Work is love made visible. Women's fans have always believed that work is a manifestation of love. Let's look at our work scene. This week it is edited by editor.

Someone once said that I have a strong "shitness" in my personality.The so-called "shitload" is that when you play the Russian square, you stack the wrong one, and you would rather kill it. When you draw a picture, you paint the wrong one, and you would rather redraw the picture.When writing, one sentence was written off, and then it was ripped off.Therefore, at the end of each semester, my book is always the thinest.

This kind of swaying personality has made me an absolute perfectionist, and I cannot accept an argument, a misstatement, and a misrepresentation once.I would rather not take part in this group if there is a conflict with whom.The best thing to say is to strive for perfection. It is hard to say that it is hard to listenSo at the age of 27, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and university classmates were almost no longer in contact.(Recommended to you: It's okay to be love!The quarrel allows us to grind the most appropriate shape )

After entering a woman's fan, the team focused on the real-time Feedback culture, each time it was published, every single report, and every one of them would be "better able" to make recommendations.Because women are convinced that we don't want to be perfect, we want to do better.So, in the new stack approach, my Tetris started to misplace the wrong place.Even if the misplaced boreus is so empty, this situation cannot be scrapped again.(Sibling: Internship Weeks: No way, no mistakes along the way )

I slowly discovered that every time I made a mistake, I was looking at how much you care about it.The mistake was never "I was wrong". It was a frank confession that was still not enough; it was like looking down on the stains on my clothes, and though it was a piercing eye, it was hard to look at the good part; it was a careful examination and adjustment of his body to himself.The mistake was not to end, but to start with a series of restructuring and re-engineering.

I have always preferred to cut down, don't face a Bureau of Disabled Affairs, learn to adjust yourself, learn to be careless after mistakes have been made, learn to be careless, and then apologize, communicate, and then do it well.So I know, I care.What do you care?When it was a relay race, it was a sinner of the whole class, and it was even more of a sinner. It was because it treasured a good piece of material, so even if the clothes were broken, they would rather spend more time trying to change their clothes and don't want to cut it all over again.Because of care, we dare to face criticism, respect dissent, and constantly innovate.(You would like: You don't want to change yourself, want to change the world )

Women's fans are a relay race that I don't give up. It's the most precious thing I've ever seen. So I always hated the wrong thing, and I started to face the wrong thing with a new perspective.So, every single mistake that made me get a better chance; every time I went wrong, I looked at it again, and I cared more about it.

After three months of women's memes, I slowly discovered that it was more important to find a place where you had found a place, and you were getting better and more and more willing to keep on getting the wrong thing.(Recommended reading: Gentleness of the woman's philosophy: Listen to the CEO and chatting about work )