unequal, she thought maybe not bad, she just like to get up every day to brush their teeth, work off, cooking dinner.

She was not afraid of age candles on the birthday cake, but felt that the road after the age of 30 had gone unusually slow. Slowly, she could not help wondering if she had forgotten her time.

The homophonic of the older woman is Darling, no one shout her dear, she shout oneself, also shout around that group of tacit sisters, she really thought that they can a group of sisters together together, crazy life, plural family.

Until the sisters walked into the marriage family, to her a text message said "Children crying, husband temper, tonight afraid not to drink, Maggie another day." 」

She turned off the last lamp of the night, poured out the ready red wine, and fell asleep early, telling herself that tomorrow was another day and would have to fight the world tomorrow.

People said she was waiting for a good home, she did not rush to deny, but she knew. No, what she longs for is not a marriage that binds her; no, what she wants is not a Liang diamond ring ; No, she doesn't even want a flawless engagement. What she wants to know is the probability that she will never give up on love ; what she wants to know is, is there anyone who crosses the fate of Evergrande and walks towards her?

Don't be silly, marry and have children is incidentally mentioned, she just want a love, and her love is not anyone can give.