In this year's great era of " Embracing Diversity " series of lectures, Kang Tingyu with you to share the rise of feminism, but also on the post-feminist reflection. Although the academic content, but in the combination of TV dramas , movies , pop songs analysis, we can very quickly understand what post feminism, and the contemporary phenomenon to ask more inquiries. This kind of interesting academic explanation, the female fan also has made the key note for everybody intimately!

Kang Tingyu, assistant professor, Department of Journalism, Political university. In the past seven years, the completion of four master's degrees in four prestigious schools has always been concerned about the real situation of women. Like to call himself "nerd", he hopes to learn through his own, coupled with a variety of ways, exposition, so that more women understand their situation, and then think, and stand up for their own rights. (Recommended to you: the world does not need more goddesses!) Interview Kang Tingyu: "Not every woman can become Cai English")

With a sexual seizure, Sex for power

Over the past 35 years, you will find that the news is gradually decreasing, small meat news is increasing. Police have small meat, the market stall is also small meat, there are small fresh meat everywhere. Why would there be fresh meat this model rise? This is a hint: this society is not just a woman needs to be sexy to make others desire. Men also want to start to show the sexy, let others have desire.

But at the same time as women start stripping men, women have been stripped off and have been asked to be sexy. But this sexy request is not the same as it used to be. The former sexy, is a woman to show their sexy, become a man's plaything.

But now the media is showing the wind: women peel themselves, show their sexuality, can make men become women's plaything. Unlike the former sex, women's sexuality is used to conquer men.

Madonna has a song called "Material Girl". Madonna once in an interview said: "Will create this song is to tell you:" As a woman, I honestly in the workplace to earn money is not to win a man, then what should I do? Since men like to materialized women, it's not as if I materialized myself to earn your money. Use materialization of yourself as a means of seizing power from men. Academics say such behavior is called sexual seizure (Sex for power). Madonna like to challenge the values of the world, we like to say "chest big no brain", he likes to say "chest is a brain, the brain is a chest." This means: Sexy is a strategy of brain planning, sexy is the need for mental, and sexy is I deliberately want to take the power of a man to seize the means. (Recommended reading: when sexy as a "means", women in the ascendant or lose? )

Spicy mom culture, no matter how old a woman is to be sexy

What is a spicy mom culture? It's preaching a new kind of sexy.

Before the public thought of the sexy, refers to young girls sexy. But the spicy Mom culture emphasizes: Grandma sexy, or mom's sexy. Beckham's wife, Victoria Beckham, can be said to be the British representative of the hot mother. Vitoria Bekhanson The six child, but his stature is not out of shape, the career is very successful, the world will see him as a model of contemporary new women. The American hot Mom rep may be Angelina Jolie. When I ask Taiwanese students, who do you think is the representative of Taiwan's hot mother? Female students usually say small S, pottery crystal, or 隋棠.

Now the media is advocating the "new era of women" is: women you in addition to the girl to be very sexy, motherhood can not forget to be sexy.

In the past, the mother was often "sexually", and the public felt that the role of "mother" did not have sexual desires or should not have desires. When a mother pursues herself to be sexually attractive to others, the public will find it strange and not serious.

The female artists of the past 30 years have popular "after marriage comeback after", the society thinks these married female artists do not have to come out to work again, the representative marries well, the female artist who is married but also comes out to work, may represent you to marry is not very good, or your family what problem. But now, the image of the "ideal Woman Model" portrayed by the media is shifting: when a hot mom, you're not going to be sexually, you can even use your sexual charm to power a man. (Recommended reading: mother of the child, come to have sex )

After feminism, the businessman lures you to consume the means

Such thinking, academia likes to call it "post-feminism." This new trend seems to be great on the surface, as if it had reached the ideal of a former feminist: women can enter the workplace and women are not sex objects. These things, at first glance, appear to be a bit like a feminist utopia. But post-feminism has two very bad places.

First, after this wave of feminist trends, the media's demand for each woman's stature has not diminished, but it has come to the peak of stringent standards.

It used to be that men wanted women to be sexy, now women thought they were sexy, they used to be sexy, but now they want mom and grandma to be sexy. The media is expanding to see if a woman's body is sexy for more than a 18-25-Year-old, and now expands to 50 years. More women in our media are pushing society to examine whether the body is sexy in a magnifying glass.

Second, you want to use sexy to win a man, a woman you have to spend money to invest in yourself first.

"New women can win men", "new women can dominate their love and sex", the media feel that these two things worthy of praise, preach.

But feminists often remind us that there is a trap behind it: it's implying that women want to dominate men like these successful women, even revenge on men, if you're beautiful and sexy enough. How can a woman be beautiful, sexy, or even have a little meat? First of all to lose weight, and then to buy enough fashionable clothes, old to buy anti-aging products-women, you have to spend can be beautiful, beautiful enough to dominate, have a man.

Again, in the past, female entertainers hated the sexual harassment of male entertainers. But some female artists think they can dominate men's behavior is: female artists can now not ask the male artist's wishes, will touch the male artist's body, to meet their own control. But is it true that gender equality is the right thing to do? This may be some kind of revenge, but in the past you hate the behavior to ambition, so that there is equality? (Recommended reading : gender equality is no longer just a girl's slogan!) Starting with comics, making "affirmative" a verb )