Women's obsession with pregnancy, we hope that each article will be launched on the topic, can be followed by follow-up reports, through continuous discussion and reflection, look forward to a better world. With the " pregnancy " as the starting point, see the plight of the small mother, through the system and psychological changes, we look forward to a more friendly Taiwanese society . (same field Gayon: Sex Observation: WEIFAO department "Golden pregnancy period" said, woman's belly to respond to how many social expectations? ))

Women are obsessed with the August pregnancy topic, we want to return to the beginning of life-life. After the pregnancy theme came out, I was patiently thinking about the pain that surrounds us as we grow apart from wanting to have children. So, I particularly think of those who have a portly but petite body, they are a group of pregnant underage little mother.

"He has two children in the same year as you," he said. "I remember my mother saying that in the back of the neighborhood children with a mocking tone.

China, high School, university, we are surrounded by such children. They walk faster, and their lives are speeding towards the next mile.

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The laughing stock of those pregnant girls is not a case of a neighbor's joke. According to the Ministry of the Interior, there are about 3,000 small mothers each year in Taiwan, 70%-80% of whom are in love, and the foundation assists hundreds of 20%-30% cases of sexual assault each year.

In 2015, 216,225 newborn babies were born in Taiwan, 3,230 of them were young girls under the age of 20, (the youngest was 12 years old, most of them were 19 years old), about 1.49% of the births were reported in the year, including 3,162 live births and 68 stillbirths.

There are many problems with the birth of a baby mother: the September abortion, how to face social discrimination, how to assess whether a child is born, and the social situation faced by the baby's mother after birth. In this article, I want to focus on the increasing openness of sexual information, the more open attitude of teenage boys and girls, and how we should pay attention to "pregnant mothers" to cope with social changes.

Why is it too early to have a bad life? See the real situation of the little Mama

Taiwan women face One of the difficulties, before the age of 20, too early, 30 years old after others said to be careful to become elderly mothers, fall in this decade, most women face the same birth fate.

Is it really dangerous to be born early? The Department of Health and Maternity of the national healthy women's government said: "Although the number of young girls under 20 years of age has decreased in 2015 compared with 7,516 newborns in 2004, but there are still about 8.8 newborns who are born and affected by mothers, and the stillbirth rate is up to 2.1 1%, more than 1.16% per cent of the average stillbirth in the year, and 11.92% per cent of preterm births are significantly higher than the average of 9.37%, and newborn birth weight is less than 2500 grams, the ratio of falling to low birth weight is 12.11%, and is also higher than the average low birth weight rate of 9.03%. 」

The reason why the baby's production is dangerous is that it is "not produced in a safe and complete medical system", they are listed as "high-risk pregnancy" pregnant women [Note 1], the mother is likely to produce such as pregnancy virus or gestational diabetes mellitus and other gynecological complications, and do not know that the fetus can not early screening for hereditary disease, development is normal, Cause birth defects or premature birth.

In addition, if the small mother to endure pregnancy situation, independent production will hinder healthy childbirth.

The other possible effect is that early birth allows girls to enter the traditional marriage system earlier, which is more likely to affect the opportunity of education, even for their future career planning and development has a far-reaching impact. Even if these little mothers want to go back to school, they may suffer from a strange peer vision, and they are faced with social preconceived differences in the workplace.

(Photo: The movie "True Love Circle")

Does the chastity card prevent or promote the unmarried pregnancy?

In the face of such a problem, how can our education be solved? I've heard of people who took the school's chastity card in their teenage years, teacher in the rostrum to ask, there are students against please raise your hand, no words please put your name on the Shou-jeong card; I also remember growing up eating and watching the abortion film that was shown in the school TV, and every meal was very difficult that summer.

In the face of the spread of information, as the virus spreads today, students to ingest sex information is no longer difficult, open the network sliding mobile phone, sex screen and whisper everywhere, not graded to seduce the "by the system and education ban" sex curiosity.

