Typhoon Day A person is not lonely at home, women fans accompany you to enjoy their good time, in addition to reading single diary , Workplace notes , Gender observation long knowledge, you can only do to relax themselves, together from the Typhoon Day Behavior patterns look at your hidden personality. (same field Gayon: They can't let Typhoon leave!) Typhoon Day more hard eight occupations )

Typhoon World Rainy day, outside floating impetuous impatient wind, according to your "Typhoon days behavior pattern", let oneself calm down to listen to the voice of the heart, think about your life habits at home, come out of their own personality map! (Recommended reading: write to the confused you: put down the "not successful expectations", listen to the Call of your heart )

A. Sweet machine, national sister.

Your composition:

10% Love the World
15% fantasy abilities.
30% Self-healing force
5% Narcissism
40% People's ability to be happy

Recommend to you: write farewell to the youth of their own: to do their best to live is the only obligation

B. Independent belly black fish girl

Your composition:

10% Taste Appreciation
20% Perceptual

50% Longing for Freedom
15% Lazy
5% Knowledge King

You will like: know who you are, you are not afraid of others to define

C. Don't ask the world cold all girl

The composition of your

20% contradictory Entanglement force
30% Cool
10% difficult to close
30% like a kid.
10% Compassion

The same field Gayon: give your big woman love letter: Don't give up grow up, but also don't forget the little girl inside

D. To the silly Meng Noda sister

40% Content
10% leaders
30% Charming Charm
15% Passionate
5% Man

Recommended reading: "do Your Own courage": you deserve to have real "inner freedom"