Women are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with the motivation to motivate themselves and influence the environment, to share with you the gender-related current affairs observation. This weekend, Brazil's appalling rounds of violence, while auxiliary university students sexually abused cases by the President of the cold treatment. sexual Violence , has been living in our minutes, look directly at its existence, it is possible to change the future, so that our children do not have to live in the silence of Fear . (same field Gayon: 16-year-old girl gang rape in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: We must remind the world that justice has not yet come )

This holiday season, Brazil and Taiwan have a furious rape case. in Brazil, about 33 men suspected of gang rape of a 16-year-old girl, and the film transmission network, resulting in the female victims of extreme physical and psychological pressure, causing angry people to take to the streets. When the film was just traveling on Twitter, many people lambasting the woman, saying she was not discreet and should not be drunk, because she deserved to be raped because she volunteered to go to her boyfriend's house. The less victimized woman later posted a statement on Facebook, saying, "We can always live through this, and it's not the womb that really hurts, it's the soul." "

At the same time, Taiwan from the Community network in the case of a major sexual assault by the Dean "authority to deal with" the incident was shocking. last year, the assistant great witch surnamed students at the commencement of the evening with their classmates, drunk after the brother sexually abused. Wu surname classmate male friend Zhu classmate recently published in the Face book " about Shing sexual assault " a text, pay off the whole story. Describe the situation at the scene of the crime and The oppression and condemnation of the Dean.

we think again, why do people only question why women do not leave the relationship and environment of violence, rather than condemn why men violence against women? I would like to take this opportunity to discuss the vices of institutional silence, and the possibility of peaceful coexistence of erotic mobility and sexual liberation.

Silent Malice: Your experience of victimization is a joke

at the beginning of the year, after the major sexual assault, except Apple A famous private explosion scandal, a sister of sexual assault in school , Udn〈 His brother was found dead and drunk, and her sister was discovered shouting unconscious . in real-time news reports, there are few other media coverage of the incident. As a result, social platforms on the Internet have collectively exposed events by mass forces, condemning the Dean 's arbitrary and barbaric practices.

The media is indifferent to campus sexual abuse, the Dean more "erotic flow" to cover up the sexual assault, "scandal" to blame the victims. The following is the dialogue between the dean of the Academy of Social Sciences and the victims (from the " sexual assault on Shing "):

"All along, the auxiliary Psychology department has a unique route of their own, because of this line, you also know how many people outside the view of us, do you think the relationship between the hospital is very peaceful?" Other departments who are waiting to see whether the psychological department will be something wrong or a joke, if this matter spread out, it will become crushing the last straw of the department! ( Dean Xia ) "

And then, to Planet 瑀, about what she experiences as a woman in this thing, at that time, I was completely shocked by this strange Xia Linqing and could not speak, and watched the next third bullying-Shing crying and talking about feeling as a woman felt violated in this incident, very hurt, and began to distrust people , immediately interrupted by the summer, and even the appearance of anger in the summer

"I don't want to hear a victim's version!" The erotic flow between your students, I also know, don't think I don't know what you usually do on the 8 floor, eat to wipe the mouth clean, yes, you, indeed, drink, disorderly sex, but I do not listen to a victim's version, I want to listen to you as a woman in this matter experience what! Don't trample on the victim's position! ( Dean Xia ) ". 」

Taiwan sexual assault complaint pipeline: lack of professional and friendly services

As a dean, the "school reputation" was placed before the "honour of the victim" and even condemned the victim to the harmony of the destruction department. At present, Summer Dean has not come forward, but we in the sexual assault victim's boyfriend to see as students of the "system" distrust and disappointment.

The major sexual assault was not a case, do you remember the sexual assault of the School of Special Education in southern Taiwan, which was frequently suppressed by the schools, and this May, Chen Jiehao The 30 years of its repressed sexual assault with "No more silence"? Last year, the American female students to move bed to protest against the police and campus disregard of sexual assault cases; this May A Dutch 20-year-old girl who had been sexually abused by his father for ten years accepted euthanasia ... (same field Gayon: brave to bear the pain!) Big girl student carrying the mattress on the incident to sue the culture of rape

Sorrow has not ceased, the survivors of sexual violence are countless long nights waiting for someone to listen and wait for a belated justice.

Can we not just wait? In the face of pain, "" It's the first action, the woman's obsession. "In the 2016 Gender Questionnaire survey, more than half of the questionnaires were filled out, with 52% responding to managers ' poor attitudes, 48% thought that they were inefficient and 46% were injured two times in the process. Media and society, the collective neglect of the education system, or even family education so that they shut up, so that sexually abused victims in the event aphasia. This is more than just the white terror of the campus, the violence of silence is a worldwide issue, from the women of the Sex Survey of sexual harassment complaints to the complaint channel feedback, see the Taiwan system must improve the first step:

  • Supervisor Attitude 52%
  • Not 48% efficient.
  • causing two damage 46%
  • Lack of expertise in the executive staff 44%
  • The appeal method is too complicated. 40%
  • Lack of privacy protection in the appeals process 38%
  • The harassment and abuse situation continues to occur 28%

