When we all break the gender framework in our society, and when we walk along the path of gender equality, we are not far from success.

2015 "Gender Equality Cartoon Cartoon Competition", co-hosted by the United Nations Regional Centre for UN Women (UNRIC) and the Department of Cooperative Development of Belgium (BDC), was awarded to the winners of the winning entries.Young cartoonists, aged 18-28, drew their views on issues of women's rights and gender equality in cartoons and comic books.It is worth noting that the first three award recipients, both men, show that the road to gender equality is no longer a matter for women to walk alone. Men have a lot of profound observations and a unique perspective on the issue.

The first prize is a Spanish man, Emilio Morales Ruiz.He was 27 years old, and he liked to work with his life and art.In his four comics, the depiction of a young girl accidentally saw two balloons of a different height and blew up a "female gender symbol" immediately, raising the two to the same height. The message of gender equality was an unrecognisable right and "immediate action" was needed."Gender inequality is still visible today, and our small moves are the key to solving this major issue."" Emilio said.

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second prize was won by a 27-year-old teacher, David Ib á ñ ez Bordallo."" Gender inequality represents the plight of our times, and as a teacher, I believe that education is a powerful way to change.The next generation, educated, creative, and responsible, will solve this major problem and bring more happiness to people.Children are always so amazing.In David's work, the Red Hood finally won the victory gesture, defeating the wolf: "Stop telling the story, we're very powerful!""

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The third is Samuel Akinfenwa Onwusa, a 28-year-old Spanish man.Four cartoons are presented in a satirical way, conveying the unequal treatment of women seeking employment: the educational background and the knowledge of women who are not women's standards, all of which are gender-specific." Gender equality is a very important challenge and inextrarestricted linked to education. Regardless of gender or ethnicity, we are all human beings and therefore equal in all the most important aspects. Gender equality is a goal that has to be set in the minds of people, especially children, to thrive peace and harmony. "

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The damage to women's rights is also the pain of men.In the first three of these comic books, I saw that men put their own observations through painting and put them in an image form. This was a gentle revolution in art.Historia, there have also been many practical incidents of action to fight for the right to gender equality through social movement and online activities.The following are examples of men as key actors who stand up for women's rights:

White Ribbon Campaign-We reject male violence against women in any form

At the end of 1989, a Canadian man believed that the development opportunities were taken away by women, so that the 14 young women were victims of the massacre of women at a university in Montreal.In 1991, a group of men in Canada, in order to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies, believed that men should be responsible for violence against men and the situation of women victims of violence, and that the white ribbon movement was launched.

On November 25, International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, which wore a white ribbon of one to two weeks to oppose men's violence against women: women and men are physiologically different: women and men do not have the right to speak in their physical or strength to make the other side give in.

If each of us has a personal responsibility to prevent violence, the problem will be improved!When men wear white silk and remind men to remind themselves of their responsibilities, they can also gather together men who are like-bound men, and work hard to end women's violence.(Rejection of violence: Women are raped and murdered, people protest against the rape of a Turkish man wearing a dress to show solidarity with Aslan!)

The power of change starts with you - #HeForShe cascading activity

Do you remember when Emma Watson was elected to the UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador in 2014, HeForShe's speech?Emma Watson not only speaks for women, but wants to let both sexes be free.Not only women, men are given higher expectations in patriarchal societies, so that they also have to live under the framework of gender stereotypes, and they are also victims of gender inequality.

If men do not need to cooperate with the secular framework, women do not need to be compelled to obey; if men don't have to dominate everything, then women don't have to be controlled again.""
” If men don ’ t have to be aggravated in order to be accepted, women ’ t be completled to be submissive.If men don ’ t have to control, women won ’ t have to be controlled ”

"I hope men can take this responsibility, so their daughters, sisters, and mothers do not need to be more sexually discriminatory; their sons can also have the right to show their vulnerability and humanity, and let them regain their abandoned selves, and eventually become more real and complete.""
I want men to take up this little, so their daughters, siststers and Others can be free from prejudice, but also so their sons have permission to be vulnerable and human, too. Reclaim those parts of themselves they abandoned and in doing so be a more true and complete version of themselves ”

Emma hopes that men can start from themselves, and that gender equality is no longer a beautiful picture of the future world.

In the network generation, the best way to support the HeforShe movement is to increase the exposure of the photo upload network through the participation of people, because only through the power of transmission, the change that we crave will have a chance to happen." (Let's see who's involved in the HeForShe activity: The Hollywood Men Stars Rex for Emma Watson!)#HeForShe lets men do the tenderness behind women

In addition to using the power of spreading, we can also act in favor of affirmative action into practical action and concrete practice in life.Start with our own: family, family division, denial of domestic violence; acting as a superior, avoiding men and women with unequal pay, breaking glass ceilings and glass walls, combating sexual harassment in the workplace, and acting as peers and preventing language violence ...Men, in addition to being alert to themselves at all times, don't forget to make a transparent template out of your society.You have the right to show your emotions, your vulnerability, your #heforshe, and start with yourself.

Gender is a spectrum and should not be a fixed color.Whether it is white silk or #HeForShe's activities, we can see that gender equality is not the only issue that girls need to care about. Boys are also starting to dislike the current situation of gender inequality and try to change the world from themselves.We believe that when everyone does a little thing together, it becomes a big deal.(Changing the world from you: Power is the most powerful!Cosmos: It's a big thing to do a serious thing )