Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Friends who can stay in the workplace will be better able to withstand the test.

After entering the workplace, I know more about good friends. I have always felt that friendship and love are very similar, evenly balanced is not boring, to give each other to the long.

After work, the circle of friends seems to expand, in fact, more barriers are clearly drawn a concentric circle, concentrated in the middle is the essence. Through the content of your conversation, you laugh with the proportion, you will be very clear, who is passing who is the bosom friend, who is the best friend who is the loss of friends who is just a meeting.

Often with the university students meet, they sigh time and work took away the friendship, I feel, busy for we left the best friends. (Same field Gayon: The good sisters are each to go through life, also can gather in a piece )

Because in the limited time cost, no one has enough effort to manage to please everyone, we can only choose a few let us feel comfortable, do not have to pretend to beware. Time is honest, when you are nine to five of the days no longer tolerate every grain of sand, you will naturally tend to waste time on the most worthy person. usually these "chaff" of the essence of friends, have a few characteristics.

1. He grew up with you, and after a time of absence, you all have new stories to tell.
2. You're not just his vomit garbage can, there's a two-way feedback between you.
3. After many of his failures and lows, he can always see him continue to work hard
4. He waits patiently and respects your time, and he blesses you all the harvest
5. Both work and life, you can also be friends
6. Even if you are a career partner, he will not be greedy for your cheap

"The workplace naturally eliminates those who are not suitable for you, also lets you understand the friendship is not exist." 」

Woman obsessed editor Abby

"God Hidden Girl" There is a sentence I like to describe the friendship of the poly less than: "When the person to accompany you to get off, even if not give up, you should be thankful, and then waved goodbye." "A long and stable friendship, parting sometimes, fork sometimes, it is not to force those friends stay in your life, but to bless them every departure."

Relatively speaking, the essence of Friends is also in love with you. We should not think of those who are moving forward, why can not stop to wait for me: Why not wait for me to have a good meal, why in a group of people, he seems to care less about me. It's about thinking about how you can be a good friend to be waiting for.

Don't be a man who says an effort, but only touches himself. Don't be a friend who can only use emotion to kidnap others, but can't use conversation to concentrate. Not friends choose you, but busy life and work to choose the people you should meet, is the same ideal for you to choose each other. (Recommended reading: becoming a producer, not a consumer: a real good friend doesn't just consume you .)

"You stare at each other, without talking but feel secure and understood as if you were not in this space." You know what? We exist in the space in fact there are many times at the same time, are only instantaneous or instant. But for such a moment, I am willing to take the time to wait, this belongs to my mind the most beautiful emotional way, or life. "New York hahaha"

Women fans look forward to working with you on the road to meet the best of their own.

You are your own best friend, even if busy, we have to stop, see their inner driving force, let your heart, attract true friends: