do you know that there are many people who can't have a holiday in typhoon days? the people who come to these typhoons still work hard and thank them for their efforts!

01. " media "

whether Typhoon Earthquake , Natural and man-made , the media is really a 24-hour year-round business ah, the more people can not go out, is the media industry is busy with due diligence reporting. Newspapers, news and even network platform, information is no way to rest! Everyone has passed the typhoon night safely, but they have not finished writing the manuscript. This is the media. (Secretly said, women fans of the site is also a year-round AH ~ ~)

02. " look at the day to eat the industry"

Typhoon Day will be severely affected by watching the day to eat the industry! Typhoon days before, of course, can save how much rescue how much, a typhoon may destroy how many after a long wait before ripe into the fruits and vegetables ah! (Recommended reading: Ugly fruit and vegetable program?) See how the French let customers buy the lost fruits and vegetables.

03. "Department Stores, supermarkets "

"Taking advantage of the holidays finally have time to take the child to go shopping IKEA, go to the department store to avoid the wind and rain ", we usually think so, but this day is usually the cabinet sister standing to the legs soft, voice shouted hoarse day." If yesterday you also went to the supermarket to store food hoarding, you must have found that the replenishment of the Mall in the dragon is really surprising. department stores and the service staff in the mall really hard! (extended reading: There are three kinds of dads in Taiwan, but no one remembers growing up with their children. )

The Typhoon Day will dispelled: Bubble Noodles District, vegetable area, wine cabinet (?) )。

04. "Send out personnel"

Because I could not bear his boyfriend in the wind and rain adventure to buy rice, so many people have to trouble other people's boyfriends ... (Handsome locomotive men and women knights, in the rain must be careful!) )

Click on the next page, you know who else in the typhoon days of hard work?

05. "Transport Industry"

whether it is MRT, bus, taxi, on this day they are still on the road, thank the driver eldest sister sent us safe home! (Recommended reading:Uber Operation Long interview: Let Uber become your exclusive driver )

Aviation personnel is also according to International in the Walk of AH ~ Beautiful flight Attendants are hard for you!

06. "The People's nanny standing on the frontline "

rain or shine is like their vocation, except Mother Besides, they are also true year-round. Health care workers must also be on standby to protect our safety. This time also saw some people said to "take the risk of the waves", is really a waste of medical resources, do not know Thanksgiving health care staff and police officers of the hard work, so that people are simply a fire up. (recommended you see: the whole year without pay and unpaid, such a job in the world a lot of people are doing )

07. " operators of the technology industry "

because the park in the operation of the machine can not stop, even if the typhoon day they still want to take shift system rain to go. (extended reading: technology makes us more lonely?) Research shows that ... )

08. "Repair Personnel "

I heard that the Jincheng tree also because of this Madem Qiang Tai pour it off ... Typhoon Day road collapse, tree down, have their timely remember our rescue, prevent people encounter distress. (out of the shadow of the disaster, recommend you to see:2013 Review, 32 most inspiring selected photos )

in the stormy weather, we also want to thank the shop assistants, communications engineers, government agencies, engineers, to maintain our convenience, thank all the Typhoon days still hard work of you, to spend the night with us not so quiet . wind and rain transit, but our hearts are full of thanks. (Would you like to: who was the first person you remembered after the earthquake?) )

The last woman is a warm little reminder, typhoon to do before the preparation of the typhoon, to be very careful when moving out on the road to the debris, pay attention to the top of the signs, security or the most important AH ~ wish everyone a happy tomorrow to start!