"When I was in the country, I was forced to separate from the original family because of the compulsory notification of sexual assault, it was a sudden and without any full disclosure, though I was bound to leave, but in such a way as to cause me great pain, although I was subjected to violent treatment, but it does not mean that I need to be pitied and pitied, and do not need privileged protection, Because it would only make me cut off from other people and hide my "differences" from others. --Woman obsessed sex questionnaire experience

To effectively improve the complaint channel, it is suggested that the "essence" of the complaint pipeline should be adjusted, in addition to the different types of complaints, such as verbal, limb and sexual assault, the basic education of the competent personnel should not be neglected. In addition, the appeal method and the detailed effect should also hold the complainant's empathy and avoid causing two injuries. In the light of the findings, we are more convinced that we will move as much as we want before the world is returned to their innocence. Women are obsessed with gender-sensitive attempts to make gender knowledge more prevalent, and set up a " write down Your pain " page to let the victim have a platform to tell. We are eager to build a more friendly and efficient complaint channel from the platform, and look to the campus, the government, and the real experience of victimization.

The flow of lust, so that women are reasonably raped?

Whether it's a Brazilian case, or a major sexual assault, two girls in the aftermath of a lot of public opinion review, all: Girls do not drink too much alcohol, college students who are not sexually thirsty, she acts frivolous, and even "boyfriend found the transsexual invasion, the boyfriend did not find the experience" to rationalize the victims ' experience of violence. (Recommended reading: being raped is not a woman's fault!) #YesAllWomen say a woman's voice )

The victim fell into the rape culture of "being picked up as a girl" [Note 1] Myth: Do not go out to play not good, why must drink to drunk, why not find a girl friend to take care of, love to play alcohol is not right ... The questioning and blaming of the victims, and so on, allows the perpetrator to escape from public opinion. "The girl who does not self-love is just right to be picked up by a corpse," the popular logic is the sophistry of the rapist.

And summer Dean 's "erotic flow between your students I also know" to break the passive position of the victim at the crime scene. The erotic movement immediately fuels the "sexual invasion culture", but is it true? Because women are sexually autonomous and make the rapist more justified in committing crimes? Our default sexual activity of the girls should be good to protect themselves, we will be the word slut to be "sexually abused" position. More people began to suspect that sexual liberation was an accomplice in the persecution of good habits.

Sexual liberation, is sex violence or sexual autonomy liberated?

Sexual liberation is the emancipation of the sexes. What we need to do is not to tame the "cause of desire" of women, but to condemn the arbitrary violation of others by desire, and the environment of blaming the victim.

"Because, we must shake that old cause and effect." We need to start by saying that rape does not necessarily "ruin a woman's honor", "takes away the most important thing in a woman's life", and "causes irreparable harm to a woman's heart." The universality of these claims has often led to the determination of how women experience or understand the experience of rape, and they have already set the inevitable and serious harm in the first instance. Ironically, these claims to increase the legitimacy of the accusations are not necessarily helpful to the prosecution of the perpetrator, but often add harm to the victim's experience, reinforce her sense of victimization, and infiltrate the individual's experience with a strong shadow of chastity. --Josephine Ho to dispel the shadow of violence

So we must rebel against violence, not because it makes a woman incomplete and takes away chastity, but it infringes the body's sovereignty.

If there is no sexual liberation, we are still ashamed of our bodies, hiding in the store to pick up the sanitary cotton shame shyness checkout; if it is not a sexual revolution, we blindly accuse the female victims of wearing and words and deeds, if there is no sexual liberation, regardless of the slut good woman, all for their own lust feel uneasy guilt. (same field Gayon: halfway decent feminism!) The sexual liberation of the sister Fan: "The liberation of not only lust, but also the freedom of all people")

Free the Nipple

What we need is not silence, but a world that can safely release the pain.

To identify with the flow of lust does not mean accepting others to fiddle with my body; being a sexual assault victim does not mean losing one's integrity. I hope that our society, our schools and our families will really see the nature of sexual violence, not the subject of sexual violence blamed for the blame.

I want to face any crime that violates the body (nudity reveals, sexual harassment, sexual assault, we should not force the victim to tolerate and silence, break the silent is not an end, but a process, from their own to society, we want to let sexual assault victims have a more safe to tell the environment, so that the pain is recognized rights, rather than to suppress the experience of victimization, Destroy the body.

It is not the womb, but the soul, that is the real harm of the rape of the Brazilian mob. "This soul is not a shameful shame to be a woman, but the autonomy and subjectivity that one should have."

Equality will not come overnight, the first step, we must face the pain. In the second step, we must encourage society to break the silence. Finally, we must once again and patiently reaffirm the autonomy that every living person should be respected. (Recommended reading:2015 world Level Report: 118 years later, men and women can be equal pay )

Many people ask women fans, we continue to talk about gender, what exactly is the right to be like a man? Is it the power of the state to hold it? is to defeat all masculine media so that negative discourse is seen?

I think we want a very simple, need not deliberately protect their own night, can wear their favorite clothes to go out of the day, do not have to indulge anyone to naturally live in society. Even though we need one, after being harmed by the system, there is an opportunity to say something about exports. (Extended reading: after survival: Victims of sexual violence need more tenderness in the world )

[1] Culture of violence: Rape culture (rape culture) blame the victim's clothing, "blaming the victim" on the surrounding environment, the "stranger" to the lack of awareness, is the most common phenomenon. So women are constantly being taught to be good at protecting themselves.