single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Listen to Tianfu Veltzke's "Fallout Ripple", the desire of their love. Memories of lovers, like the Four seasons, each has its own position, they are not, but I do not walk alone, I still believe that the memory of Love , as long as the love can be forever. (same field Gayon: commemorating three deeply loved movie confession: I like you to myself are afraid )

You like the waves roll over me, in that year hottest summer, Barefoot Beach, from now on as long as I close my eyes, I can still feel you hug me warm body, left a cold. You would say, don't be afraid, feel me.

The temperature of your kiss is spring breeze, warm and soft, you say, hush we don't talk, so Zhang mouth bite my shoulder, leaving a beautiful heart type, said we live in it. Later I realized that it was the shape of a farewell.

You are most like autumn, I still do not know when you want to go, like leaves will fall. I and you to maintain if there is no love, a touch of loving you for a while, as if a good agreement to leave in the time limit.

You are my mind forever winter, as the most cold days as silent, but there is a pair of spirit shining eyes, like the wolf in the snow, staring at me, tearing me so love me. I was afraid to say I had to go.

You're all gone, but I'm not alone. I loved the people, have become my treasured memories, comb the whole inventory, into a cabinet, do not add salt, also not in the old dry wine, but in the youngest, often miss.

I remember the evil West poison movie that said:

When you can't have any more, the only thing you can do is not to forget.

"East Evil West Poison"

I always feel that love is so humble, you can do the best thing is to remember, remember, more than anyone remember more familiar.

Memory is the best gift you can give a feeling. You have memory, the sound of memory, color, shape, symbol, temperature, touch is all yours. We are not together, we are together. How naïve I am to believe that the memory of love can be forever. So I have at the same time, many love.

How nice, don't you think?

"The stars that died in the sky are still shining in the night sky. Through thousands of years of light, accompanied by my side, for a burning to leave a thought. Once good feelings, beautiful my appearance, no one can imagine, I lost the heaven, but get beautiful wings. 」