Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Deep Tanako Photo Escape the previous small fresh image, revealing the bodybuilding , not faces the image of the imagination, causing a deep Tanako career change when wrestling contestant's comments, this matter why the gender issue? Welcome to the end of the message to write your opinion! (Recommended reading: True physical equality, is fat man skinny should not be discriminated against )

Japanese actress Deep Tanako has always been many men in the minds of the number one goddess, Ku North really Greek, Beichuan Jingzi, Sari and other actress after the marriage, many men say deep Tanako is "last hope." Deep Tanako has been to faces and hot figure in the performing world, Google search "deep Tanako" keyword appears "The sun is full out of the bikini", "deep Tanako color lure bed play too fierce turtle pear and also on the spot flag" etc, she starred in "Please and waste firewood I love", netizens say forgive Deep Tanako acted so like, Because she is silly white sweet.

However, this month a deep Tanako for the "weekly Playboy" shoot the photo, dark skin, and faces disproportionately strong arm, suspected external expansion of the pair of milk, frightened the villagers: "Hard not to turn the trade wrestling players?" 」

"Is it hard to turn the wrestling player?" "It seems to be the best accusation against the national goddess. How can she be broken, she is a universal son sister. As for men's expectations of deep Tanako, they are more than we can exercise for a person's body, not as a fan of the stars of the inculcation, but the figure of humiliation. (same field Gayon: who is holding a woman's body?) The Goddess and the slut under the patriarchal eye

The dilemma of the national sister: even if you are 33 years old, please be a sister forever

I am not saying that we cannot stare at deep Tanako, nor do we accuse men of sexual fantasies of deep Tanako, and this time she publishes a photo album with men and women two editions. What I want to say is, what we expect deep Tanako to always be that sweet and foolish docile sister of Christine.

She has been a Japanese drama in the doll, from the "lower wife" to "please and waste firewood I love", the audience is still the most like her no brain cheerful role image. So when the deep Tanako no longer so "sweet and gentle" in front of the camera, is the betrayal of the audience. A day national sister, lifelong national sister, otherwise deep Tanako is waiting to be eliminated by the market.

Another excessive requirement is to be a female star, sexy to just right, dew too much is a slut, a little meat to make people mouth-watering, you also want to show the purity of noble, can not "like a wrestler" rough. How does this meticulous anticipation of women's stature make women's bodies less free? Because you in life as if there is only one way, if not the goddess, is the female ugly, because the achievements of the female ugly most "was built" in the joke appearance, ridicule stature, so as "strive to" the goddess effort.

But in our daily life, most of us swim between the two, we understand that it is impossible to become a goddess, but at the same time looking at the latest love mirror ads and the national sister longing for their own can be so loved, when we want to behave as a woman ugly, most people with "stoop" described you. Even as a person concerned about gender and physical rights, to Lu's righteousness is strong, indulge in revealing armpit hair, joy of fat, but also need a lot of courage, back to the environment will tell such people: "How can you be so comfortable to live?"

So whether it is a female star, or a civilian, as long as you care about the system like you, in fact, because of the single beauty of the curse, are very hard to live.

What's wrong with commenting on a person's stature?

The Society for the tolerance of the body is very low, Leonardo protruding a large beer belly was hunted, Lin heart such as the lower abdomen micro-convex attracted to the pregnancy of the shadows, small justin muscle to eliminate wind recognition, female star but disturbed to be caught in repair plan. (Recommended reading: pregnancy is still fat what's the matter with you? Jennifer Aniston's open letter: "Women are complete, whether they have a partner or a child".

Although the media are also chasing men and women, women are often more closely scrutinized. We usually laugh at the collapse of men, and the slightest flaw in women, the body is opened up into a battlefield, women are forced to pursue is a system to imagine a thin and mellow feminine, Lacanian psychoanalysis mirroring stage has been that the individual will continue to build identity through the image of others, So when beauty and slim have become a commercial value, for male viewers, "possession" is the market rules of sale, for most women viewers, but for the "inward" to sell.

Commenting on a person's figure is not only the impact on "one person", but the establishment of the world view, meddle in other people's life and body choices.

The body becomes a kind of imitation, fanatical fitness body, mermaid line, nuclear myocardium Group, Sunshine Bodybuilding gradually replace slender thin, will be another layer of oppression, why do we exercise? Is there more ingredient in the pursuit of health, or more in the pursuit of attention? An inch of muscle and grease are more proportional, the line also has the unqualified theory, every day the face book waterfall flow slips several photos which in the mirror self-portrait uploads the community, we are not sure whether this is to please own health diary, or to social proof strength and thin medal.

on the body, our discussion is not not to cater to "thin", but do not need to please "society wants you to thin "The difference is that you are active or passive in exercising the right to his stature.

From the humiliation of The wrestler, see male latent anxiety.

The second thing is the continuation of the discussion on the " wrestler "the humiliation. The incident reflects a backlash against "masculine women", and in addition to the accusations of "informal women", I would like to discuss in depth the reasons why women are marginalized by society . And why the wrestler became the curse of the dirty word, used to condemn the deep Tanako.

Men are afraid of masculine and powerful women, men fear the feminist banner, those "assertive, dare to speak the fight," the aggressive characteristics are considered to disrupt social order, power reorganization of the "castration anxiety" brought about by the male counterattack is "oppressive power" response. The power of oppression and carrot, they want women weak and silent, sometimes heroic movies to save the United States fantasy women were rescued from the well-being of the men, sometimes the whole system to "I am for you" to lose weight to you to protect yourself. Public intimidation to deepen women's own body and even the choice of life anxiety, so older woman to be careful, in this exercise-era dinosaur sister please refuel. (Recommended reading: Fat girl confession: Weight loss is not a health problem, but a power struggle )

Back in the body discussion of "wrestling player" humiliation, what I want to say is that it should not be blamed because it may break the formula that the female body pleases the male senses and find another elasticity of body expansion and shrinkage, how to find the truth from the fabricated body experience? Written in the deep Tanako was sentenced to "wrestling players", we should know that fat is not a sad narrative, we want to see a variety of physical state of the existence of the natural, we need is respect, and learn to appreciate, otherwise the so-called free watch, just gender equality of the false Card.

We have to fight is to push the deep Tanako into a single beautiful appearance of the individual, but also let wrestling players become a derogatory culture. I look forward to, women have their own body landscape, look forward to We do not need to "be get picked by the market mechanism" and strive to consume slimming products, look forward to women regardless of thin health or fat at ease, we can also see her appearance outside the story.