The more I have to try to prevent the mentality, so that more minors and less men and women want to engage in sexual behavior. According to the British Society for the Prevention of child Abuse (NSPCC), because of the advanced technology, 11~12岁 's children have seen adult films 28%, and 11~14岁 age, is already up to 53% of people who have seen a film, 14 years of age, the proportion of teenagers who have seen as high as 94%. Among the boys who studied 13~14岁, 39% said they wanted to imitate the contents of piece a.

Data show that more and more young men and women from a film to establish a gender perspective, but when the world of a is not true, how the family and school education to complement the child's gender and sex awareness is increasingly important. (Extended reading: A film for exclusive women!) See how Female Porn to mark the coming of the New Age

So when it comes to seeing the average age at which children are sexually aware, what we should do is not to ban contact and awareness, but to help children learn about the responsibilities that they must take in the course of information, and the basic notion that sexuality must be based on a collegial and respectful approach.

See the Little mama in trouble, start by removing the prejudice

In addition, we must establish an environment in which girls are safe to say they are pregnant. In addition to the power of media communication, personal opinion is also important, the next step I want to think about is how we will be the criticism of underage pregnancy into support, so that helpless little mothers have a more sound birth process.

The stereotype of "either being stupid or playing" often has the following consequences: the inability to get back to school because of a lack of understanding, the low level of social bias, the need to take care of a child and sacrifice the future ... Wait

Apart from the need for the government to face up to the needs of adolescent parents, to give support for life and economy, and through education to promote the breaking of the gender stereotypes of young parents. As individuals, discrimination is also a serious form of violence, and we should take the initiative to help dismantle the stigma. The first step is to meet the young parents who are willing to give birth to their children.

When the little mother bear "love play not Sensible" in the name, the small father also undertakes "the perpetrator accuses", but in fact, in the two sides "the choice" does not have the victim to produce, if among them the real person suffers the grievance, most is the social prejudice causes.

I am not saying that we must treat our little mother's family with empathy and compassion, another important factor is the professional assistance given to the family of small mothers, and there are many reasons to believe that girls and boys who have not completed their studies and lack the economic fundamentals are not capable of raising children, so whether they are family or society, they should lend a helping hand, Let these growing parents adapt to marriage and parenting. (same field Gayon: you have not imagined the feminine sadness!) "I need the Pill because ..."

From the backpack to the back of the child, little parents a mile road

As an adult bystander, those who can assist a minor family are:

First, to determine whether the child should be born: let the little parents clearly understand the birth of a child may have the situation, as well as the ability to learn.

Second, the elimination of small parents discrimination: from the individual start to stop with "bad girl, young not sensible" and other moral condemnation of the obstacles to their survival. As well as enterprises and government, the campus should provide a more friendly school employment policy, to help young parents complete their studies and enter the community.

Third, help the small parents organize the family: The next step to stop the blame is not to help the little parents to raise their children, but to teach them more mature mind to face themselves and their children.

From the backpack to the back of the child, every little mother little father has a long way to go, I hope that they will be on this road, in addition to the newspaper social news, can get more attention, to collect questioning and condemnation of the vision, we need to give them a more rational upbringing environment, in order to let the little parents not only one is seen life narrative.

The same field Gayon: the implementation of "more accompany one mile Road" spirit, in order to complement the law, social welfare resources, at present, all 12 branches in Taiwan to provide teenage parents during pregnancy or after the production of different stages of the services required.

People in need, please contact the "National Juvenile Pregnancy Counseling Hotline":0800-25-7085 (Love me, please help me), or Lai Hing's website online consultation: www.goh.org.tw. "

[1] high-risk pregnancy screening: refers to abnormal pregnancy, in the course of pregnancy for the mother and the fetus are potentially dangerous. There are many risk factors leading to high risk pregnancy, such as past disease history, nutritional status, mental state, drug use status, etc. The best way to avoid high-risk pregnancies is counseling before pregnancy and periodic return to the hospital after pregnancy, with a cautious attitude and regular checks to ensure the smooth and safe production.