Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Qinwei involved in sexual assault cases caused many netizens lambasting, the network and the media uproar, until the victim to the North small steps to prosecution, any law enforcement units, personnel have not been actively involved. There is perhaps more reason for the prevalence of sexually abused cases, which are "Shang", that our society has been watching. (same field Gayon: reflection on the minor sexual assault: Why "protect oneself" became the amulet of sexual assault? )

After the outbreak of sexual assault in Qinwei 7th, he came forward to deny the sexual assault, and hope the public to forgive his past feelings deviation behavior.

Seven consecutive victims have been accused of Qinwei, but the legal position has not yet been established. The weekend pottery crystal through live and Lai Fangyu lawyer talk, expect society to give the victim a friendly counterattack space.

Lai Fangyu lawyer and pottery Crystal in the live broadcast together appeal to the district prosecutors, the D.A. came forward.

According to reports that many of the victims were sexually abused, in accordance with the law is not told is Shang, the victims need to seek assistance, and the prosecution of the active attack. In fact, as long as the jurisdiction of the police officers, can be directly prosecuted. "Then why don't you see the D.A. come out now?" Tao Crystal asked.

"Now there are all these words, and unless the victim tells the informant, it will start the case," he said. 」

Many prosecutors responded so. Regarding the media reporting sexual assault incident, the Judicature cannot pass the media report as the record event judgment, Lai Fangyu lawyer thinks, the Judicature should take the initiative to seek the interview victim to clarify the case (public prosecution). By the police through the newspaper to understand the victim contact, he from the case by the public prosecutor or the police to understand the case, is the authorities important.

It's been a long time, should I report it?

Six years after the incident, but still in the retrospective period, "more than six years" of the problem may encounter no problem. The total number of victims is seven, it is very pointers, you can judge the modus operandi of the offender, I may have left the evidence six years ago (diary pen, oral to friends, etc.). It is also evidence that the perpetrator's private characteristics can be clearly understood. Post-Traumatic stress syndrome (PDST) is also one of the factors to be judged if there is such a trauma for psychological counseling.

In the face of the social violence myth, in addition to dispel stereotypes, we also need more powerful social resources, the first step is to check the police to take the initiative, is to give the victim a complaint opportunity method, can really prevent the event happening. (same field Gayon: Taking part in filming Lady Gaga's confession of the campus sexual assault: "Society should stop blaming sexual assault victims")

Lai Fangyu Lawyer had in the article "can not handle Qinwei sexual assault case" to point out that the Qinwei sexual assault case "many netizens questioned in the report, including some of the myths of sexual assault cases, it is necessary to enter into the public discourse." 」

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Money Joe is called sexual assault? Girl It's not your fault

The article emphasizes what we can do as a bystander: first, please do not stigmatize the victim; second, please do not easily put a conspiracy theory on the victim's accusation; third, do not find fault in the victim.

A victim has to take on too much public opinion and attack, trying to find errors in the victim's body and wondering if they have a conspiracy theory ... Wait Each victim must bear the risk of being Demon name: you behave disorderly, who told you to release goodwill, even this incident netizen accused of "money Joe is called Two love mutually Yue, Joe is called sexual assault."

Qinwei involved in sexual assault cases, the victims mentioned Qinwei to the usual modus operandi: first said jokes to ease the atmosphere, and then said their own pain stories soften the other side of the defense.

"Apple Daily," said the small step revealed by the Qinwei sexual assault: "He is strong, will be very strong pressure on you, when you try to push away and shout" I don't want to ", he will always say I love you, help me to have a child and so on, if you want to hard, and very vigorously Twitch impact, said plainly is" hard to dry You ""

In such a situation, even the victims of self-doubt are half deceived, I half-hearted this kind of sexual assault? In fact, as long as the violation of the will, the use of power to force the victim to submit, is a sexual assault case. (Recommended reading: fear, shame, loneliness!) It took me 30 years to get out of the trauma of sexual assault.

"Regardless of whether the other is a teacher or an entertainer, keep the line of physical autonomy with them." As long as you say no, just no, no one can invade you. Even if you're drunk, and now legally under the age of 16, even if he says "yes", it's a legal case of sexual assault. 」

These victims of injury experience is not a joke, not the face book sour People's jokes, no matter who knows, should take the initiative to revolt. If the victim is hesitant to come forward, the friends and relatives around you can also offer assistance. Go to the Sexual Assault Control Center (with psychological assistance and legal advice) and send letters to the municipal government for sexual assault prevention and control, or the D.A. 's mailbox. (Recommended reading: don't let the sexual assault victims around you remain silent: accompany him through six sessions of Pain )

Girl, you have to protect yourself more?

Why should we remind women to protect themselves repeatedly in Qinwei's case, "The Secret Room crime"? And how do we improve the alertness of women from the environment to 24 hours without slacking? In the sexual assault case, there are 70% people know, we often remind girls, mobile phones do not leave the body, drink not casually drink, the best to carry companions, is our foundation can do self-protection.

"Even if you don't protect yourself, it's not your fault. 」

In the pottery crystal and Lai Fangyu program discussion also mentioned that in the current society we can only try to "do not danger", so girls must look at their own behavior is appropriate. But self-protection is not based on women's obligations, but on ideologies that can violate the victim's body.

Please treat every victim as your daughter.

"You don't know how painful that pain is." Sometimes the defendant only needs to serve three months of punishment, the victim's sentence is a lifetime. The perpetrator's fault was that they had to bear it all along. He would have blamed himself for not having to wear a skirt too short and not to drink. Society, relatives and friends really do not have to blame them, he is more than anyone else to blame. --Lai Fangyu

No one wants to be popular with such events, and no one wants to take the compensation. If the victim is your daughter, can you easily say that the victim has a bad motive?

If the victims want to take the initiative to fight back, they are more likely to be "do not preach a skeleton in the closet", "Let Yourself Go", "a little bit of a couple of feelings," and other reasons to quit, especially in cases of sexual assault in the law more difficult, the psychological burden on the victims

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"We also want to forgive, but we can't forgive ourselves," Qinwei, the victim stylist in the case of sexual assault, said.

"Please treat everyone as your sister and daughter, and you will know how painful he will be, rather than speculate on why he went into that box." --Pottery Crystal

Qinwei, you're not just emotionally biased.

The sexual assault of Qinwei is definitely not his "emotional deviant behavior", and the deviant behavior is "contrary to the expectant behavior of most people in the society and will cause the behavior of social reaction". Qinwei's actions have constituted a possible criminal fact of "violating the common interests of social life and public order". Deviant behavior is constituted by the definition of other's volume, and crime is an objective fact.

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On the basis of the victim's accusations, we hope that both the prosecution and the society will be involved in more incidents and let the incident become a case, because it is not just a couple of two of lovers ' dew, but a widespread misconception. We must let all the boys and girls in society know that it is not my intention to show, that I hear you speak, that you may infringe upon me, that, not that you have a higher social status, I must surrendering the rules of the system and sacrifice them unconditionally. (Extended reading: sexual assault is different from what you think!) 10 cards understanding and embracing the status of sexual abuse

We do not need to be earnest to remind the girl: go out with a stranger to be careful oh, too late don't go home alone, don't go into the boy's room. We do not need to put all the means to eliminate sexual assault on the freedom and rights of girls, first from the creation of a victim friendly counterattack space, I hope that day will come sooner.

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